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March 9, 2011


We have not experienced an energy transition in our lifetimes but we must move to the green energy of the 21st century - renewables and major increases in energy efficiency. Europe has over 800 offshore wind projects, the U.S. has none. We are being left behind. We need to accelerate the transition to green energy. – Robert Repetto, environmental economist


Socialism collapsed because it did not allow prices to tell the economic truth. Capitalism may collapse because it does not allow prices to tell the ecological truth. - Oystein Dahle, former Vice President of Exxon Norway

Please click here now to send McGuinty and Hudak a letter!

Tell them it’s time to cut up the nuclear credit card and get a firm hold on nuclear spending.  It is time to stop taxpayer-financed nuclear bailouts. 

For more information, please read our new factsheet, Ontario’s Stranded Nuclear Debt: A Cautionary Tale.

Demand that Ontario refuse permission for radioactive shipments on the Great Lakes.

Sign the petition.


Environmental groups commence legal proceedings against proposed shipment of radioactive waste through the Great Lakes


Nuclear waste gets recycled into goods

Improper disposal of equipment is allowing radioactive materials to contaminate metals for consumer items.


Groups urge feds to stall 'nuclear garbage' shipment; Eighty-three MPs sign petition

Ontario Hydro Charges

Hansard Report – Provincial Gov’t debate in the House on Mar. 3 about ON’s stranded nuclear debt


And here’s the discussion in the House, same day, about new nuclear projects.


There are lots of different numbers thrown around by the various parties. The actual pay downs of the provincial debt retirement fund can be found in OCAA’s report Ontario’s Stranded Nuclear Debt: 

Funding shortfall puts Chernobyl reactor shelter in jeopardy

As the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident quickly approaches, European agencies are warning there is a multi-million dollar funding shortfall to build a steel shelter over the stricken reactor.


Fears over new leak at Chernobyl spark plea for radiation shield

What Next for the WHO and IAEA? Chernobyl, 25 Years Later

A sniff test for Ontario’s green politicians

With elections in the air, green groups are seeing red in Ontario: They detect a more toxic political environment in the coming provincial campaign.

Previously, green was good. Coal was bad. Soot stank. Politicians eagerly harvested eco-votes. But the broad consensus that crossed party lines is evaporating, replaced by rival visions of green energy, eco-fees and the Greenbelt. Anti-environmentalism has energized much of the political opposition, placing the Liberals on the defensive.

Submission to the Darlington Hearings from Mouvement Vert Mauricie

Incredible submission opposing the proposed Darlington nuclear new-build. The first 4 pages are French, but the rest is in English. It’s a large doc, so many take some seconds to open, but well worth the wait!

OPG a little early with its April Fool’s day prank

Apparently, April Fool’s day has come early this year.  How else to explain the ads Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is running in today’s Globe and Mail and Toronto Star?  OPG is making the astounding claim that its last three major nuclear projects were completed “on budget”.  Here’s the truth:

Every nuclear project in Ontario’s history has gone massively over budget.  On average, the real costs of Ontario’s nuclear projects have exceeded their original cost estimates by 2.5 times.

Please contact Energy Minister Duguid (and cc me) and tell him that you don’t want OPG to use our money to pay for false advertising.  Enough is enough.  It is time to respect Ontario’s taxpayers.

Federal government to cut environmental spending

The Harper government is projecting some major cuts to several of its environmental initiatives, including climate change and clean air, over the next year, according to newly released federal estimates.


Harper guts environment funding

Harper government cuts to environment programs bad policy and bad for future generations


ACTION ALERT: Budget cuts to Environment Canada are unacceptable     

News agencies are reporting that the Harper government is planning a $222-million or 20% reduction in spending at Environment Canada. This includes a $141 million cut to climate change and clean air initiatives, as well as a $19.5-million cut to a federal action plan dealing with contaminated federal sites, and about $3-million in reductions for compliance promotion and enforcement for wildlife and pollution.

Meanwhile, in 2010 to 2011, Environment Canada’s program activities amount to just over one billion dollars while National Defence spending is over twenty billion. This is further evidence that the Harper government is out of step with the views of Canadians. According to recent Environics poll, seventy-one percent of Canadians strongly or somewhat agreed with the statement, "money spent on wars and the military would all be better spent on efforts that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the impacts of climate change.”

TAKE ACTION! Tell the Prime Minister, Environment Minister Peter Kent and the leaders of the opposition that you are opposed to this decision. Send them a letter here:

Foreseeing a sunny future for solar - The founder of Canadian Solar says boom in solar power 'inevitable'

Save ecoENERGY

Click on the link below to send a letter to the Prime Minister showing your support for the ecoENERGY Retrofit - Homes program.

greenprofit - Sustainable Solutions for Increasing your Bottom Line

March 20-21, Kingston, ON

Join Ontario innovators in business, industry, economic development, policy and research at the greenprofit Conference and Exhibition

Facing Off for Social Justice in a Militarized World

Conflict Zones, Human Rights and Health Care

Mar. 25/26, Ottawa, ON

Sponsored by Physicians for Global Survival

Agenda and registration: challenges Ontario's elected officials to come clean and give clear answers about where they stand on clean energy jobs, burning dirty coal, clean water and pesticides and the Greenbelt.

Tell our elected officials to come clean on what matters to you. Sign the petition

Save the Date: Wed. Mar. 30, 7:30 p.m.

No Nuclear Fools Day

Music and laughs with the Ontario Clean Air Alliance

Deets to follow…

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