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Oct. 10, 2012 – Please pass this onto a friend!


Hydro Quebec cancels Gentilly-2 Nuclear Rebuild project! Ontario should follow their lead and cancel the Darlington rebuild. Send a letter to Energy Minister Bentley here. Thank you!


The World

'Hundreds of problems' at EU nuclear plants Hundreds of problems have been found at European nuclear plants that would cost 25bn euros (£20bn) to fix, says a leaked draft report. The draft report found specific failings in all 58 of France's nuclear reactors.

Hydro-Québec confirms Gentilly-2 closure at the end of 2012 The increase in project costs, combined with falling market prices, has prompted Hydro-Québec to recommend to the Québec government that the generating station be closed.

Debate: Does the world need nuclear energy?  Mark Jacobson vs. Steward Brand.

German Coal-Fired Generation of Electricity Falls While Renewable Generation Rises Debunking another myth about Germany's electricity revolution.



Darlington Refurbishment Environmental Assessment Hearings: Why participate in the hearings? Oct. 15 deadline.

What you need to know about Darlington's reactors

Port Hope radiation: $464,615 spent to remediate $130,000 house

Nuclear Waste Burial in the Great Lakes Basin Video recording of John Jackson and Brennain Llyod discussing Canadian proposals to bury radioactive waste in the Great Lakes basin.


Renewables and Conservation

The True Cost of Electricity Calculated Wind power and solar power from new power plants in Europe is significantly cheaper than electricity from fossil fuel or nuclear power plants when you factor in health and environmental damage, according to a new report.

Accelerate Community Power! in your local ON municipality with Community Solar Bonds



Quebec Shut Down – Now Let’s Stop Darlington

Please send a message to Energy Minister Chris Bentley (and cc me) asking him to protect taxpayers and electricity consumers by flipping the switch off superfluous coal-fired electric generation and mothballing Pickering.  It’s time for the province to finally end its expensive and dangerous coal and nuclear bear hugs and embrace safer and cheaper alternatives instead. For more info.

The NDP are asking what your priorities are, and what questions you might have for the Premier. So let’s tell them – say no to the Darlington re-build!



The Hazards of the Darlington Nuclear Station: A Panel Discussion Wed. Oct. 10, 7 p.m., Metro Hall, Rm #303, Toronto

Planet in Focus Enviro Film Festival Oct. 10 – 14, Toronto. Spotlight on Renewable Energy and Sustainability

The case for a fully renewable, all-purpose energy system with Mark Z. Jacobson of Stanford University, Ralph Torrie and Tyler Hamilton Monday October 15, 7:30pm, U of Toronto


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