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September 13, 2011

- If the evacuation zone had expanded to 100, 200 or 300 kilometers, it would have included the whole Kanto region. That would have forced 30 million people to evacuate, compromising the very existence of the Japanese nation. That's the biggest reason why I changed my views on nuclear power. If there are risks of accidents that could make half the land mass of our country uninhabitable, we cannot afford to take such risks, even if we are only going to be playing with those risks once a century. – Ex-Japanese Prime Minister Kan

- With a very important Ontario election underway, we are asking PC Leader Tim Hudak and all other election candidates to sign our Electricity Consumer Protection Pledge and promise Ontario’s hard working families that they will not allow nuclear companies to pass their future cost overruns onto consumers and taxpayers. Send your letter now! And order our free The Billion Dollar Question That Tim Hudak Needs To Answer pamphlets to distribute in your riding. All ON taxpayers need to see this messaging!


R.I.P. Dave Martin, shining light of the anti-nuke movement in Canada


France Urged to Toughen Nuclear Stress Tests Following Accident


Choose green energy: Stop Darlington

Ontarians need to ask if our politicians are preparing for the post-Fukushima world.


The Darlington Declaration: I Choose Green Energy

150 organizations oppose new reactors at Darlington and choose green energy


Nuclear not the answer to power demands

letter to the editor by Jack Gibbons


Remembering "3/11": Six Months After the Fukushima Reactor Disaster, Key Lessons Appear To Be Going Unlearned


Fukushima disaster: it's not over yet

Six months after the multiple meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, the streets have been cleared but the psychological damage remains


Over 100,000 Fukushima Prefecture residents can't return to hometowns


Caldicott on Fukushima radiation releases

8 min. video


Ottawa warns pending coal emissions rules will be enforced


Where do the ON parties stand on the environment?

Includes the parties’ positions on nuclear, coal and green energy.


Canada's Nuclear Sacrifice Area

It includes some eye-opening material on the NRU reactor and the production of medical radioisotopes at Chalk River.


A Ticking Atomic Clock: Nuclear Power vs. Efficient Homes

Why home energy efficiency is more cost effective and better for our economy than replacing our nation’s dying nuclear power plants.


Costs, risks and myths of nuclear power

NGO world-wide study on the implications of the catastrophe at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station. Zach Ruiter, on behalf of OCAA, submitted the Canadian chapter.


Top 5 Myths of the Green Energy Act




The Role of Nuclear Power in Ontario's Clean Energy Future: A Debate

Sept. 15, Kitchener-Waterloo, 7 p.m.


OSEA FIT Webinar Series

Discussing the Future of the Feed-in Tariff program and solar power development in Ontario, Sept. 15


Windfest 2011: Toronto's Waterfront Kite Festival

Celebration of kites and wind energy – Sept. 17, Woodbine Beach, Toronto


Energy and the Environment in Ontario: Nuclear, Coal, or Renewables?

Sept. 18, 2 p.m. OISE, Toronto – Angela speaking


Green Energy Field Day

all around Ontario, Sept. 24th


Stop the Tar Sands

Participate in the Ottawa Action Sept. 26


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