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Nov. 2, 2012 – Please pass this onto a friend!

Looking for a Champion at Queen’s Park
! Premier McGuinty and Tim Hudak have been very clear that they plan to spend tens of billions on new nuclear projects.  Meanwhile, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath has sat on the fence on this issue. If you’d like to encourage the NDP to take political leadership on this issue, and clearly position themselves against all new nuclear projects in the province, please order copies of our new leaflet, $35 billion to rebuild the Darlington nuclear station vs. $16 billion for 2.3 million home energy retrofits - Which will Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath choose? 
Please send a letter to NDP Andrea Horwath here, asking her to take leadership opposing the Darlington re-build!
And if you’re up for helping blitz subway stations and door-to-door, let me know. Thanks!

The World

US Nuclear Reactors affected by Hurricane Sandy The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission continues to maintain its heightened watch over nuclear power plants in the Northeastern U.S. impacted by Sandy. Three reactors experienced shutdowns during the storm while another plant, Oyster Creek in New Jersey, remains in an “Alert” due to high water levels in its water intake structure. And more up-to-date info here. And watch Gunderson on Democracy Now here.
2000 Anti-nuke protesters arrested in India
Nuclear power turns to developing world as west recoils from Fukushima
Not unlike the tobacco industry!
Nuclear Energy’s US & Global Exit Quite frankly, expensive and inflexible nuclear energy can’t compete with cheap renewables and natural gas. Nuclear is making its exit.



A flood of public interest has prompted Canada’s nuclear regulator to delay hearings into the overhaul of the Darlington nuclear station.
Nuclear Safety "Watchdog" Ignoring Darlington's Risks
Setback for Nuclear Waste Burial
Swedish Review Finds Major Shortcomings in Nuclear Waste Repository Plan. Canada’s NWMO has modeled their plan to bury Canada’s nuclear fuel waste on the flawed Swedish proposal.

Renewables and Conservation

It just became easier to save money and help the planet Recent ON provincial legislation amendments allow municipalities to lend homeowners money for home improvements, like adding renewable energy systems or energy efficiency upgrades. And these loans can be tied to the property, rather than the homeowner. Energy efficiency upgrades save you money because lower energy bills more than offset the costs of the upgrades. Energy efficiency retrofits are also known green job creators, and a key component of any plan to cut climate-changing emissions.


Take Action!

Ask NDP Leader Andrea Horwath to oppose the Darlington rebuild. Send a letter here. And order leaflets here to distribute to your friends and collegues. They contain postcards to send to Ms. Horwath.

Send a letter to Premier McGuinty asking for an environmental review of the Darlington rebuild project.



How can our community deal with nuclear waste? Film screening and discussion. Fri. Nov. 9, Kincardine Library
Voice of Women for Peace are having their AGM and National Conference Revitalizing the Peace Movement, Nov. 9 – 11, Toronto
G.E.’s Uranium Secret – West-Toronto Meeting Thur. Nov. 15, 7 p.m., 1900 Davenport, Toronto. Watch the video of the issue, and listen to the interview with Dr. Helen Caldicott on the need to get the plant moved outta town.

A Mountain of Radioactive Waste 70 Years High: Ending the Nuclear Age December 1-3, Chicago

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