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March 2, 2011

The cost of this technology continues to escalate despite billions in subsidies to both existing and proposed plants. Instead of committing billions in new subsidies that would further distort the market in favor of nuclear power, we should focus on more cost-effective energy sources that will reduce carbon emissions more quickly and with less risk. – Ellen Vancko, manager of Union of Concerned Scientist’s Nuclear Energy and Climate Change Project

During my 8 years in the White House, every nuclear weapons proliferation issue we dealt with was connected to a nuclear reactor program. – Al Gore

Wind and solar energy are the new Niagara Falls. They can do a similar job of replacing polluting power from coal or nuclear plants to power a prosperous Ontario in the twentyfirst century. – Keith Stewart, Greenpeace

Ontario’s Stranded Nuclear Debt - Payment Required

It’s time to cut up the nuclear credit card and get a firm hold on nuclear spending.  It is time to stop taxpayer-financed nuclear bailouts.  Please contact Premier McGuinty and Opposition Leader Tim Hudak and tell them that you don’t want Ontario’s taxpayers to guarantee the repayments of OPG’s borrowings for its proposed Darlington Re-Build Project.

Click here to send them your letter now.

For more information, please read our new factsheet, Ontario’s Stranded Nuclear Debt: A Cautionary Tale.

After 50 Years, Nuclear Power is Still Not Viable without Subsidie

A report released by the Union of Concerned Scientists found that more than 30 subsidies have supported every stage of the nuclear fuel cycle, from uranium mining to long-term waste storage. Added together, these subsidies often have exceeded the average market price of the power produced.

Darlington Nuclear New Build Written Submission – from Lake Ontario Waterkeeper

OPG expresses a preference for once-through cooling, the most destructive cooling technology option available from an ecological perspective.

Ontario Greens call for affordable alternatives to new nuclear

MP proposes nuke-free Canadian Arctic

Yukon Member of Parliament Larry Bagnell has proposed a private member’s bill to make the Canadian Arctic a nuclear-weapon-free zone. Bill C-629, introduced on February 15th, would make it a criminal offense to “possess, manufacture, test, store, transport or deploy a nuclear weapon in the Canadian Arctic.”

Phase out subsidies to the fossil fuel industry

Please email the Prime Minister and your Member of Parliament to call on the federal government to use the 2011 budget as an opportunity to end special tax breaks for oil, coal and gas companies. Just click here to send your letter:

Province pushes lean energy - New projects focus on wind, solar; opposition targets cost increases

The McGuinty government forged ahead Thursday with a new slate of new green energy projects despite growing political controversy. Energy Minister Brad Duguid said 40 contracts have been offered for new renewable projects that will be built in the next one to three years. Thirty-five of the projects are solar, four are wind and the other is a small hydroelectric.

Windy Myths: Get the Facts

Support Wind Energy in Ontario – send a quick email

In response to a proposed wind farm near Wainfleet, Ontario, a member of the local council Alderman David Wyatt, moved a motion calling for a halt to the project. He’s even proposing a moratorium on wind farms for all of Ontario! Please take a moment and email the Wainfleet Town Council here:

California moves on 33 percent Renewable Portfolio Standard by 2020

The California Senate moved on Thursday to make California home to the toughest renewable energy standard in the nation, voting to require the state's utilities to get one-third of their energy from renewable sources by 2020.

Elected Officials Challenged: COME CLEAN!

Concerned about coal? Water? Green jobs? Ontario’s greenbelt? Then let your politicians know! Click here to send them a message, asking them to be clear on their positions.

Forming a Community Power Co-op: Webinar

Thursday March 10th, 10 - 11:30 a.m. EST

What are the benefits of forming a co-operative? What are the steps (and time frames) involved? What has been the experience of leaders in Ontario who are preparing community co-op share offerings? Join co-op development authority Russ Christiansen, TREC's SolarShare Project Lead Mike Brigham along with CEPP Program Managers Evan Ferrari and Laura Tozer as they answer these questions and more.
To register for this free event, send an email to:   Login instructions will be sent to registrants on Wednesday, March 9th, 2011.

Security Without Nuclear Deterrence

With Alyn Ware

Friday March 4, 7:30 pm.  
Rm B 142, Earth Sci Blg.5 Bancroft Ave & 33 Willcocks St. University of Toronto

Alyn Ware is prominent in the campaign for nuclear disarmament. He is Vice President of the International Peace Bureau and was the 2009 recipient of the Right Livelihood Award (the “Alternative Nobel Peace Prize).  If you cannot attend the evening event, you are welcome to attend Alyn's meeting with students at 2:00 pm on the same day, Friday, at the Trinity College dining room. 
The event is organized by Science for Peace:, 416-978-3606.

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