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September 11, 2015

“We can do it without those huge risks and costs associated with nuclear so why wouldn’t we?” she said. “It is true that some of the most powerful actors in our current economic system ... stand to lose a lot.” She said the latest research showed renewables could power 100% of the world’s economies. – Naomi Klein

The World

Fukushima: The Price of Nuclear Power Michael Ignatieff weighs in on Fukushima with his new book. Japan will bear the burden of the Fukushima disaster for decades to come. The 100,000 evacuees from the irradiated zone are still living the disaster. Those who had hoped, as many did after Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, that Fukushima would close out the nuclear era have learned, yet again, that evacuation zones like Namie remain the price most of us are still willing to pay to keep the lights on.

IAEA Fukushima report downplays radiation risks and ignores science - Greenpeace The International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) recent Fukushima report downplays the ongoing environmental and health effects of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. According to Greenpeace Japan, the report plays into the Abe government’s agenda to normalise the ongoing nuclear disaster.

Here's How Many of Japan's Idle Nuclear Plants Are Likely to Reopen Maybe 7 of 42. Legal troubles related to the accident and stricter safety standards imposed by the government in the aftermath of the calamity are preventing a rebound in the country's nuclear power capacity.

Watch Greenpeace prank Finland's prime minister
See what happened when a Greenpeace activist turned himself into a representative of Russian nuclear company Rosatom and participated in a gala dinner with the Finnish prime minister.

“Radiation is Good for You!” and Other Tall Tales of the Nuclear Industry The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is considering a move to eliminate the “Linear No-Threshold” (LNT) basis of radiation protection that the U.S. has used for decades and replace it with the “radiation hormesis” theory—which holds that low doses of radioactivity are good for people.

Feds Cancel Study of Cancer Risks Near US Nuclear Facilities "Study after study in Europe has shown a clear rise in childhood leukemia around operating nuclear power facilities, yet the NRC has decided to hide this vital information from the American public."



Darlington: It’s Not Worth the Risk Blogpost by Greenpeace, Canada. With all the facts on the table, it’s clear Darlington isn’t worth the risk. 

Now the real test of Conservative Leader Patrick Brown's leadership begins “Ontario PC Party would pursue the most affordable energy possible, whether that be hydro power from Quebec, Manitoba, or generation within Ontario.” We encourage Mr. Brown to insist that the real costs of the proposed Darlington and Bruce rebuild projects be made public and that the government enter into serious negotiations with Quebec to provide an accurate cost comparison.

Decision Making and Power Plants: Renewing Darlington’s Refurbishment License
Blog by Lake Ontario Waterkeeper

KI pill distribution coming near Pickering, Darlington nuclear station – 200,000 homes and businesses
Last year, OPG’s federal regulator, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, mandated that KI pills be distributed to all homes and businesses within a 10-kilometre radius of nuclear stations. The pills flood the thyroid gland with iodine, preventing it from absorbing radioactive iodine. They don’t protect against other cancers that could occur from radiation exposure. Here’s OPG’s website for people within the 10 km zone.

Canadian greenhouse gas emissions from electricity cut by 22% in 5 years Shutting Ontario coal-powered generating plants led to big reduction in emissions


Renewables and Conservation

Ontario looks at importing more renewable water power from Quebec at joint cabinet meeting ON and QC are looking at moving more water power from Quebec to Ontario, which has some of the highest electricity rates in the country largely due to our reliance on nuclear power. Here’s a better piece in Quebec’s La Presse. Cancel the high-cost and high-risk Darlington rebuild now, import renewable water power from QC and lower all our electricity rates in the process.

Green Jobs in Canada in the Transition to 100% Renewable Energy: Almost Twice as Many This new report shows that if Canada was to undertake a 25 year transition to renewable energy it would generate almost twice as many new green jobs as the number of jobs that would disappear.


Take Action!

OCAA Leaflet Free! Informative! Order many to distribute to your friends and neighbours. They describe in full color Ontario's energy options: 10 rebuilt nuclear reactors vs. water power from Quebec. We have a choice.

Join the fight against the Darlington rebuild Early November, the CNSC is holding hearings on the rebuilding of 4 Darlington reactors. Greenpeace is organizing to support public participation. Get involved.

Ontario: Import safe and low-cost water power from Quebec rather than rebuild 4 nuclear reactors at Darlington Please sign our petition

Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq – don’t let OPG dump nuclear waste on the shore of Lake Huron Please sign the petition

Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump
Please sign the petition to oppose OPG’s plans to bury their nuclear waste on the shore of Lake Huron. And urge your elected officials to pass a resolution to oppose the nuclear dump on the Great Lake Huron. There are already 168 jurisdictions representing over 21 million people that have done so. Find out more here

Don’t Nuke the Climate
Please sign the petition in support of a nuclear-free, carbon-free energy system and to prevent nuclear power from being considered as a climate solution when the world's governments meet at the COP 21 conference in Paris in Dec. 2015.

Stop Radioactive Contamination of the Pacific Ocean from the Fukushima nuclear power plant site Please sign the petition. It is unacceptable that radioactive contamination is continuing in our oceans.

In the 2015 NOW Reader’s Choice poll, I’ve been nominated in the Best Activist Category, and OCAA has been nominated in the Best Enviro Group category. Please vote!



Camera Atomica July 8 – Nov. 15, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto. Exhibition traces photographic legacy of “the bomb” and nuclear energy. See 8 of the photos here. Free on Wed. nights.

Science for Peace Free Weekly Public Lectures Weds. 7 - 9 pm, University of Toronto

Return of the Atom Toronto International Film Festival, Sept. 11, 12 and 13. Filmed over the course of more than a decade, this vital new documentary examines the now-notorious construction of a nuclear power plant on the remote Finnish island of Olkiluoto.

Ride for Renewables Sun. Sept. 13. Together we'll ride from Pickering to Darlington to show our opposition to rebuilding the four aging nuclear reactors at Darlington. We'll call for our money to be invested instead in renewable energy.

Panel Discussion: Preparing to Participate in Darlington CNSC Hearing
Sept. 17, 7 p.m., Trent University, Oshawa Campus. Panel Discussion on OPG's request for an unprecedented 13-year licence to rebuild the Darlington reactors, emergency planning and risks to Lake Ontario.

Preparing to Participate in Darlington CNSC Hearing Wed. Sept. 23, Rm. 310, Metro Hall, Toronto. Panel Discussion on OPG's request for an unprecedented 13-year licence to rebuild the Darlington reactors, emergency planning and risks to Lake Ontario.

Green Building Festival Thur. Oct. 1, Toronto. Hosted by Sustainable Buildings Canada

Green Energy Doors Open Sat. Oct. 3, Various sites around Ontario

CanWEA Annual Conference and Exhibition Oct. 5-7, Toronto. Hosted by the Canadian Wind Energy Association
Through Post-Atomic Eyes
Oct. 23-25, Toronto. This free conference will bring together an interdisciplinary group of artists and scholars to explore the complex legacy of the atomic age in contemporary art and culture.

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