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May 10, 2012 – Please pass this onto a friend!

We do not know what to do hazardous nuclear waste. A nuclear power plant is like a mansion without toilet. Nuclear does not allow an error. But there is no such an operation with no error. Regardless whether we have sufficient electric power or not, we should not use nuclear power. But we actually have enough other sources of power and does not need nuclear power.” - Koide Hiroaki, Kyoto University, Japan

Adam Smith, Anti-Nuclear Slam Poetry – 2 min. video, Regina – Youthspeak!

We got tons of sun we don’t need fission or fusion.
Scientists are talkin’ like it’s the only solution
But I disagree with barrels of nuclear pollution
Callin’ that green energy? Merely an illusion
Money is the only green it’ll be producin’
So put your hands up if you’re feeling me now
And you don’t want that nuclear waste in the ground…
If you won’t let them poison all the rivers and ponds
You gotta put up your anti-nuclear arms
If you won’t them let them turn our land into bombs
Put up your anti-nuclear arms


End nuclear subsidies, alliance urges The Ontario Clean Air Alliance wants the government to gradually phase-out subsidies to the nuclear industry while lowering electricity bills through investments in hydro-power imports from Quebec and increased energy efficiency. “Since 2006, 45 per cent of the increases in electricity prices are due to nuclear subsidies, but this is not what you hear in the media, where it’s reported that green energy is responsible for rising electricity prices,” Ontario Clean Air Alliance Chair Jack Gibbons told QP Briefing. “The Ontario Energy Board showed this isn’t true: They argued green energy is pushing it up by six per cent but it’s dwarfed by nuclear. The public is being misled.” Gibbons points to the Liberals’ proposed $33 billion nuclear spending program as evidence that the government is not searching for cost-effective measures to keep electricity prices down.

Urge Canadian government to cancel proposal to bury radioactive wastes on the Great Lakes shoreline The Canadian nuclear establishment in industry and government has proposed a radioactive waste dump on the Lake Huron shoreline at the Bruce Nuclear Power Complex. Consisting of a total of nine atomic reactors (one prototype permanently shut, eight commercial reactors still operable), Bruce is the largest operating nuclear power plant in the world (after its Japanese competition at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa shut down, at least temporarily).

Canada's Nuclear Industry in Jeopardy as SNC-Lavalin Faces Potential Strike Scientists, engineers, technologists and technicians vote overwhelmingly to strike - action could commence May 7th

Victory Against the Canadian Nuclear Safely Commission (CNSC) - Shield Source Inc. (SSI), a Peterborough company that uses radioactive tritium, a waste product from the nuclear power industry, to illuminate exit signs, had requested a 10-year licence extension. Due to citizen pressure, and new data showing SSI more than doubled its annual release limits, the CNSC has cancelled a public hearing into the SSI license and has prohibited SSI tritium operations pending CNSC approval.

Rising electricity prices have little to do with renewable energy New data helps to clarify how prices are linked more to nuclear power than clean energy programs.

Minister Bentley Should Answer Questions on Bill 75 Bill 75 eliminates the few legal checks and balances that existed to protect Ontario electricity consumers. Under the Bill, the government’s electricity plans are no longer required to be reviewed for their cost-effectiveness or their contribution to environmental sustainability by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB). Otherwise put, the government could just say build new reactors no matter the cost. This is bad news for electricity consumers and the future of green energy.

Highly-regarded anti-nuke organization becomes first Harper charity victim Physicians for Global Survival (PGS), a highly regarded Canadian NGO that has been campaigning to abolish nuclear weapons for 32 years, is losing its charitable tax status.

Nunavummiut Makitagunarningit (Makita) Website Launch Makita was formed in November 2009 to encourage public debate on the wisdom of opening Nunavut to uranium mining

Anti-coal protesters arrested in White Rock, BC. About a dozen protesters, including one of Canada's leading energy-environment economists, were arrested Saturday after setting up a blockade on train tracks in White Rock, B.C., aimed at stopping U.S. coal trains from reaching local ports.


