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November 13, 2009


30 second action

OCAA salutes former Ontario Energy Minister George Smitherman on his past accomplishments. First, he suspended the procurement process for two new nuclear reactors, and second, his Green Energy Act’s feed-in-tariff prices for Made-in-Ontario renewable electricity will stimulate the development of large supplies of green electricity in Ontario.

Please write incoming Energy Minister Gerry Phillips and tell him you expect he will move swiftly to ensure that Ontario obtains 100% of its grid-supplied electricity from renewable sources by 2027 (please bcc me – thanks…).

3 hour action

If you’ve got a few hours to spare, help us deliver postcards to Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff’s constituents. Write/call me and I’ll set you up with a map, etc.

The Canadian Nuclear Industry: Status and Prospects

Canada was one of the first countries to adopt nuclear energy. It is the world’s largest supplier of natural uranium and a supplier of nuclear technology and expertise. However, recent announcements such as the Ontario government’s plans to postpone indefinitely the construction of two nuclear reactors at its Darlington facility, and the federal government’s intention to privatize Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL), the nuclear science and engineering company, raise questions about nuclear energy in Canada.
This paper provides an analysis of the future of nuclear energy in Canada and the likely parameters of any revival.

Why Harper needs a nuclear deal with India

The future of Canada's industry depends on accords with Asian giants

The negotiations are all part of a larger geopolitical game, in which the developed nations seek to exploit the economic opportunities of both rising Asian giants (India and China).

Don’t Nuke the Climate

The French Antinuclear Network (Réseau "Sortir du nucléaire") has launched a campaign called "Don't nuke the climate!", focused on the Copenhagen climate summit. 

Their goal is to prevent nuclear power from being labeled as "climate-friendly" and included in the new agreement by lobbying and gathering signatures from people all over the world.

About 310 organizations and 23,000 individuals have already signed on around the world. Sign on now!

Toshiba tells San Antonio its new twin $13 billion nukes will cost $4 billion more!

The city balks. This looks like a job for clean energy.

One of the very first new nuclear power plants proposed to be built in the U.S. in over 30 years just hit a brick wall.  It’s the same brick wall — absurdly high cost — being hit around the world

Global Fissile Material Report 2009: The Path to Nuclear Disarmament

The report charts some of the key technical and policy steps for securing verifiable world-wide nuclear disarmament and eliminating the world's huge stockpiles of highly enriched uranium and plutonium, the key materials for making nuclear weapons.

There are about 500 tons of separated plutonium, divided almost equally between weapon and civilian stocks, but it is all weapon-usable. The global stockpiles of plutonium and highly enriched uranium together are sufficient for over one hundred thousand nuclear weapons.

Of particular interest is Chapter 8, entitled "Nuclear Power and Nuclear Disarmament”.  It makes it crystal clear that a world without nuclear weapons would be extremely difficult to maintain without a complete phase-out of civilian nuclear power.

It is available on line at:

David Frum says “Conservatives Heart Nuke Power.” Too bad they don’t “brain” it.

I always thought it was conservatives who accused progressives of being driven by their heart and not their brain.  A painfully uninformed David Frum wades into the debate over nuclear power with a post headlined, “Conservatives Heart Nuke Power”.

Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis

By Al Gore
Bloomsbury, 416 pages

For those who felt that former US vice-president and Nobel Peace Prize-winner Al Gore left a few questions unanswered in An Inconvenient Truth, his latest book, Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis, offers full redress. Many of Gore's ideas are inevitably familiar, but the clarity of his argument and the fissile power of his analysis combine to elevate Our Choice into the top-ranking environmental books of our time.

Pillaging the public purse to subsidise dangerous and uneconomic nuclear power stations makes no sense either when there are commercially available technologies capable of producing clean power immediately.

Nuclear power is a false solution to climate change

Nuclear power cannot contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions because it is too expensive, too dangerous, takes too long and diverts scarce capital that could provide real solutions like renewables and energy efficiency.

Spain reaches new wind record: 45.1% of Spain’s total electricity demand

Wind energy in Spain reached a new record last night, providing at its peak 45.1% of Spain’s total electricity demand – 2.1% greater than the previous record set in November last year.

The surge in wind power last night triggered water pumping stations which transport water into reservoirs. This store of water will then be released over the day generating electricity via water turbines at times of peak demand.

The Spanish Wind Energy Association said the sustained peak in wind powered electricity production proves that “wind energy is no longer marginal”. By 2020 Spain is expected to double its wind-power producing capacity from the current level of 16 gigawatts to 40 GW.

