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May 22, 2014 –  Please pass this onto a friend!


Help us make nukes an election issue. Vote for clean low-cost water power from Quebec. Tell Ontario election candidates that you’re voting NO to the Darlington nuclear rebuild and YES to water power from Quebec. We’re distributing this leaflet around the province. Order free copies here to distribute through your neighbourhood. We’re also doing leaflet blitzes in central Toronto. If you can join us, let me know. Thanks!

The World

Japan Rules No on Nuclear Plant Restart  A Japanese court ruled against Kansai Electric Power carrying out a restart plan for two idled nuclear reactors, claiming that they are potentially vulnerable to earthquakes. This could disrupt the restart of some of the 50 Japanese reactors that have been shut over safety concerns since the Fukushima disaster.

TEPCO begins releasing groundwater diverted at Fukushima plant into sea

Chernobyl’s sarcophagus, redux

German utilities want 'bad bank' for nuclear energy
As Germany prepares to phase out nuclear energy, major utilities want to hand over the decommissioning of their nuclear plants to a public foundation. 

Why New Nuclear Technology Hurts the Case for Renewables "Pursuing nuclear power as a focal point of climate policy diverts economic resources and policy development from critically important efforts to accelerate the deployment of solutions that are much more attractive: less costly, less risky, [and] more environmentally benign."

Maxims for thinking about toxic industries and their waste with Dr. Gordon Edwards. i.e. Don’t dump your garbage where you draw your water


NDP and Green Party strongly support water power imports from Quebec to replace the Darlington rebuild In response to our provincial election questionnaire, the NDP and Green Party have agreed that Ontario should seek to negotiate a long-term contract with Quebec for water power imports to lower our electricity bills by up to $1 billion per year or more.  But we still have work to do to fully persuade the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives that hydro imports should be a first choice, not an afterthought.

Federal Court nixes approval of new nuclear reactors In his ruling, Justice Russell agreed with environmental groups that a federal environmental review panel (CNSC) wrongly recommended approval of Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) proposal to build up to four new reactors at the Darlington without first examining the environmental effects of radioactive fuel waste, a Fukushima-type accident, and hazardous emissions. Here’s a T.O. Star piece on the same issue. And here’s a piece from Durham Region.

Nuclear Energy Myths and Facts – an Ontario Primer

20 minute video of Jack Gibbons
 speaking about how water power imports could lower our bills and move us to a green energy future. 

The eternal legacy of nuclear waste Any repository for nuclear waste – including OPG’s proposed deep geologic repository at the edge of the largest interconnected system, in terms of surface area, of fresh water in the world – would have to remain secure at least 100,000 years, perhaps millions of years, against earthquakes, floods, climate change, war and terrorism. That’s what you call wishful thinking, not science.

Michigan lawmakers step up fight against proposed nuke dump
on Lake Huron

Scientist sheds new light on proposed nuclear waste site on Lake Huron
 14 min. audio interview with nuclear scientist Frank Greening


Renewables and Conservation

Toyota invests in $27 million energy saving project A cogeneration power system (CHP) in its Cambridge plant will reduce emissions and save enough energy to power more than 7,400 homes every year. The increased efficiency is substantial and will result in a major cost savings for the company. The community will also benefit from improved system reliability and avoided power generation costs.

Energy Efficiency Is an Untapped Goldmine Employing existing energy-savings technology could reduce electricity demand by 25 percent and create more than 600,000 skilled jobs, cut air pollution and fight climate change while citizens reap $17 billion in energy savings by doing one simple thing: Boost energy efficiency.

The Growth of Net Zero Momentum is gaining behind a shift from individual net-zero-energy buildings to entire net-zero districts and communities.

Nearly 100% Renewable Energy is Possible
Within a generation, the U.S. can phase out coal and nuclear power says new report.

German Village Produces 321% More Energy Than It Needs


Take Action!

Ask candidates where they stand on water imports from Quebec vs. rebuilding Darlington nuclear station. Order free leaflets to distribute to your friends and neighbours. Or join our leaflet blitzes in central Toronto.
Stop OPG's 30% price increase With a few clicks you can let all the ON Party Leaders know that you oppose OPG’s 30% nuclear price increase and that you favour lower-cost and greener options to meeting our electricity needs. Learn more here, sign here, order free leaflets here.
Quebec imports can save us $1 billion per year As our new pamphlet explains, importing clean hydro power from Quebec is a much cheaper way to meet our electricity needs than re-building the Darlington Nuclear Plant. Order free copies today to distribute to your neighbours, family and friends.

Premier Kathleen Wynne : Close the Pickering Nuclear Station Please sign the petition.

Tell Stephen Harper: Nuclear Polluters Must Pay A Greenpeace Canada petition to amend the Nuclear Liability Act. For more info on nuclear liability in Canada, click here. And read transcripts from Parliament here.

Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump Please sign the petition to oppose OPG’s plans to bury their nuclear waste on the shore of Lake Huron. And urge your elected officials to pass a resolution to oppose the nuclear dump on the Great Lake Huron. There are already 60+ jurisdictions that have done so! See the list here.


Ontario, Quebec and Electricity - Time for a new Relationship? Friday, May 23, 8:30 – 11 a.m., Toronto. Panel discussion with QC and ON speakers including Jack Gibbons, OCAA . 

Ontario Energy Drinks St. Catharines, May 22; Sault Ste Marie, June 5; Kingston, June 9; Oshawa, June 10. 

EV Day Sat. May 24, Yonge-Dundas Square, Toronto. Electric car models from major manufacturers on showcase and available for free test drives.

Forum on Hydropower May 27-28, Ottawa. Hosted by Canadian Hydropower Association


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