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March 23, 2012 – Please pass this onto a friend!

Energizing the Drummond Report -  Ontario can reap multi-billion dollar electricity savings

Nuclear power too costly, Ontario Clean Air Alliance argues – Toronto Star - What’s the alternative? The alliance says other sources are much cheaper. The money saved could be spent on health, education or other provincial programs, the alliance argues in a new report.

No new nuclear power if it doesn't make fiscal sense: BentleyToronto Sun - But the financial pressure that caused Ontario to suspend the new build at Darlington has if anything, gotten worse in the past three years and electrical demand has fallen, opening a window for the province to dump its nuke plans and improve its ailing balance sheet. The Ontario Clean Air Alliance seized on that point Tuesday when it released a study showing Ontario could save billions by foregoing the project and ditching the 50% nuclear standard.

Green groups go to court to challenge Ontario's plans for new reactors

Bruce Power reactor leaks halts start up – 3 years late, $1 over budget, and now leaks

The end of baseload? It may come sooner than you think – Wow – the Germans are really doing it, going 100% renewable

The End of the Atomic Dream: One Year After Fukushima, the Shortfalls of Nuclear Energy Are Clearer Than Ever – Worldwatch Institute

Nuclear Risks at Bed, Bath & Beyond Show Dangers of Scrap radioactive metal - Going shopping? Don't forget your Geiger counter.

Safe and Green Energy Peterborough Issues Radioactive Health Alert

Tritium levels challenged - A local lobby group is taking aim at a Peterborough company regarding radioactive emission levels.

Tritium: Radioactive Health Alert at ON plant – 4 min. video

Germany Embarks on Historic Alternative Energy Push - As it phases out nuclear power in wake of public outcry, Germany to make largest investment since World War II

Gorbachev: Chernobyl Nuclear Accident Caused the Collapse of the USSR

Thousands of Anti-Nuclear Protesters Face Police in India, 200 Arrested

1,500 attend anti-nuclear rally and march in Vermont - 130 arrested in civil disobedience action at Entergy Vermont Yankee corporate headquarters

As Reactors Age, the Money to Close Them Lags The operators of 20 of the nation’s aging nuclear reactors, including some whose licenses expire soon, have not saved nearly enough money for prompt and proper dismantling. If it turns out that they must close, the owners intend to let them sit like industrial relics for 20 to 60 years or even longer while interest accrues in the reactors’ retirement accounts.

Pushing back on the nuclear path – Ontario after Fukushima



Finding an Energy Efficiency Strategy for Ontario - Thur. March 29, 7 p.m., Wolf Performance Hall, London Central Library. With Jack Gibbons, chair of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance

Knocking on Devil’s Door: Our Deadly Nuclear Legacy - documentary screening with Community Renewable Energy Waterloo - Thursday, March 29, 7, Princess Twin Cinema – King St. N., Waterloo   For more info: or e-mail

Nuclear Power on the Prairies - Webinar – Wed. April 4, noon EDT - a discussion of how nuclear power facilities are regulated in Canada and how Alberta and Saskatchewan laws may be applied to nuclear power proposals.

Getting Off Nuclear Power – Chili cook-off with speaker Paul McKay, Sat. March 24, 6:30 p.m. Maberly Hall, County Road 36, Maberly ON



Please contact Ontario’s Minister of Finance, Dwight Duncan  and ask him to protect health care and education by cutting wasteful nuclear spending.

Send an email to ON Energy Minister Bentley and ask him to finish the coal phase-out in 2012 and invest in energy conservation rather than build or rebuild new nukes.

Climate Change Cards for sale. 2 different sets of 8 cards/envelopes. $10 per set. Printed on FSC paper. Produced by Shirley Farlinger. Positive climate images/sayings on the front, blank inside. Order them from me while they last.

Drummond Drops the Ball Drummond misses the two biggest and easiest opportunities to lower our electricity bills and save taxpayers billions: cancel the coal subsidies, and cancel the high-cost nuclear re-investment plan. Send an email to Premier McGuinty here.

Protect the children of Fukushima against radiation exposure – Sign the AVAAZ petition


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