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If you think the work of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance is super exceptional – we're behind ON's coal phase-out after all, and now we're taking on the nuclear industry in ON – please vote for us in NOW's Best of Toronto here. And if you think Angela (that’s me!) is a kick-ass enviro, please vote for her here. Thank you!

The World

Nuclear Decommissioning Surge Is Investor Guessing Game The global utility industry faces its biggest test to prove enough money was saved for shutdowns, having undergone numerous cost-overruns building atomic plants.

Japan finds highly toxic strontium in Fukushima groundwater Here’s another. Here’s Gordon’s blog and here’s another.

Level of radioactive tritium rising in port at Fukushima nuclear plant Tritium has easy access to all living things and goes to all parts of the body once it is inhaled, ingested or absorbed through the skin. Like all radioactive materials, it is a carcinogen (able to cause cancers that will develop some years after exposure), a mutagen (creating damaged genes that can be passed on to children and grandchildren) and a teratogen (able to cause birth defects in unborn babies).

UK's nuclear clean-up programme to cost billions more than expected

Legal action seeks to annul uranium ‘collaboration agreement’ in Pinehouse, Northern Saskatchewan, “What happened here in Pinehouse is a reflection of what is happening throughout Canada,” adds Pinehouse resident and plaintiff Jon Smerek. “Industry development has become the train rushing by, leaving us powerless on the sidelines.”

A dangerous nun Liz Rice, an elderly Catholic nun, has been condemned to prison for what will be the rest of her life for anti-nuclear weapons activism.



CNSC Extends Operating Licences for Pickering A and B Nuclear Generating Stations 2 months to consider all the information 

CELA Commends CNSC for taking time to make its decision on Pickering

Future of Pickering nuclear plant a hot topic in Durham Region
 “I think they should close it because it’s the end of its design life,” she said. “That’s what the engineers back then designed it for and I think the risk is too great because of the dense population.”


Renewables and Conservation

Energy efficient homes in UK worth up to 38% more money

Renewable Energy Employing 5.7 Million The majority of employment remains focused in countries such as Brazil, China, India, some EU member states and the USA. Bangladesh, where selling, installing and maintaining small solar panels in rural areas directly employs up to 70,000 people employs an additional 80,000 indirectly.

Doctors urge province to ramp-up renewable energy Solar and wind generation do not contribute to climate change, respiratory illness, brain damage or cancer

AT&T saves $151 million with energy efficiency measures since 2010 and nearly 1.3 billion kilowatt hours (kWh), equivalent to the electricity use of 136,340 homes in one year.

Harper government welcomes NDP report recommending energy-saving targets in buildings

Ontario cuts $3.7B from Samsung green energy deal


Take Action!

Phase-out Pickering Nuclear Station and save $850 million per year Tell the Premier that we must avoid another electricity expenditure fiasco – don’t waste our hard-earned money rebuilding this aging and outdated facility! Click here

Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is seeking approval to build a nuclear waste dump 1 km from the shores of Lake Huron. This dump puts at risk the fresh water of the GREAT LAKES, relied upon by 40 million people in two countries. Tell Minister Kent and the Canadian federal government to stand up for the protection of the Great Lakes. Sign the petition.

Tell U.S. & S. African governments: end radioactive "recycling" U.S. nuclear weapons waste could end up in your zipper, belt buckle or frying pan if the Department of Energy lifts its bans on release of metal from radioactive areas. South African nuclear weapons waste could end up in your earrings, forks or baby toys if three radioactive metal smelters are given licenses by the South African government.

Demand lower human-made radiation in food The US limit for carcinogenic radioactive cesium is 1200 Bq/kg in food. Japan, which is still suffering a triple meltdown, has a limit of 100 Bq/kg. Both of these limits are way too high to protect our children. We are asking that the limit be reduced to 5 Bq/kg for all food, nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals. Sign the petition.



School’s Out! Toronto Renewable Energy Cooperative’s Fundraiser featuring Jeff Rubin. Wed. June 26 at the Steam Whistle Brewery, Toronto
Walk the Talk: A Peaceful Protest Walk Save our Saugeen Shores – say no to a nuclear dump on Lake Huron. Sat. June 29, 11 a.m.

Nuclear Waste Burial Plan – Pre-Hearing Workshop Thur. July 4, 7 p.m. Metro Hall Rm #302, Toronto

Active Hope - How to face the nuclear and climate mess we're in without going crazy Workshop Mon. July 8, Toronto

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