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May 28, 2010


At the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty review conference, Greenpeace urges delegations to recognise proliferation risks of nuclear energy expansion

"The military atom and the peaceful atom are identical. The technology to produce nuclear weapons is the same as that used in civil nuclear reactors. Any nation operating a light water reactor will have the means to acquire plutonium within days of operating a secret reprocessing plant."

The proposed ‘solutions’ to tackle proliferation risks are merely excuses to allow for a global expansion of the nuclear energy.  Further spread and growth of nuclear energy would lead to dramatic and unacceptable increase of proliferation risks through the growing production of accessible spent nuclear fuel and, hence, nuclear weapons materials such as plutonium, and the uncontrollable spread of (potentially) dual technologies.

Urge Canada to support ratification of the New START Treaty

GlobalZero Canada has started an online petition to Stephen Harper, asking Canada to support the ratification of the new START Treaty (to reduce nuclear weapons).

Read and sign it online:

Canada loosens regulations for waste tritium lights

At a time when radioactive tritium from waste tritium lights is showing up in landfill leachate all over the world and regulators in other countries are grappling with how to keep waste tritium lights out of landfills, Canada’s regulators have loosened regulations for disposal of these toxic devices.

Tritium Awareness Project asks “How do these changes enhance the protection of the health and safety of the Canadian public? How do these changes enhance the protection of the environment? If they do not enhance either, then why were these changes made?”

Tritium Give-away days

Watch this great Rick Mercer skit (1 minute)

RePower Alberta is a growing network of concerned groups, communities and individuals committed to building our green energy future for Alberta.

The RePower Alberta campaign is working hard to:

1. See the Province of Alberta pass a Green Energy Strategy;

2. Ensure the Green Energy Strategy is achieved using truly green energy, through investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy;

3. Work with communities throughout the province to implement green energy solutions and green jobs.

The Nuclear Power TRAP (Toxic RadioActive Proliferator)

Given the overwhelming downside to everything nuclear, and the upside to efficiency, conservation, and all forms of safe, clean, nontoxic, renewable, sustainable energy, let’s consider weaning ourselves off of toxic radioactive proliferating poison power. Fortunate countries that do not have a nuclear infrastructure — before they get one — can leapfrog right over this toxic trouble to rely on clean, safe, renewable energy that will create more jobs and improve their security.

Radioactive material must be barred from Great Lakes

Adding radioactive metal derived from nuclear steam generators to our metal supply is not recycling — it is dumping radioactive waste by-products in the form of contaminated goods onto the open market.

In the Blogosphere

Solar power grows up: Report says the sun can power 25% of world electricity needs by 2050.


Why is Canada trailing the pack in the race to a clean energy future? 


Nuclear News: US nuclear power plans hit by waste dispute

Poll: Canadians don't support deep-water oil drilling

A majority of Canadians want to stop deep-water oil drilling operations off the country's coasts - at least for now.


BP spill clouds future of U.S. drilling

Some have likened the spill to the 1979 partial meltdown of a nuclear reactor at Three Mile Island — turning point in U.S. energy policy that has effectively capped expansion of nuclear power for decades.

Canada must stop subsidies to big oil companies

A leaked memo to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty advised the minister to live up to a G20 commitment to phase out tax breaks to the companies that produce coal, oil and gas. With just four weeks left before the G20 summit in Toronto, it’s time for Minister Flaherty and Prime Minister Harper to commit to a Canadian plan to end tax breaks to fossil fuel producers.

Phase out subsidies to gas and oil Flaherty urged

Leaked government document says Canada should end fossil fuel subsidies

Head in the (tar)sands

Support growing to ban coal power

With three Ontario cities (Hamilton, Kitchener and Guelph) calling on the provincial government to mothball coal-fired electric power plants, the Ontario Clean Air Alliance is drumming up more support for the notion. “With a long, hot, smoggy summer ahead of us, now is the time to fully eliminate dirty coal use,” the Alliance says in a press release.

Studies have shown death rates from respiratory diseases across Southwestern Ontario are dramatically higher than for Ontario as a whole, between 45 and 50 a year per 100,000 residents.

Action: Please email Premier McGuinty and ask him to phase out coal now by simply increasing the output of our cleaner natural gas-fired power plants (and please bcc me).

Switzerland: thousands rally against nuclear power

One of their key points was that Switzerland’s nuclear power plans are preventing the rapid development of alternative energy programmes.

Germany launches push into offshore wind

Offshore construction and maintenance is difficult and costly but the wind blows stronger and steadier, resulting in a greater power yield than on land.

Nuclear Cycle

SAT JUNE 5 is a global day of action to ABOLISH Nuclear weapons! Join our Cycling Tour of Consulates of Nuclear Weapons States!

Meet at: 1pm - St. George and Bloor (n/e corner)

Enjoy a lovely 5k bike tour through downtown city streets! See which countries have nukes, threatening every itty-bitty speck of life on Earth! Bring your signs and flags! Take pictures of your favourite consulate building! Most of all, join the call to abolish nukes!

For more information write us at or visit us at!/event.php?eid=104448689601877&ref=ts,

Boycott BP

Take the Beyond BP Pledge! Drive a car? Like the occasional fountain drink? Send a clear message to BP by boycotting its gas and retail store products. Don't spend a cent of your hard-earned money to feed the bottom line of a corporation that has a sordid history of negligence, willfully violates environmental regulations, and is spewing thousands and thousands of barrels of oil a day into the Gulf of Mexico.

Sign the pledge here:

The Joint Review Panel for the Darlington New Nuclear Power Plant Project invites the public to attend a technical session in Ottawa.

The session will be held on Tuesday, June 22, 2010 at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) Public Hearing Room, 14th floor, 280 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario, beginning at 8:30 a.m.

More information is available on the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency Web site:

The Big Business of War is Making a Killing!
CANSEC 2010, Canada's Largest Weapons Bazaar returns to Ottawa!

CANSEC is Canada's largest and most important War-Industry Trade Show.  It's coming to Ottawa next week.  Wherever you may be, please join the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) in opposing this blatant symbol of Canada's role in the burgeoning international arms trade.
Summary Article: What is CANSEC, and why do we oppose it?
"Rally for Peace," June 2, 5-7 pm, Ottawa
Includes a list of speakers, poets and musicians, and links to their websites.
Decorate CANSEC's Fence: Submit graphics/statements online, or bring them yourself.
How you can help: Join the opposition to CANSEC, wherever you are!
"Peace Bus" from Toronto to Ottawa, June 2: All aboard for the antiCANSEC rally
Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade website (for CANSEC updates and more)