The World

Japan to Nationalize Fukushima Utility (TEPCO) TOKYO — Japan is set to nationalize Tokyo Electric Power, the operator of the ravaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, under a ¥1 trillion ($12.6 billion) bailout plan approved Wednesday. The government has separately committed ¥2.4 trillion in taxpayer money to meet compensation payments arising from the accident. But estimates of the payments that Tepco might have to pay out have reached many tens of billions of dollars, making further government support likely.

The Worst Yet to Come? Why Nuclear Experts Are Calling Fukushima a Ticking Time-Bomb The spent fuel in the hobbled unit 4 at Fukushima Daiichi not only sits in an elevated pool outside the reactor core's reinforced containment, in a high-consequence earthquake zone adjacent to the ocean -- just as nearly all the spent fuel at the nuclear site is stored -- but it's also open to the elements because a hydrogen explosion blew off the roof during the early days of the accident and sent the building into a list.

Should Japan's nuclear reactors stay offline?  CBC poll. Vote!

Japan shuts down last working nuclear reactor All 50 reactors now closed for maintenance after 2011 tsunami but government faces major public opposition to reactivation

Thousands march as Japan switches off last nuclear reactor

NYC Press Conference May 4th Japanese Nuclear Scientist and Japanese and US medical doctors to discuss current radiological health conditions and concerns in Japan after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor catastrophe.

The Nuclear Power Industry has Melted in Japan and France There are zero commercial reactors operating in Japan today. And France has replaced a vehemently pro-nuclear premier with the Socialist Francois Hollande, who will almost certainly build no new reactors

After The Media Has Gone: Fukushima, Suicide and the Legacy of 3.11

Germany: Fighting Climate Change And Phasing Out Nuclear Power Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Italian nuclear power firm boss wounded in Genoa shooting Roberto Adinolfi, chief executive of Ansaldo Nucleare, was shot in the leg outside his house by gunmen on a motorcycle

Anti-nuke activists resume hunger strike in India Update: Nearly 500 women from the coastal hamlets around KKNPP joined the fast with 24 activists who were observing the fast-unto-death stir since May 1.



Amory Lovins: A 50-year plan for energy  Wow... How to move into the future without nuclear or fossil fuels.

Conservative Think tanks Launch Campaign to Turn Americans Against Wind Energy Documents show for the first time that local anti-wind groups are co-ordinating and working with national fossil-fuel funded advocacy groups to wreck the wind industry.

Global Clean Energy Within Reach 2 min. video with Mark Jacobson


Act Now!

Order our new leaflet calling on the ON gov’t to halt their massive nuclear expansion plans – they’re free and contain postcards to Energy Minister Bentley asking him to favour lower-cost, safer and greener options. Distribute them to your friends and neighbours.

Send an email to ON Energy Minister Bentley and ask him to finish the coal phase-out in 2012 and invest in energy conservation rather than build or rebuild new nukes.

Please email Ontario’s Finance Minister Dwight Duncan and tell him that the electricity sector review must include a “value for money” analysis of future supply options



Powerful Investing – Renewable Energy Trade Show and Workshops Free. Saturday May 12, 1 - 5 p.m. Kitchener - Brought to you by CREW, Greening Sacred Spaces & REEP Green Solutions

Great Lakes Need Great Friends Tour The Great Lakes provide life and livelihood to more than 40 million people and are the economic centre at the heart of the continent. Yet the Great Lakes of North America are in serious trouble. Nuclear production, waste and transport, multipoint pollution, climate change, over-extraction, invasive species, and wetland loss are all taking their toll on the watershed. With Maude Barlow and more. Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: 15 – 30 – Toronto, Hamilton, Thunder Bay, Kingston, Sarnia, Township  of Tiny, Owen Sound and London.

Lower Energy Bills and a Strong Economy: A Six Point Plan to Move to a 100% Renewable Electricity Grid Jack Gibbons, Chair of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance, will talk about the organization's 6 point plan to Move towards a 100% Renewable Electricity Grid. Tues. May 22, 6 p.m. Sarnia, ON


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