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March 20, 2013 – Please pass this onto a friend!

“Energy efficiency can save 44 percent of projected 2050 electricity needs through proven building and industrial technologies that pay back far faster than any new source of supply. Wasting far less energy and getting the rest at lower and stable prices would powerfully boost jobs and growth.”’ – Amory Lovins

The World

Inside Fukushima's abandoned towns, two years on – in pictures Amid growing dissatisfaction with the slow pace of recovery, Japan marks the second anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that left nearly 19,000 people dead or missing and has displaced more than 300,000. Towns in the surrounding area remain abandoned, even those outside the nuclear disaster exclusion zone, too contaminated by radiation for residents to return for more than short visits

Fukushima Toxic Waste Swells as Japan Marks March 11 Disaster The cleanup may take more than 4 decades

Fukushima costs still mounting “The laws in Canada and Japan are designed to protect the nuclear companies, not the people living near their reactors,” Stensil said.

Fukushima two years later: Who should pay for nuclear disasters?

Fukushima isn’t Chernobyl? Don't Be So Sure

Fukushima: 2 years after 1 hour video of interviews with some of the best speakers at the Fukushima Consequences international conference held last week at the New York Academy of Sciences

Disposable laborers and migrant workers of the Nuclear Military/Industrial Nexus  They are called Nuclear Nomads, Glow Boys, Radium Girls, Atomic Gypsies, Gamma Sponges, Liquidators, Luminizers, Jumpers, and Bio-Robots.

Iraq's depleted uranium clean-up to cost $30m as contamination spreads Report says toxic nuclear waste is being spread by scrap metal dealers, and describes its 'alarming' use in civilian areas during Iraq wars

PQ Government to impose moratorium on uranium mining

AECL review forces federal nuclear liability to increase by $2.4 billion Surprise! “The main reason for the liability adjustment is an increase in the indirect costs attributed to the decommissioning and waste management over the period of up to 70 years of the program,” the AECL statement explains


Stop the Radioactive Roadtrip One day soon, people in Ontario may spot an armed convoy passing through their town. Heavily armed guards will be protecting trucks carrying thousands of litres of radioactive waste containing highly enriched (weapons-grade) uranium in a toxic mixture of acid and countless other radioactive isotopes. It will be the most dangerous transport of nuclear waste ever attempted in Canada. Sign the petition to oppose the planned trucking of 23,000 litres of extremely radioactive liquid waste from Ontario to South Carolina.

The troubles with nuclear power by Jack Gibbons  

Green Party of Ontario statement on the Darlington rebuild, and presentation at the CNSC hearings


Renewables and Conservation

Visions of a Sustainable, Pollution-Free New York by 2030 100% renewable New York City by 2030. “Converting to wind, water and sunlight is feasible, will stabilise costs of energy and will produce jobs while reducing health and climate damage,” said Jacobson. This is not a fantasy. It is a perfectly doable goal.
Nuclear Industry Withers in U.S. as Wind Pummels Prices
How the power of suggestion generates wind farm symptoms
 ''Wind turbine sickness'' is far more prevalent in communities where anti-wind farm lobbyists have been active and appears to be a psychological phenomenon caused by the suggestion that turbines make people sick, a study has found.
saveONenergy This site will help you learn about Ontario’s conservation programs, and the benefits you can achieve by taking advantage of the energy-saving measures and incentives offered.

Take Action!

Tell Premier Wynne that Ontario's energy plans need a rapid rethink! You can send a letter here.
The NDP are asking voters for your input. Please send them a message encouraging them to take leadership in opposition to new nuclear spending. There are many cheaper, cleaner and greener options to meeting all our electricity needs, yet Andrea remains silent on the Darlington rebuild. Ask her to speak up and make her support for the next budget conditional on ending the nuclear boondoggles.
Eliminate the Nuclear Liability Act Sign the petition demanding that our federal gov't hold the nuclear industry accountable by removing the cap on liability for both operators and suppliers.
Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump Please add your voice to the growing list of people opposing OPG’s plan to bury nuclear waste on the shores of Lake Huron.
Stop the plan to release radioactive metal into recycled products and landfills Sign the petition. Say no to radioactive waste being dumped into our consumer products. What madness!

What Toronto Really Needs Click here to send a quick email to the City of Toronto Councillors on the Toronto Hydro board: we need a modern, efficient electricity system for a modern city, not a plan from the 1950s! Thank you!

Sign the Petition asking the CNSC to review GE-Hitachi’s operating license at the uranium processing facility in Toronto. Please print it out (landscape) and get your friends/neighbours to sign on. 


4th Revolution: Energy Autonomy screening Wed. Mar. 27, 7 p.m. in Kitchener-Waterloo

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