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Ontario's Coal Phase out: Lessons from a massive climate achievement  This report looks back at how this remarkable success was achieved by a small organization and the lessons learned from one of the biggest environmental success stories in recent times.

The World

Nuclear Power: Totally Unqualified to Combat Climate Change An Open Letter from the World Business Academy to leading climatologist Dr. James Hansen regarding his advocacy of nuclear power as a solution to global warming.

Canada-India uranium deal will spur proliferation Arms control experts say Canada's uranium will end up fuelling the Indo-Pakistani arms race, directly or indirectly. CBC's The Current also profiled this issue in this 25 min. interview.

Renewables and nuclear power: Report from the World Uranium Symposium Premier Wynne is under intense pressure to rebuild the old reactors at Darlington and Bruce. Doing so would make absolutely no economic sense, would send customers' hydro bills through the roof, and likely bankrupt the province. Instead, she should make a deal with Quebec to buy their excess water power, and build wind projects in the north. Also from the symposium, an audio report from Nuclear Hotseat containing interviews with more than 20 activists, world experts, and filmmakers. Almost as good as being there.

Chernobyl: 29 years later April 26 marked the 29th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Fairwinds lists superb resources about Chernobyl – A human perspective. Greenpeace released a new report detailing clean up efforts; nearly three decades after the start of the Chernobyl disaster, its atomic legacy is a stark and ominous reminder that nuclear power can never be a safe energy source. CBS News 60 Minutes aired an episode on Chernobyl – video, audio and transcript, 13 min. And finally, this blog lists a dozen of the best links related to the major nuclear accident in the Ukraine.

Forest fire threatens Ukraine's Chernobyl nuclear zone Ukraine’s largest forest fire since 1992 is just 20 miles away from the abandoned Chernobyl nuclear plant. Wildfires pose a high risk of redistributing radioactivity. More on this from Greenpeace International, and Beyond Nuclear.

Man arrested for landing drone on Japanese PM’s office in nuclear protest The drone had a radiation symbol and some radioactive sand from the beach of Fukushima

Austria, backed by 159 nations, calls for ban on nuclear weapons

Sweden to cut jobs, close nuclear reactors Hurt by decreased electricity demand, Vattenfall will slash 1,000 jobs and close its two oldest nuclear reactors earlier than intended. ON should follow suit. Our electricity demand has decreased 10% in the past decade -- no need to rebuild Darlington and Bruce.



The real Hydro One sell-off shocker Money from the utility that's supposed to fund the building of schools and hospitals is actually going to cover debt racked up by nukes. Op Ed by Jack Gibbons, OCAA

The Black Hole of Canada’s National Sacrifice Zone – Port Hope, ON The federal gov’t mined uranium and radium for decades in Port Hope, on the shores of Lake Ontario. Here’s the history of Port Hope’s radioactive waste that you never learned in school.

Joint Statement on Climate Change from the Premiers of Ontario and Québec  Recently 11 premiers, representing over 85 per cent of the Canadian population, made a joint declaration stating that carbon pricing… and investing in the fight against climate change, especially in areas such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, and cleaner energy production, holds great promise for sustainable economic development and long-term job creation.

Does the Wynne Government Get It? If we are to tackle climate change, we need all hands on deck. Subsidizing imported natural gas and its associated emissions is going the wrong direction.

Decision on Darlington nuclear rebuild work could come in late 2015 OPG wants to rebuild four units at Darlington nuclear station at very high cost and high risk. But we want gov’t to purchase lower-cost and lower-risk water power from Quebec instead.


Renewables and Conservation

Canada’s Solar Success Overshadowed During Indian PM Visit You wouldn’t know it from the media coverage, but the biggest energy story coming out of last week’s visit to Canada by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wasn’t Cdn uranium, but Cdn. solar.

Solar Costing a Third of Retail Power Emerges in Germany Germany’s cost of producing solar energy has shrunk to about a third of the price households pay for power after the nation made developers compete for subsidies.

China Solar Power Surges: Leaves Entire World Behind

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