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October 26, 2010


How the proposed Darlington nuclear re-build will drive up electricity bills

11 minute video with Jack Gibbons, Ontario Clean Air Alliance

New Brunswick Premier Seeks Federal Funds for Reactor Delay

New Brunswick Premier David Alward will be pressing Prime Minister Stephen Harper for federal funding to cover the escalating cost overruns associated with the delayed $1.4-billion Point Lepreau nuclear refurbishment project.

Background:  When NB Power's proposal to refurbish the Point Lepreau reactor was examined by the Utility Board, the advice was unequivocal: don't do it!  The financial risk was much too great for the province to undertake and cheaper alternatives were readily available.

The province ignored this advice and went ahead  anyway. The project was supposed to take a year-and-a-half.  Now it has stretched to at least four-and-a-half years, and now the Premier wants OTHER CANADIANS -- taxpayers from other provinces -- to pay for New Brunswick's bad decision.

If you do not think this is fair, write to the federal government and tell them that you do not want to have your taxes subsidize NB's refurbishment project.

-- Gordon Edwards.

Bruce Power nuclear waste ruling delayed

Bruce Power will have to wait a bit longer to see if it has permission to ship 16 radiation-contaminated steam generators through the Great Lakes and down the St. Lawrence River en route to Sweden.

Nuclear Delays and Overruns

NDP MPP Michael Prue today urged Minister of Energy to publicly review Darlington refurbishment costs in light of further delays to Refurbishment of Bruce A.

Mr. Michael Prue:  The refurbishment of Bruce Power has been delayed again. This is not surprising, though, because every nuclear project in Ontario’s history has been delayed and been over budget. Given that the cost of building and refurbishing nuclear plants has doubled and the cost of renewable energy is falling, why has this government ruled out increasing renewable power and reducing nuclear in advance of its electricity plan consultations?...

The minister says that Ontario ratepayers won’t pay for cost overruns on the Bruce refurbishment, but that’s only because the government signed a sweetheart deal that overpays Bruce Power for electricity it doesn’t even produce and because federal taxpayers are subsidizing the refurbishment through the AECL. Now the McGuinty government plans to refurbish the Darlington nuclear plant at a cost of $10 billion, before the cost overruns even occur. Why won’t this minister hold a public inquiry into the cost of refurbishing Darlington before committing Ontarians to another nuclear boondoggle?

Watch the 3 minute video here:

The 4th Revolution – Energy Autonomy

Energy entirely from renewable sources, accessible to everyone, affordable and clean. Utopia? Not quite, as Carl A. Fechner’s documentary “Energy autonomy – the 4th revolution” shows.  A visionary film, arguing that through energy autonomy we can positively influence the balance of power and distribute capital more equitably - we need only do it. This is not a distant dream anymore, but rapidly becoming reality, as Fechner demonstrates presenting practical examples, exemplary projects and the daily work of “green” champions around the globe.

Watch this 8 minute trailer – prepare to be inspired!

Understanding time-of-use billing for smart meters

Transmission and distribution rates rose at the end of May, increasing the average hydro bill by approximately nine per cent, with an additional increase of eight per cent in June due to the new HST. As renewable energy -such as solar and wind power -is added to the energy mix, rates will be impacted by one to three per cent.

A debt repayment fee is also attached to hydro bills across the province to account for power used over the past 25 years combined with a lack of funds set aside to invest in current and future supply. This adds up to more fees on your hydro bill.

Two Minutes to Move Forward Contest for Short Videos about Nuclear Weapons.

Watch the 7 winning 2-min. videos here:

Sponsored by Seriously, Time to Stop, a campaign to eliminate nuclear weapons.

Another record year for solar cells - Fifty countries now offer feed-in tariffs

Solar photovoltaic (PV) cell manufacturers produced a record 10,700 megawatts of PV cells globally in 2009 — an impressive 51-percent increase from the year before. Solar PV, the world’s fastest-growing power technology, now generates electricity in more than 100 countries. With costs dropping, economies of scale growing, and governments realizing the benefits of this limitless, climate-friendly resource, the future for solar power looks bright.

Natural Gas Fracking raises concerns in provinces

The threat of fracking has raised concerns about its impact on water in almost every province across Canada. As described by Environmental Leader news, “the hydraulic fracturing process involves taking water from the ground, pumping fracturing fluids and sands into the wells under pressure, then separating and managing the leftover water after withdrawing the (unconventional shale) gas.”

Read what’s happening in each province:

Why Europe Could Decide Fate of Canada's Oil Sands

Tories and petro firms worry oil sands restrictions in Europe will spread to other key nations. They're lobbying hard to prevent it.

Ask Me Why I Protest the Tar Sands

National First Nations Woman's Speakers Tour on Tar Sands

Wed. Oct. 27, 7 - 9 p.m.

Sidney Smith Hall - Room 2118, 100 St. George Street, University of Toronto

Speakers: Eriel Tchekwie Deranger, Melina Laboucan-Massimo, Jasmine Thomas

The tar sands development has completely outstripped the ability of the corporations and provincial and federal governments to provide environmental management and protection. In the perspective of many concerned First Nations and citizens of northern Alberta, the government has given the responsibility of environmental monitoring and enforcement to the corporations. This tour is profiling woman from downstream impacted First Nations directly from tar sands operations. They will speak out on the grave human rights situation playing out in their communities as a result of the world’s largest and most destructive development known as Canada's Tar Sands.

Sponsored by the Indigenous Environmental Network in partnership with Environmental Justice Toronto and Defenders of the Land.

Building Peace: Resisting War

November 12 – 14, Hart House, U of Toronto

Join with the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW) as they celebrate their 50th anniversary with a conference, gala, entertainment and more!

Find out what's on at Community Power 2010

The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association is hosting its 2nd annual Community Power Conference 2010 this November 15-16 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Do not miss the Community Power sector's premier event of the year.

Cheques to OCAA, Not Blank Cheques to OPG

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is seeking permission from Premier McGuinty to re-build its aging Darlington Nuclear Station and pass 100% of its inevitable cost overruns on to electricity consumers and taxpayers – that means YOU. 

No more blank cheques to the nuclear industry!  There are many cleaner and more affordable ways to meet our energy needs. 

You can help change history by supporting our campaign to end the practice of hiding the true cost of nuclear power.  Support a responsible approach to energy development with a secure online donation today!  Alternatively, you can pay OPG later through dramatically higher electricity bills!  J 

To sweeten the deal, every donation to OCAA will receive either a copy of Atomic Accomplice, a meticulously researched book about the Canadian nuclear industry, or a copy of Jazz Grows Green, a delightful, light jazz music CD – your choice!

Thanks for your support!

-- Angela Bischoff and Jack Gibbons, Ontario Clean Air Alliance

Order free anti-nuke and anti-coal postcards/leaflets to distribute to your friends and neighbours!

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