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September 29, 2010


Sept. 29 is International Day of Action Towards Ending the Production of More Radioactive Waste!

Truly, the only solution to the "nuclear waste problem" is to stop making more of it!  Nuclear energy production is the number one producer of new radioactivity on Earth, followed by nuclear weapons production. 

OPG wants to raise rates in March 2011 to start paying for Darlington Re-Build

Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG’s) proposal to re-build the Darlington Nuclear Station could cost $21 to $35 billion according to a new report, The Darlington Re-Build Consumer Protection Plan, released today by the Ontario Clean Air Alliance (OCAA). 

The good news is that Ontario has much lower cost and lower risk options to keep the lights on. These options can meet our electricity needs at less than half the cost of re-building Darlington.

With the click of a button, please send Premier McGuinty an email telling him that taxpayers and consumers should not pay for any nuclear cost overruns. Fixed-price bids should be required. Invest in lower cost and lower risk options.

In Ottawa on Sept. 28-29, seventy-seven interveners from around the world are presenting before the CNSC (Canadian Nuclear Safely Commission), opposing Bruce Power’s plans to ship 1600 tonnes of radioactive waste through the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River to Sweden, where most of the radioactive metal is to be melted and sold as scrap for unrestricted use.  Background:

Debate over Great Lakes nuclear shipments hits Ottawa

Stiff opposition to nuclear shipments

Sarnia's Mayor Mike Bradley says protests and civil disobedience are possible if the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission approves shipments of nuclear waste from the Bruce Power nuclear plant to Sweden this fall.

Plan to ship radioactive waste abroad assailed

"Do we really want the Great Lakes and the Saint Lawrence to become routine transportation routes for radioactive debris for decrepit nuclear reactors?" echoed Kevin Kamps, a researcher for Washington-based Beyond Nuclear, at a news conference Tuesday.

Nuclear shipping plan dangerous: environmentalists

"This is just the tip of an enormous iceberg because once they ship these 16 steam generators, they're going to be shipping more and more and more radioactive waste," he said.

Go green to avoid soaring nuclear costs

By Greenpeace Canada

Ontario needs a frank and public debate on how to protect electricity consumers from the rising costs of the McGuinty government’s nuclear plans.

Four trends point to need for a plan to protect the ratepayer from nuclear cost increases.

The Movement Grows

100,000 protest in Berlin against German efforts to extend the licenses of aging nuclear reactors.

Watch the slideshow and video here:

Ontario’s FIT program a success after one year

Ontario’s feed-in-tariff program is one year old on Oct. 1 and most would call it a success, judged strictly by the number of green-power projects it has attracted.

So why is there so much fear over this success? Partly because critics of the feed-in-tariff dismiss the program’s potential for economic development. They focus instead on one metric: Is it more expensive than the power we’ve paid for in the past? This is the wrong question. What should be asked is how prices under the FIT compare to power from new nuclear and natural gas plants.

Another feeble-headed nuke drops dead

As the "reactor renaissance" desperately demands new billions from a lame duck Congress, one of its shining stars has dropped dead. Other much-hyped "new generation" plans may soon die with it.

Background:   As the "nuclear renaissance" sputters and stalls, nuclear proponents have trotted out one new idea after another, trying to keep the dream of a nuclear-powered paradise alive.

"Breeder reactors", otherwise known as "fast reactors", have been dusted off and touted as a futuristic concept even though they have failed repeatedly in the past.  

"Thorium-fueled reactors" have been presented as a new and exciting idea even though (1) thorium is not a nuclear fuel at all (it needs plutonium to get started and it depends on 100 percent enriched uranium-233 as a weapons-usable byproduct) and (2) it is a very old idea that was abandoned by the U.S.A. decades ago.

Generation III reactors were supposed to be larger, more powerful, cheaper, and quicker to build, but when these promises turned out to be untrue, nuclear proponents did an about-face and promoted small, stand-alone, modular reactors that would provide both heat and electricity.  Once again, these promises seem to be based not so much on scientific evidence as on engineering euphoria.  - Gordon Edwards.

