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June 9, 2015 - Pass this onto a friend!

Join me at the Toronto Reference Library (Yonge and Bloor) for a discussion on ON's electricity future - nuclear or renewables? Wed. June 10, 6 p.m. - Angela, OCAA

The World

Niagara Region committee opposes liquid nuke transport The motion which was supported unanimously urged the governments of Canada and the U.S. to stop any delivery of high-level radioactive liquid waste from Chalk River Laboratories, ON to the Savannah River site, pending full public consultations, and “recognizing that such waste can be, has been and should be solidified so that it is far less accessible to (living things).”

Ionizing Radiation Basics by the Physicians for Social Responsibility

Building New Nukes Would Make Global Warming Worse 28 min. video with Arnie Gunderson

Thorium by Helen Caldicott. No wonder the U.S. nuclear industry gave up on thorium reactors in the 1980s. This was an unmitigated disaster, as are many other nuclear enterprises undertaken by the nuclear priesthood and the U.S. government. And here are two pieces about Thorium written by Gordon Edwards of CCNR.



An Ontario-Quebec water power pact would have a win-win outcome Jeff Rubin, author of recently published The Carbon Bubble, on Premier Wynne’s recent pursuit of Quebec’s surplus hydro power: “What matters to households and businesses is the cost of power, not its province of origin. Ontario has already wasted billions on natural gas-fired power plants that were never built and could potentially squander billions more refurbishing aging nuclear stations in a bid to prop up the province’s atomic industry.”

Decision on Lake Huron nuclear waste facility delayed until after election
Federal Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq has delayed until after the fall election a controversial decision on whether to approve a proposed nuclear-waste facility on the shores of Lake Huron – an issue that has bitterly divided communities in the region.

Nuclear Waste: Mich. lawmakers irate over Canada's proposed burial site near Lake Huron

Five year licence for Bruce reactors is a bad idea The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) has given Bruce Power a single five year licence for all eight reactors at the Bruce nuclear station for the first time, in spite of the significant safety issues raised during public hearings last month. “This is clearly a rushed rubberstamping of Bruce Power’s license application. The Commission hasn’t even provided reasons for its decision despite the significant safety risks raised by the public,” said Shawn-Patrick Stensil of Greenpeace. [The Bruce Nuclear station, on the shore of Lake Huron, is the largest nuclear station in the world. Several of the 8 reactors have come to the end of their design life but have now been granted an extension with no need to upgrade, a license to print money. The older a nuclear plant gets, the greater the risk of malfunction.] 


Renewables and Conservation

Alberta Renewables Shift Seen as Premier Looks to Ontario The shift includes phasing out coal plants and offering subsidies for solar and wind.

Ontario: Canada's Energy Transition Success Story When you look at Ontario's greenhouse gas reductions you can pin it to one thing: Shutting down coal-fired power plants and transitioning to renewables and lower carbon electricity generation. [Nuclear power is the province's single biggest contributor to rising electricity costs according to the Ontario Energy Board.]

Senate Passes California Climate Leadership Bills Calls for 50% reduction in petroleum use, 50% greater energy efficiency in buildings, and 50% of California’s electricity supply to be derived from renewable sources – all by 2030.

Canadian doctors have a plan to save Gazan lives: Solar power EmpowerGAZA is an organization that aims to provide reliable solar power to hospitals.

Power Prices Plunge as Nordics Exceed Renewable Energy Target Sweden and Norway are on track to exceed their 2020 target for renewable energy generation, with more than 60% of the needed capacity already built and another 200 onshore wind parks in development. At the same time, Norway divests $8 bill. from coal.


Take Action!

Nuclear Waste Repository Decision Delayed Residents now have until Sept. 1 to offer their input into Ontario Power Generation’s proposed nuclear waste repository on the shore of Lake Huron. You can comment here.

Open Letter to Premiers Couillard and Wynne  Please click here to send a letter to Premiers Wynne and Couillard asking them to sign a long-term electricity cooperation agreement to save both provinces $14 billion while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. There is no need for ON to rebuild the 4 Darlington nuclear reactors at high public cost and risk while QC has enough excess water power to replace all of Darlington at a fraction of the cost. .

Sign the Declaration of the World Uranium Symposium, Quebec 2015  Individuals and groups encouraged to sign

Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump Please sign the petition to oppose OPG’s plans to bury their nuclear waste on the shore of Lake Huron. And urge your elected officials to pass a resolution to oppose the nuclear dump on the Great Lake Huron. There are already 155 jurisdictions representing over 21 million people that have done so. Find out more here.



Greener Electricity Generation – With Angela Bischoff, OCAA Wed. June 10, 6 - 7:30 p.m. Toronto Reference Library (Yonge and Bloor). Ontario is at a crossroads - our aging nuclear power fleet needs to either be replaced or rebuilt. We're about to rebuild 10 reactors on the shores of Lake Huron and Lake Ontario, locking us into nuclear for decades and costing tax payers more than $100 billion. Are there safer, greener and lower cost alternatives to meeting all of Ontario's electricity needs? How could we move on to a 100% renewable future? Free.

Nuclear Precipice: Ukraine, Russia, and patterns of U.S. Hegemony Fri. June 12, Beit Zatoun, Toronto. Can the Ukraine situation lead to a Russia/US confrontation involving nuclear weapons? According to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, the world is again at a precipice with threats of nuclear war and climate disaster.

WiRE Meet-up (Women in Renewable Energy) Wed. June 17, 5:30 - 7 pm, Imperial Pub, 54 Dundas St East, Toronto. With Annie Chow. Her research focuses on the modeling of solar energy potential in urban communities, and its potential impact on the electricity grid. Free.

School’s Out Party Fundraiser Wed. June 24, Toronto. Join Toronto Renewable Energy Coop Education for their 3rd annual fundraiser in support of renewable energy education. Networking, food, drinks and comedy.

DGR Underground Nuclear Waste Storage Community Meeting Fri. June 26, 6 – 8 p.m, 1987 Hwy 21, Kincardine Airport Terminal

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