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Help make low-cost water power from Quebec a Liberal priority Right now, the Ontario Liberal Party is asking for your ideas on how to build a better province. They’ve created an online “Common Ground” forum to discuss ideas like how to create a sustainable energy system. So we’ve given them one: Import low-cost water power from Quebec and save more than $1 billion per year compared to the cost of rebuilding the aging Darlington Nuclear Plant. Please join in the discussion and vote for our idea. So far the Liberals have received over 1,000 proposals and our recommendation is ranked #28.  Please help make us #1 by voting for our proposal NOW.
With demand for electricity falling thanks to improvements in efficiency, renewable energy costs plunging, and our neighbours grappling with a rapidly growing power surplus, this is the worst time to lock into high cost nuclear mega projects. By combining water power imports from Quebec with cost-effective investments in conservation and efficiency in Ontario, we can retire the aging Darlington and Pickering Nuclear Stations and lower our electricity bills. Click here to find out more.
Thanks for your help!

The World

Report raises fresh concerns about radiation levels in Japanese fish The Canadian Food Inspection Agency tested fish exports from Japan for several months, but dropped the testing in June 2011, just three months after the disaster. "Canadian authorities are really doing us all a disservice by not following and monitoring this much more closely. They're treating it as though it's a kind of ho-hum situation, but in fact, it was a major event worldwide. And it should be studied very more carefully because that's the only way we're going to learn what the effects of this may be for the future" said Gordon Edwards.

Workers accidentally doused with toxic water at Fukushima nuclear plant Six workers at Japan's crippled nuclear power plant have been accidentally doused with highly radioactive water, the plant operator said Wednesday, adding to a growing list of mishaps that are shaking confidence in the utility's ability to handle the crisis.



Nuclear waste site assessment is “suspect”, critic says The environmental assessment of a proposed nuclear waste site near Kincardine is "suspect and unreliable," says a consultant


Renewables and Conservation

Renewable Ousting Fossil Energy 2013 will go down in history as the year renewables start to out-compete fossil fuels. All this has happened within the past 4 to 5 years. Shale gas, tar sands, coal, could disappear within another decade along with nuclear power, if perverse subsidies cease and investments properly directed.

Japan’s Rising Sun Revolution The power of policy in action: In one year, Japan’s post-Fukushima feed-in-tariff policy added a stunning 3,666 megawatts of clean energy capacity to the power grid—the equivalent of almost four nuclear reactors.

Blowing and Growing Canada’s wind industry is on target to hit a record 1,600 megawatts of new installations this year, thanks to new Quebec and Ontario facilities. Cumulative national wind-energy capacity will crest 7,800 megawatts by year-end.


Take Action!

Lower electricity bills by cooperating with Quebec On the Ontario Liberal Party page, vote for and/or comment on my idea to replace new nuclear projects with water power from Quebec.

Premier Kathleen Wynne : Close the Pickering Nuclear Station Please sign the petition. Also watch Chex TV Channel 12 Durham news’ story on the issue.

Conservation, Not Fracked Gas into the GTA If you think greater efficiency beats more pipelines hands down, send a message to Premier Wynne,  Energy Minister Chiarelli and Environment Minister Bradley. Tell them you prefer conservation over fracked gas from the U.S.

The World Community Must Take Charge at Fukushima The danger of huge radiation releases from Fukushima 4 has taken on a new dimension; the world community must step in! Please sign the petition. Find out more here.



Public Hearing on Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste Dump September 16 through October 12, Kincardine and Port Elgin, ON. These hearings will determine the future of having radioactive waste permanently buried in Kincardine, next to Lake Huron. Watch the live webcast here. See the schedule here. Watch previous presentations or read transcripts here.  You can watch my presentation here where I focus on HOSS as a safer and lower cost alternative to burial. 
Webinar: A Climate for Change with Andrew Weaver OBC, MLA. Free. Tues. Oct. 15, 3 p.m. EDT


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