Seeking Input from Ontarians

The Ministry of Energy is "seeking input from Ontarians" as it updates the electricity-plan-that-never-was. Tell 'em what you think! Phase out nuclear - Shut down coal - Conservation is the biggest and best "new" supply of electricity followed by renewables - We must move swiftly to 100% renewable grid!

Link to the questions is at

Petition to Stop the Refurbishment of the Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station and immediately commence Decommissioning

Please sign on and support this important statement from the Passamaquoddy people.

We, the undersigned concerned groups and citizens, are concerned that the nuclear generating station at Point Lepreau, New Brunswick,
i) is poisoning the air, land, waters, people and all other life forms who live there;
ii) operates with radioactive fuel that is poisoning the air, land, waters, people and all other life forms; wherever nuclear fuel is mined, processed and transported;
iii) is an unnecessary economic burden on the people of New Brunswick;
iv) is an unsafe operation undergoing untested and untried first-of-a-kind refurbishment of aging and damaged equipment in a populated area
v) is proceeding without consultation with or permission from the indigenous people of the territory

We herewith demand that:
no further monies be spent on nuclear energy in New Brunswick,  –  and –
plans to decommission the reactor at Point Lepreau begin immediately.

Sign HERE:

Electronic warfare emerges around Iranian nuke

Iran has charged that an extremely dangerous “foreign-made” computer worm, “Stuxnet”, has infected tens of thousands of its industrial computer systems, including Iran’s nearly operational Bushehr nuclear power plant in what is being called the first case of cyber-sabotage of an industrial system.

Coal Must Go!

Send an email to Ontario’s political leaders urging them to put Ontario’s coal plants on standby reserve today. We don’t need coal to keep the lights on. Also order free postcards to distribute to friends/neighbours.

Australian climate activists freeze world’s largest coal port\09\27\story_27-9-2010_pg4_5  

Mass Arrests in DC: We Shall No Longer Be Crucified Upon the Cross of Coal

More than 100 Arrested at White House Demanding End to Mountaintop Removal  

Let's shut down coal plants now

Leading health organizations urged Energy Minister Brad Duguid to close Ontario's coal-fired electricity plants by the end of 2010.  The call represents the first time the Lung Association and the Asthma Society of Canada have joined Ontario's doctors and nurses under the anti-coal banner.

Hot Planet/ Cold Wars: Prescriptions for a Healthy Planet in Troubled Times

To understand the consequences of Climate Change and Nuclear Proliferation and work toward solutions.
Physicians, students, activists and members of the public are all welcome.

Fri. October 1 evening and Sat. October 2, 8:30 am to 5 pm
Medical Sciences Building, 1 Kings College Circle, University of Toronto

Community Power Conference

November 15 – 16 - Toronto

The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) is hosting its second annual Community Power Conference this November. The event is Ontario’s single largest annual gathering of Community Power producers, proponents and supporters. Together with the Power Networking Centre trade show, the conference attracts industry regulators, commercial and community power generators, farmers and First Nation and Métis delegations.

WindFest • Toronto's Waterfront Kite Festival

Sat. October 2 · 11:00am - 4:00pm

Woodbine Beach • Ashbridges Bay, Toronto

Join hundreds of kite flyers, expert kite-flying demonstrations and workshops on kite making, clean energy and conservation as well as activities just for kids! 

WindFest is a chance to celebrate autumn, wind power, and the breathtaking art of kite flying, on Toronto's largest beach! 

Ride for Renewables – Toronto.

Sun. Oct 3, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. (10:30 a.m. if you need quick bike repairs)
Meet at the wind turbine at Exhibition Place, Toronto, end in the beaches.

Free. All cyclists welcome.

We'll visit 6 green energy projects including wind, solar thermal, solar PV, geothermal, CHP and conservation.
Speakers and snacks en route. Get inspired for your 10/10/10 work party!

For more info and to rsvp: ph. 647 342 1964
Sponsored by: Toronto Climate Campaign, Greenspiration, Toronto Renewable Energy Cooperative, Greenpeace, Toronto Cyclists Union, 10/10/10 -

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