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May 12, 2011


We must undertake a new cost-benefit analysis of nuclear energy, factoring in the costs of disaster preparedness and prevention as well as cleanup when things go wrong. - Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the UN

The End of Nuclear

“The industry was arguably on life support before Fukushima. When the history of the nuclear industry is written, Fukushima is likely to begin its final chapter,” said Mycle Schneider, lead author of the new report, The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2010-2011: Nuclear Power in a Post-Fukushima World

Renewable energy can power the world, says landmark IPCC study

UN's climate change science body says renewables supply, particularly solar power, can meet global demand

The nuclear cost shell game

The nuclear energy industry only exists thanks to what insurance experts call the "mother of all subsidies". In Canada, this liability cap is an astonishingly low 75 million dollars. If there is an accident, governments - i.e. the public - are on the hook for all costs exceeding those caps.

When the full life cycles are compared, the carbon emissions of nuclear on a per-kilowatt-of-power-generated basis exceeds that of wind and is about the same as solar. The energy solutions needed to combat climate change have to be able to be deployed quickly and at a low cost. Nuclear energy is just the opposite.

Thousands rally in Japan against nuclear power

2 minute video


Japan scraps plan for 14 new nuclear plants

Japan PM on Fukushima: "Taking this as a lesson, we will lead the world in clean energy such as solar and biomass"

The Future Children of Fukushima

Cancer, Deformities and Chronic Diseases

EPA Halts Heightened Monitoring of Fukushima Fallout

No New Milk, Rain or Drinking Water Sampling for another Three Months

The Darlington Declaration: I Choose Green Energy

Please lend your voice to those who support a green energy future.

Brilliant Satire

Why Free Inhalers? Because COAL CARES.

Coal Cares™ is a brand-new initiative from Peabody Energy, the world's largest private-sector coal company, to reach out to American youngsters with asthma and to help them keep their heads high in the face of those who would treat them with less than full dignity. For kids who have no choice but to use an inhaler, Coal Cares™ lets them inhale with pride.

More satire.

President Obama says we do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the U.S

41 second video

Tim Hudak Vows to Eliminate Feed-in-Tariff

Ontario’s Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak stated that if elected he will scrap North America's best renewable energy policy and send us backpeddling to the dark ages of dirty, dangerous electricity. This would be a huge set-back in the fight against climate change and air pollution, undermine our efforts to improve our energy security, throw thousands of people out of work and erase billions of dollars of new investment in our economy. The Green Energy Act is our path to a cleaner, more prosperous province. Please write Tiim Hudak and tell him what you think. and cc

Globe and Mail: "Tim Hudak Vows to Scrap Lucrative Green Energy Deals in Ontario"
CBC: "Ontario Tories Vow to Scrap Samsung Deal"

Windsor Star’s response: Hudak’s proposal: a Threat to Essex County

Don't miss this inspiring film! -a

Energy Autonomy - the 4th Revolution

Sat. May 14, 7 p.m.

Bloor Street United Church, 300 Bloor St. West (east of Spadina), Toronto

Donations accepted

Carl Fetchner's visionary documentary on renewable energy and its relationship to political power. Followed by a discussion with experts in energy and environmental implications to public health with Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg and Jose Etcheverry.

Sponsored by the Social Justice Cttee of Bloor St. United Church. For more info: 416 966 2851

Nuclear Threats to the Great Lakes and Transition to Clean Safe Energy

International Roundtable

Saturday, May 14, 9 am - 5 pm

Henry Ford Community College, Society of Mechanical Engineers (SME) Bldg., 5101 Evergreen Rd. Dearborn, Michigan

Scheduled speakers:
Dr. Gordon Edwards
- President of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility - to address the radioactive contamination of the Earth and its Waters - accidental or deliberate?
Brennain Lloyd - Community organizer with Northwatch, who has worked for more than two decades on nuclear waste issues in Canada, including those at the Bruce nuclear complex on Lake Huron speaking on the risks of a proposed deep underground radioactive dump by Lake Huron.
Michael Keegan - Co Chair of Don’t Waste Michigan & Chair of Coalition for a Nuclear Free Great Lakes on why we should oppose a proposed new reactor at Monroe and the 20-year re-license for Davis-Besse near Toledo.
Kevin Kamps - Radioactive Waste Watchdog from Beyond Nuclear to discuss reactor waste policy in the Great Lakes and nationally.
Greg Laskowsky - Henry Ford Community College, Lead Instructor, Energy Technology - Energy & Technology Department will discuss the renewable energy options available.
Kathleen Law - Former Michigan legislator who introduced the first German style renewable energy bill in North America and since adopted by Ontario
Victor McManemy - Great Lakes songwriter, troubadour, historian, musician and advocate for Indigenous Peoples

Sponsored by Sierra Club - S.E. Michigan Group, Sierra Club of Canada, Ohio Sierra Club Nuclear Issues Committee, and Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination 

For info, Ed McArdle 313-388-6645 / - or Kay Cumbow 810-346-4513 at

Centre for Sustainable Energy Showcase

Monday, May 16, 1 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Mechanical Building, Rm 102, 5 King’s College Rd., University of Toronto

How can Ontario achieve energy sustainability?

Panel: 2:35 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Jack Gibbons, Ontario Clean Air Alliance

Mathew Hoppe, Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation

Prof. Ibrahim Dincer, University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)


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