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March 10, 2012 – Please pass this onto a friend!

Nobel Award-winning biologist Dr. George Wald once said of nuclear power: “If you were to read in the newspapers tomorrow that astronomers had a shocking piece of information for us, they had just found another star is going to collide with the sun and that would be curtains, we’d have eight months more to go and, finished—why—heavens above! You would put on your best clothes and go dancing in the streets—that’s cosmic, that’s fate. You could go out with dignity.” But to die as a result of nuclear power, he said, “is so trivial, it’s so ghastly ignoble as to be, I think, intolerable, altogether unacceptable.” And he called for “the closing down of all nuclear power plants tomorrow.”

Fukushima – what have we learned, and where do we go from here? Nuclear accidents happen – OCAA.

Fukushima, One Year Later - Nuclear Power and the Big Lie

Editorial: Time to say goodbye to nuclear power - The illusion of nuclear power safety has been torn out by the root… The Fukushima crisis has also exposed the dangers of spent nuclear fuel pools.

Fukushima Residents Live With Fear Of Radiation "The government spokesman keeps saying there are no IMMEDIATE health effects," the 48-year-old nursery school worker says. "He's not talking about 10 years or 20 years later. He must think the people of Fukushima are fools. It's not really OK to live here," she says. "But we live here."

Japan cleans up radiation zone, unsure of success

Mothers of Fukushima against nuclear power CBC radio documentary. Japanese mothers are rising up against nuclear power because they don't trust the government to keep their children safe.

Fukushima residents report various illnesses 3 minute news clip

Cancer Fears and Depression Plague Japanese Refugees

Greenpeace on the lessons learned from Fukushima disaster

Journey to the Disaster Zone: Japan 311 Fantastic documentary with David Suzuki and the Nature of Things on the Fukushima nuclear disaster, one year later

Dramatic fall in new nuclear power stations after Fukushima

Fukushima’s Hot Zone Cleanup: A Journey Into Uncharted Territory - 8 min. audio documentary with transcript

And the winner is... SNC, which leaves Ontario consumers and taxpayers the losers  The McGuinty Government just threw away $600 million to begin planning to rebuild Darlington, at a time when it’s also cutting back on funding for health and education. Please send Ontario’s Energy Minister a letter just by clicking here. He needs to hear from you that you support lower cost, safer and less risky electricity sources. Together we can stop this project from moving forward.

SNC-Lavalin probes $35 million in undocumented payments

Proposed class action suit filed against SNC

Ontario nuclear project’s multi-billion dollar question goes unanswered By carving the job into slices, the province risks spending billions before the final cost becomes clear. At that stage, it may have spent too much to back out.

Bid adieu to Gentilly - Refitting the QC nuclear plant would at best be a make-work project so it makes sense to talk about getting this white elephant out of the room... Decommissioning the Gentilly 2 nuclear plant would provide years of work, at a cost $1.6 billion, and would end any danger of a deadly accident at the 30-year-old reactor.

Activists occupy the office of QC Premier Jean Charest for the closure of Gentilly-2 - Following the results of a new poll showing that a majority of Quebecers want the closure of the only nuclear power plant in Quebec, Greenpeace activists occupy the office of Premier Jean Charest to ask him to listen to its people and close Gentilly-2.

NIMBY: Nukes in my back yard Fantastic film documentary produced by APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network) about the lure of $$ to bribe small communities across Canada to take Canada’s most toxic waste - forever

Poll: Do you think Port Hope suffers a stigma because of its radioactive waste cleanup? Please take 15 seconds to cast your vote. The Canadian government refuses to compensate Port Hope residents for their loss of property value during the largest cleanup of radioactive waste in Canadian history. The government claims Port Hope suffers no stigma. A few seconds of your time can help us out.

TV ads featuring asthmatic kids – very powerful ads opposing coal plant construction

Efficiency Standards Save More Than $1.1 Trillion Study Finds Typical Household Will Save $10,000 from 2010-25; Enormous National Energy and Water Savings Gained


Shadowlands: From Chernobyl to Fukushima – photo exhibit, Mar. 7 – 18, 918 Bathurst, Toronto – Opening night Mar. 7, 7 – 10 p.m.

Solidarity walk for Fukushima victims – Ottawa, March 11. Gather at 11 am in front of the Museum of Nature, to City Hall, Parliament Hill and finally the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Nuke Night - Double Feature To commemorate the 1-year anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe, join us for a double-feature film night: From Chernobyl to Fukushima: A Campaigners Journey and The 4th Revolution: Energy Autonomy  plus speakers. Fri. March 16, 7 p.m.

Friends House, 60 Lowther Ave. (St. George subway)

From Fukushima to Toronto: A Town Hall Sun. Mar. 18, 1 – 5 p.m., Toronto – Workshops, panels, discussions on the Fukushima nuclear disaster, why it matters in Ontario, and how Torontonians can stop nuclear expansion and build a 100% renewable Ontario. Speakers from Ontario Clean Air Alliance, Greenpeace, Lake ON Waterkeepers, Canadian Environmental Law Assoc., Ontario Sustainable Energy Assoc.

Act Now!

Send an email to ON Energy Minister Bentleyand ask him to finish the coal phase-out in 2012 and invest in energy conservation rather than build or rebuild new nukes.

Climate Change Cards for sale. 2 different sets of 8 cards/envelopes. $10 per set. Printed on FSC paper. Produced by Shirley Farlinger. Positive climate images/sayings on the front, blank inside. Order them from me while they last.

Drummond Drops the Ball Drummond misses the two biggest and easiest opportunities to lower our electricity bills and save taxpayers billions: cancel the coal subsidies, and cancel the high-cost nuclear re-investment plan. Send an email to Premier McGuinty here.


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