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Oct. 7, 2016

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Angela Bischoff, Outreach Director and Jack Gibbons, Chair
Ontario Clean Air Alliance

The World

Canada’s Nuclear-safety agency's inspections aren't acceptable, watchdog says Canada’s environment commissioner chastised the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission for failing to properly plan and complete inspections of the country’s four nuclear power plants. More here.

Federal NDP calls on government to act on nuclear safety “It is very troubling to learn that Canada’s nuclear safety regulator is improvising when it comes to nuclear plant inspections,” said NDP Leader Tom Mulcair.

Stop the Liquid Nuclear Waste Convoys A Threat to the Waters of the Great Lakes. 24 minute video recording of the Media Conference, Queen's Park, Toronto, Oct 3, 2016.

U.S. Officials renew radioactive liquid transport concerns at Peace Bridge Two members of Western New York’s congressional delegation have renewed their push to convince federal authorities to take a closer look at the potential environmental concerns associated with the transportation of radioactive liquid across the Peace Bridge.

Liquid waste shipments from Canada to Savannah River Site suspended Liquid nuclear waste shipments from Chalk River, Ontario to the Savannah River Site, South Carolina have been suspended until 2017. In the face of ongoing litigation, an agreement has been reached between the U.S. Dept. of Justice lawyers and the coalition of nuclear and environmental watchdog organizations who filed the suit against the U.S. Department of Energy.
The Death of Nuclear Power 60 min. audio podcast with Mycle Schneider, lead author of "World Nuclear Industry Status Reports" on the rise and fall of nuclear power worldwide, and activist Dr, Helen Caldicott on nuke waste, weapons and medical dangers.



Kathleen Wynne's shock treatment Libs say they're not abandoning renewables, but as demand for electricity falls, it's obvious that Ontario is throwing good money after bad by going nuclear. Ontario Clean Air Alliance chair Jack Gibbons  says the province could save roughly $900 million a year by closing down Pickering in 2018 when its licence expires.

What of Nuclear’s True Cost? Make no mistake; the shutting down of Ontario’s Green Energy Plan was a political decision. The fat and sacred nuclear cow is protected. The Wynne gov’t avoids having to announce a major and no doubt very controversial revolution in the ON power paradigm, the phasing out of nuclear power.  

ON Mayors eye cheaper Quebec energy The City of Cornwall buys cheaper power from QC. It’s time for these ON Mayors to step up lobbying efforts to have access to the Quebec grid.

Radio Podcast with NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo and OCAA’s Angela Bischoff talking ON’s nuclear and renewable future

ON Nuke Waste update Blog by Theresa McClenaghan, CELA (Canadian Environmental Law Association) addresses nuclear sites on the Ottawa River, Kincardine on Lake Huron, and more.


Renewables and Conservation

The paths not taken: Ontario’s decision to abandon renewable energy The province might have instead choosen not to proceed with the costly, risky and potentially dangerous "life-extension" of the aging Pickering nuclear power plant just east of Toronto. The projected costs of further refurbishments at Darlington and Bruce, now placed by OPG at nearly 17 cents/kilowatt hour, exceed, with the exception of some solar technologies, those of the renewable energy alternatives such as hydroelectricity imports from Quebec.

Renewables already cheaper than fossil fuels The cost of renewable power generation worldwide is already lower than fossil fuels, according to a new global analysis using levelized costs of electricity

Ontario's chance to get more from green energy Old energy technologies such as nuclear are being quickly overtaken by more flexible, easier to deploy and increasingly less expensive options such as solar and wind. Ontario can ignore this worldwide trend or it can work through the transition and come out the other side with a more dynamic system that is a better fit for our changing needs.

Why is Ontario turning its back on renewables?  This blog by TAF's Julia Langer calls for more renewable and decentralized energy, not inflexible, centralized nuclear generation.


Take Action!

Close the old and dangerous Pickering Nuclear Station – Please Sign the Petition to Close Pickering when its license expires in 2018 rather than extend its life 'till 2028 which is OPG's hope.

Can you spare a few hours to leaflet blitz your neighbourhood mailboxes? Help us make the closure of the Pickering nuclear station a public issue. Contact:

Please send Premier Wynne a message asking her to negotiate a deal with Quebec It's time for Premier Wynne to negotiate a long-term electricity supply contract with Hydro Quebec to really help lower the electricity bills of all of Ontario’s electricity consumers and move ON to a renewable future not reliant on high cost nuclear power.

Please contact Ontario’s new Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault and ask him to invest in conservation rather than re-building the Darlington and Bruce Nuclear Stations. 

Please send Premier Wynne a message asking her to order OPG to develop an immediate decommissioning plan for Pickering and to close this dinosaur by 2018 (when its license expires) at the latest. Background here.

Stop The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump Sign the petition calling on Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna to reject OPG's nuclear waste dump on the shore of Lake Huron. And also send a letter to Minister McKenna urging her to reject OPG's nuclear waste burial scheme

Order your free KI (anti-thyroid-cancer) pills here if you live within 50 km of an ON nuclear facility - that includes all of Toronto and beyond. Download your anti-thyroid cancer posters here to post in your office, school, or local cafe

Urge Canada to Lead on the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons - Petition or write your own letter to PM Trudeau (no postage required) urging him to excercise international leadership for nuclear disarmament. Send to: 80 Wellington St, Ottawa, ON, Canada  K1A 0A2. We need to ban nuclear weapons, in spite of Canada.



The Winning of the Carbon War - power and politics on the front lines of climate and clean energy Runnymede Library, Oct. 11, Toronto. Jeremy Leggett presents on screen some of the key reasons he believes the world is starting to win the carbon war, and the political battles being fought and won on the frontlines of climate and energy policy.
Nuclear Neighbour Sun. Oct. 23, 2:15 p.m. AGO Jackman Hall, Toronto. Sweden/Finland/Norway | 2016 | Documentary | 78 min  The extraordinary Hanna Halmeenpää, a Finnish mother and wife, changes her life when the government allows a Japanese company to build a nuclear power plant in her rustic Northern environment. Q&A with filmmaker following the film.

Building Momentum for NuclearDisarmament October 24, Ottawa. Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (CNANW) presents this day-long conference.
Pickering Nuclear Station: 12 more years or time to call it quits? Tuesday, October 25, 7 - 9 p.m. Pickering Rec Complex. Public meeting in Pickering with speakers: Ian Fairlie, expert on radioactivity from UK; Jack Gibbons, energy economist with Ontario Clean Air Alliance; and John Coo, Green Cross Canada.
Pickering Nuclear Station: 12 more years or time to call it quits? Wed., October 26, 7 - 9 p.m. Beit Zatoun, Toronto. Public meeting with speakers: Ian Fairlie, expert on radioactivity from UK; Jack Gibbons, energy economist with Ontario Clean Air Alliance; and John Coo, Green Cross Canada.

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