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May 19, 2016

Nuclear Scientist calls for closing Pickering Nuclear Station Retired Ontario Power Generation (OPG) Nuclear Scientist Frank Greening discusses why we should close the aging Pickering Nuclear Station in this 5 min. video

The World

Return to Chernobyl with Ukraine's 'liquidators'

The Ukrainian children eating food tainted by Chernobyl radiation
After the Ukrainian government cancels a local school lunch program, rural families must resort to contaminated food.

France's nuclear giant Areva admits to '400 irregularities' in power plant parts

An overview of the serious problems posed by tritium in Canada
During normal operations, CANDU nuclear reactors release very large quantities of tritium into the environment (air and water). It is classified as a carcinogen (causes cancer), a mutagen (causes genetic mutations) and a teratogen (causes problems in the developing fetus resulting in birth defects).

Americans Distracted By The Transgender Bathroom Argument While 3 Nuclear Disasters Unfold on the East Coast

Historic radioactive waste stored near Fort McMurray
With the massive fires raging in and near Fort McMurray in Northern Alberta, concern has been expressed about the integrity of the 43,000 m3 of historic radioactive wastes stored just a few km south of Ft Mac. The CNSC says not to worry.

Fort Calhoun nuclear plant has become too expensive to run compared to lower cost alternatives, company says, so they expect to shut it down by end of year OPG take note! Pickering is subsidized $900 million per year for electricity we don’t need. Time to shut it down.

Radioactive boars becoming a problem in Fukushima



Should Pickering Nuclear be allowed to operate beyond its license date? Blogpost by DurhamCLEAR

Plan to store nuclear waste near Great Lakes proves radioactive “One thing is for sure: We shouldn’t bury this lethal material beside the source of drinking water for 40 million people in two countries. We will never know if there has been a leak until it’s too late.”


Renewables and Conservation

Carbon Tax Plan Uses the Power of Compound Interest to Transition to 100% Renewable Energy

Here's what it would take for the US to run on 100% renewable energy
 It is technically and economically feasible to run the US economy entirely on renewable energy, and to do so by 2050. That is the conclusion of a study in the journal Energy & Environmental Science, authored by Stanford scholar Mark Z. Jacobson and nine colleagues.

If there's a War on Coal, it's clear that wind turbines and solar panels are winning An annual analysis by the investment firm Lazard determined that wind energy is now the lowest-cost energy source in the US. Coal closures mean America's coal mines now employ about only about 56,700 people, down from a peak of more than 10 times that. By contrast, the fast-growing solar industry now employs more than 210,000 workers. Wind energy accounts for another 77,000 by federal estimates. And nuclear jobs: 60,000

Geothermal Could Put Thousands from Alberta’s Oil and Gas Sector Back to Work Abandoned oil and gas wells in Alberta are on the rise — but where many see a growing liability, Alberta’s fledgling geothermal industry sees massive opportunity.

Renewable Windfall as Germany's Green Energy Meets 90 Percent of Demand Sunday's milestone was made possible because of a people-powered "energy revolution." The green power haul was slightly complicated by the inability of nuclear and coal plants to be taken offline "so they went on running and had to pay to sell power into the grid for several hours.

One Building Is Saving $1 Million A Year On Energy. What Would Happen If The Whole World Was More Efficient?


Take Action!

Close the old and dangerous Pickering Nuclear Station – Please Sign the Petition to Close Pickering when its license expires in 2018 rather than extend its life 'till 2024 which is the gov't's plan.

Contaminated soil , produced by the nuclear disaster, to be used for public works? Petition to the Minister of Environment, Japan

Cameco – Pay your Taxes We want Cameco (a major global uranium corporation headquartered in Saskatchewan) to pay up the over $2.1 BILLION dollars that it owes the people of Canada. Petition.

Please send Premier Wynne a message asking her to order OPG to develop an immediate decommissioning plan for Pickering and to close this dinosaur by 2018 (when its license expires) at the latest.

Let's build stronger ties between Ontario and Quebec Send your letter asking Federal Ministers Morneau and Sohi to support electricity transmission system upgrades that will permit increased electricity trade between Ontario and Quebec.

Download your anti-thyroid cancer posters here to post in your office, school, or local cafe. And order your free KI (anti-thyroid-cancer) pills here if you live within 50 km of an ON nuclear facility - that includes all of Toronto and beyond.



Help me leaflet blitz Ajax, Pickering and Scarbourough with Close-Pickering leaflets, door to door in mailboxes. Contact for details of group blitzes, or go out on your own. Thanks for helping us get the word out!

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