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June 29, 2011


The phrase "spent fuel" is one of those misleading terms that the nuclear industry is so fond of.  The "spent fuel" is millions of times more radioactive than fresh fuel.  When first removed from the reactor, a single spent fuel assembly can deliver a lethal dose of radiation in just a few seconds to any unshielded person within a metre or two.  In addition, each spent fuel assembly contains hundreds of different radioactive poisons which do not exist in the fresh fuel, but were created as unwanted byproducts inside the nuclear reactor.  - Gordon Edwards, CCNR

It’s welcome news that engineering giant SNC Lavalin is prepared to take Atomic Energy of Canada off the federal government’s hands, and out of federal taxpayers’ pockets (Sale Puts Ottawa Out Of Nuclear Business – June 28). It is critical that we put all future electricity projects on a level playing field and stop the practice of allowing nuclear companies to pass their cost overruns on to taxpayers. Cheaper and safer alternatives must be given full consideration before we proceed with sinking billions more dollars into unreliable and high-cost nuclear energy. - Angela Bischoff, OCAA, Globe and Mail, June 29

Strong global opposition towards nuclear power

New research by Ipsos MORI shows that three in five global citizens (62%) oppose the use of nuclear energy – a quarter (26%) of those have been influenced by the recent nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan.  The latest  Ipsos survey shows that support for nuclear energy is far below that for solar power (97%), wind power (93%), hydroelectric power (91%) and natural gas (80%) as a source of electricity.


62% of Citizens across world oppose nuclear power, poll finds


Global support for nuclear energy drops after Fukushima

Ottawa to sell Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. to SNC-Lavalin

Click here to send a letter to Premier Dalton McGuinty and Conservative Leader Tim Hudak

Ask them for assurances that SNC Lavalin – or any other nuclear provider – not be allowed to pass its cost overruns onto taxpayers and ratepayers.  It’s your money – make your voice heard now before new nuclear contracts are signed.

Fukushima: The Crisis is Not Over


Japan’s Richest Man Takes on Atomic Future With Solar Plans


‘Safety Myth’ Left Japan Ripe for Nuclear Crisis


Fukushima residents' urine now radioactive

US nuke regulators weaken safety rules

Federal regulators have been working closely with the nuclear power industry to keep the nation's aging reactors operating within safety standards by repeatedly weakening those standards, or simply failing to enforce them, an investigation by The Associated Press has found.


A 13 minute, 60-Minutes video report on Fukushima and Chernobyl

Nuclear Power and Women

Decisions on nuclear power, nuclear weapons, nuclear wastes are almost exclusively made by men.Yet the brunt of nuclear-caused cancer is suffered by women and children, as is the brunt of nuclear war, and of depleted uranium spread.

Radioactive tritium leaks found at 48 US nuke sites

'You got pipes that have been buried underground for 30 or 40 years, and they've never been inspected,' whistleblower says


Tritium on Tap


Tritium Awareness Project

Point Lepreau receives failing grade

The Point Lepreau nuclear reactor will not be allowed to return to service until it has corrected shortcomings in emergency management and fire protection, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission says in its latest report.

Council of Canadians opposes nuclear waste dump on Lake Huron, Bruce Power site

Embrace the green future

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak, in particular, needs to join us in the present and in preparing for the future, instead of wanting to take Ontario backward by killing innovation in clean energy. He says that investing in clean energy is too expensive, but doesn’t admit that the alternatives are even more so. Our generation is still paying for billions in cost overruns for nuclear plants that the politicians of our grandparents’ time built.

Extreme Weather and the Climate Crisis

A series of 12 photos, each with a description, in Rolling Stone


Climate of Denial

by Al Gore. Rolling Stone


Cuts to Env. Can. budgets have wider economic impact: E.May

South Kent Wind farm will add 125 turbines to the mix

During the construction phase, which is expected to begin next year, he said up to 300 construction jobs would be created by the project, along with 21 permanent jobs. O'Brien said apart from the jobs the wind turbine will create, it will stimulate the local economy in other ways as well, through the purchase of locally-sourced goods and materials and through the estimated $800,000 in tax revenue it will generate for the municipality each year. And, by replacing coal-fired electrical generation with wind power, O'Brien said the wind farm will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to those created by 160,000 vehicles every year.

Samsung hasn't received 'one cent from Ontario'

You’d think, the way it has been framed, that Samsung stands to get $7 billion from the deal, but in fact it’s the other way around – the agreement requires that a Samsung-led consortium deliver $7 billion in investment to Ontario.

Germany to Substantially Increase Geothermal Feed-in Tariffs

Germany wants to do for geothermal energy what it has done for wind, solar photovoltaics, and biogas by raising its payment for geothermally-generated electricity in 2012.

You wouldn’t purchase a car from 1915. So why invest in power from 1882? is an independent, youth-led advocacy organization that helps Canadians of all generations participate in their democracy.

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