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June 10, 2016

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Scientists Warn of Risk from High Level Nuclear Fuel Waste Stored in Reactor Pools The U.S. National Academy of Science released a report warning that high level waste stored in pools at reactor sites may not be as safe as regulators and industry have claimed. Citing a study by the NRC, a leak in a fuel pool could cause a cataclysmic release of long-lasting radiation, forcing the extended evacuation of nearly 3.5 million people as well as thousands of cancer deaths from excess radiation exposure, and as much as $700 B in costs to the national economy.

The Fukushima nuclear disaster is ongoing Five years after the triple meltdown in Japan, cleanup of radioactive contamination is ongoing and a formerly vibrant farming region lays largely fallow.

2 Nuclear Plant Closures Point To Wider Challenges Facing US Nuclear Sector US Nuclear utilities are increasingly struggling to keep the aging, hulking power plants in operation.

Decline of US nuclear industry is accelerating The nuclear industry is begging for evermore handouts because of market competition with renewables and natural gas



Decommission Pickering and invest in renewable energy Critics of Ontario’s plan to extend the life of the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station say the plant should be laid to rest. 7 succinct letters to the editor. And read our Decommission Pickering report here.

OPG asks for 69% rate increase for nuclear power Turns out it’s not so cheap as their ads tell us it is. OPG's application shows it wants 9 cents a kilowatt hour for the power produced from Darlington, which is more expensive than the 8.6 cents a kwh it pays for wind power. "Why are we putting our children at risk of a nuclear accident when there are lower-cost lower-risk options?" Jack Gibbons, OCAA

Close Pickering – Blog by Durham Nuclear Association Lots of good info and links here.

NDP Calls for Conservation Not Nuclear Rebuilds to Reduce Electricity Bills

It’s Time for Action on OPG’s Nuclear Waste Burial Plan
Here’s an update on where the plan stands to bury nuclear waste along the shore of Lake Huron


Renewables and Conservation

Renewable energy surges to record levels around the world For the first time, emerging economies spent more than the rich on renewable power and fuels. Investment in renewables reached $286 B worldwide in 2015.

Investment in renewable energy exploding — but not in Canada

New Record Set for World's Cheapest Solar, Now Undercutting Coal

This is Geothermal
4 min. video. Canada is the only country on the Pacific Ring of Fire that doesn't use geothermal energy on a commercial scale.
Solar, Wind are Mission-Ready for Remote Communities Tapping local renewable energy could slash the amount of expensive imported diesel used to generate electricity in remote northern Canadian communities by up to half. 

OCAA on Ontario’s New Climate PlanON Clean Air Alliance says one important piece is missing: it says nothing about improving our electricity system interconnections with Quebec. “By upgrading Hydro One’s transmission system and by building a new intertie with Quebec, near Cornwall, Ontario could dramatically reduce its electricity-related greenhouse gas emissions by importing water power from its next door neighbor.”


Take Action!

Close the old and dangerous Pickering Nuclear Station – Please Sign the Petition to Close Pickering when its license expires in 2018 rather than extend its life 'till 2028 which is OPG's hope.

Cameco – Pay your Taxes We want Cameco (a global uranium corporation headquartered in Saskatchewan) to pay up the over $2.1 B that it owes the people of Canada. Petition.

Please send Premier Wynne a message asking her to order OPG to develop an immediate decommissioning plan for Pickering and to close this dinosaur by 2018 (when its license expires) at the latest.

Let's build stronger ties between Ontario and Quebec Send your letter asking Federal Ministers Morneau and Sohi to support electricity transmission system upgrades that will permit increased electricity trade between Ontario and Quebec.

Download your anti-thyroid cancer posters here to post in your office, school, or local cafe. And order your free KI (anti-thyroid-cancer) pills here if you live within 50 km of an ON nuclear facility - that includes all of Toronto and beyond.



Crafting Canada’s Clean Economy Webinar, June 22, 2 p.m. Eastern. An inside look at the latest clean energy data, and a fresh take on what Canada needs to do now to build a thriving clean economy.

World Social Forum Aug. 9-14, Montreal. There will be a nuclear stream of workshops. Register now.

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