Britain seeks to expand nuclear energy

10 new plants planned as nation looks for ways to cut emissions

Ten nuclear power stations are to be built in Britain at a cost of up to £50 billion as the Government tries to prevent the threat of regular power cuts by the middle of the coming decade.

The British government unveiled plans Monday to launch one of the world's most ambitious expansions of nuclear-power capacity, calling for the construction of 10 plants to help meet surging energy demands in the era of global warming.

The “Corporate Killer” that is Nuclear Power

At the end of the day energy comes down to economics.

Heat/power combination packs a punch

We can double the efficiency of our current electrical system with a technology that's practical, proven, readily available, inexpensive and technologically simple.

Conventional power plants, whether coal, gas or nuclear, vent waste heat into the atmosphere. Two-thirds of the fuel's energy is wasted as heat. Natural gas-fired power plants only achieve 36% efficiency while for nuclear reactors in Ontario, it's only 33%.

By contrast, combined heat and power (CHP) -- also known as co-generation or co-gen-- uses the waste heat for heating water and nearby buildings. This more than doubles the efficiency to 75% to 90%, depending on the co-gen plant. Using "waste" heat, CHP achieves 200% to 250% higher efficiency in burning fuel than centralized power plants.

Zero Nuclear Weapons

Public Forum
Fri. November 13 and Sat. Nov. 14
Toronto City Hall, Queen and Bay

The purpose of the forum is to help citizens understand the urgent need to push for the abolition of nuclear weapons, in light of the hopeful climate and the means for achieving it.
Sponsored by: the Canadian Pugwash Group, Science for Peace, Physicians for Global Survival, and Canadian Voice of Women for Peace.

Forum website here:

Forum agenda here:

Climate Justice Now!

Thur. Nov. 19, 7:00 pm
William Doo Auditorium, New College, 45 Willcocks Street, University of Toronto

In a few weeks, international negotiations on climate change will begin in Copenhagen, Denmark. An international treaty to replace the Kyoto Protocol is being hammered out by leaders and negotiators from both the Global South and Global North. Canada will go to Copenhagen with no domestic plan of action. To date, Canada has performed badly on the international stage, obstructing the negotiations. We demand action!

Join youth and community members to discuss climate justice, to talk about responding to the climate crisis, to hear from individuals and organizations working on social justice concerns that are intimately connected to climate justice. Stand in solidarity with Indigenous communities who are engaged in the climate justice fight in the context of the Tar Sands Development; hear migrant justice activists talk about climate refugees in the context of the systemic dismantling of the refugee system and the increasingly exclusionary Canadian immigration systems; watch a short film and hear from speakers about the serious concerns climate change brings to the Caribbean.

Presented by the Caribbean Studies Students Union (CARSSU). Supported by UTERN, among other organizations.
For more info or to suppport:

Community Power 2009

Community Power - It’s everybody’s business now!

The 1st Annual OSEA Community Power Conference 2009, November 15-16, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building, Toronto
Come and celebrate the success of the Green Energy and Green Economy Act; discuss the hottest topics from Micro-FIT and Feed-in Tariffs, to financing models, the latest technology and local and international case studies.

Volunteer with the Ontario Clean Air Alliance

Hankering to rid the province of our nuke plants once and for all? Find out more:

Thur. Nov. 26, 6 – 7 p.m.
519 Church St. Community Centre (at Wellesley)

For more info:

Canadian Department for Peace – with Rob Acheson

Thursday November 19th, 6:00 pm
Transformative Learning Centre/OISE, 252 Bloor St. West - 7th floor Peace Lounge, Toronto

A Department of Peace would develop a coordinated and coherent paradigm for a sustainable peace across all government departments. The Minister would advance an agenda for a new architecture of peace by supporting and establishing activities that promote a culture of peace and assertive nonviolence in Canada and the world.

Info: / / /

Pajama Walk for Peace and Nonviolence

Saturday November 21st, 12:00 noon, meet at Yonge and Bloor, Toronto

More than 23,000 nuclear weapons worldwide threaten all Life on earth. 1 in 6 people face malnutrition everyday. And military spending is higher than ever. It's...

*March in your pajamas!
*Bring alarm clocks, bells, whistles, pots and pans, banners.
*Walk to the Peace Garden, Nathan Phillips Square.

A part of Canada's World March Days.
Info: /