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March 14, 2011


The question now is whether the industry can be trusted anywhere. If this industry were a company, its shareholders would have deserted it years ago. In just one generation it has killed, wounded or blighted the lives of many millions of people and laid waste to millions of square miles of land. In that time it has been subsidised to the tune of trillions of dollars and it will cost hundreds of billions more to clean up and store the messes it has caused and the waste it has created. It has had three catastrophic failures now in 25 years and dozens more close shaves. Its workings have been marked around the world by mendacity, cover-ups, secrecy and financial incompetence. – John Vidal

Today's Question – CTV News – Is nuclear power worth the risk?

As of now, 53% yes, 47% no. Vote now!

Japan’s Nuclear Crisis

For the best updates check out:

Nuclear meltdown at Fukushima plant highly likely

Last night, Japan's chief government spokesman Yukio Edano said night that a meltdown was "highly likely" at three of the plant's nuclear reactors on the country's shattered northeastern coast, the Kyodo news agency reported.

Uranium shares fall as Japan battles meltdown

Behind the Hydrogen Explosion at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant

What will spark the next Fukushima? - An untrustworthy nuclear industry, incompetently regulated, is leading the world into greater and greater danger

Gordon Edwards of the CCNR speaks about health implications – 5 min. video

Youth Against New Darlington Nuclear Plant

Calling all youth (under 20)! Sign the petition against new nuclear reactors proposed for Darlington – and send it to your friends on facebook! The petition will be delivered to the Darlington Joint Panel by a delegation of youth on Friday, April 8.

This spring, a panel of three adults will decide whether to approve the construction of a new nuclear power plant at Darlington, Ontario, Canada (70 km east of Toronto).


•           Nuclear power plants are dangerous – thousands died from the 1986 Chernobyl accident
•           Nuclear plants emit harmful radiation into air and water
•           Nuclear plants cost tens of billions of dollars
•           Nuclear plants produce waste that is hazardous for thousands of years
•           Ontario can meet its electricity needs through renewable energy and conservation.

Youth have not been consulted about this decision. Adults have no right to put our future at risk!

Sign the petition:

The true cost of nuclear in Ontario

The Ontario Liberal Government has committed up to $35 billion to expand the aging fleet of nuclear reactors at the Darlington Nuclear Station… A loose-knit group of Trent students and Peterborough residents is attempting to intervene in the expansion plan by making oral presentations to a Joint Review Panel, which has been charged with conducting a public consultation.

Former Peterborough resident Paul McKay's new and strategically released book, Atomic Accomplice: How Canada Deals in Deadly Deceit, documents how federal and provincial governments have secretly and not so secretly manipulated the energy marketplace by price-fixing, subsidies, and cost-overruns.

If the cost of rebuilding the aged reactors at the Darlington Nuclear Station is factored in, the Ontario Clean Air Alliance has suggested the actual cost of the energy will be from 19 to 37 cents per kilowatt-hour. They have aggressively mounted a "Stop a $35 Billion Nuclear Handout" campaign, claiming "every nuclear project in Ontario's history has gone massively over budget." In what may amount to a massive transfer of wealth from tax payers to the industries and corporations that use the energy at a greater rate, taxpayers will be on the hook to potentially cover 2.5 times Ontario Power Generation's (OPG) estimates, not including the $1.8 billion per year on the taxpayers in debt retirement charges for previous cost overruns.

Nuclear "Spin" at OPG

At what point does corporate “spin” become unethical?
As part of its PR efforts, OPG last week took out ads in major Ontario newspapers.
The OCAA denounced OPG’s advertisement with a press release of their own, branding the OPG ad as “false advertising” and an early “April Fool’s prank”.

Legal action taken over radioactive waste being shipped through Great Lakes

Groups urge feds to stall 'nuclear garbage' shipment - Eighty-three MPs sign petition

Darlington Nuclear new build discussed in Legislature  

NDP MPP Peter Tabuns: OPG is trying to convince Ontarians that it can build, or rebuild, a nuclear reactor on budget by trying to rewrite Ontario’s history of nuclear delays and cost overruns. The Minister of Energy is responsible for advising and directing this government-owned corporation. Will the minister demand that OPG pull these ads and promise Ontarians that they—Ontarians—won’t pay for the inevitable cost overruns of the Darlington rebuild?

Please contact Energy Minister Duguid (and cc me) and tell him that you don’t want OPG to use our money to pay for false advertising. Enough is enough. It is time to respect Ontario’s taxpayers. For more info:

Ontario’s Green Energy Debate: Three Points to Consider

The Ontario government’s surprise decision to place a moratorium on offshore wind power development has again put the spotlight on the province’s Green Energy Act and the McGuinty government’s overall approach to electricity issues. While the 2009 legislation is not without its flaws, the debate about the role of renewable energy in the province’s future seems to have lost track of three essential points.

Renewable Energy Training Courses

Offered by the Kortright Centre (just north of Toronto in the city of Woodbridge)

More wind than science in turbine debate

If we’re going to stop wind development until more research can be done, then we should first stop nuclear until we know more about the health risks from shipping radioactive waste up the St. Lawrence seaway. We know nukes are dangerous. We have no hard evidence anywhere that wind actually causes health problems, and 30-plus years of research that shows otherwise.

Carbon Reduction Policies Can be Good for the Economy

Stand up for Solar

Send a letter to your MPP and more here:

Facing Off for Social Justice in a Militarized World

Conflict Zones, Human Rights and Health Care

Mar. 25/26, Ottawa, ON
Sponsored by Physicians for Global Survival
Agenda and registration:

It’s time to cut up the nuclear credit card and get a firm hold on nuclear spending.  It is time to stop taxpayer-financed nuclear bailouts.  Please contact Premier McGuinty and Opposition Leader Tim Hudak and tell them that you don’t want Ontario’s taxpayers to guarantee the repayments of OPG’s borrowings for its proposed Darlington Re-Build Project. Click here to send them your letter now.

And order FREE leaflets/postcards opposing the Darlington Nuclear Newbuild:

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