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July 8, 2011


Fukushima radiation fears: children near nuclear plant to be given radiation monitors

Dosimeters to be given to 34,000 children in city 45 miles from Tepco plant after high radiation readings        


Highly Radioactive Soil Outside the Evacuation Zone in Japan Raises Alarm

Soil radiation 40 miles from Japan's stricken nuclear plant is above levels that prompted resettlement after the Chernobyl disaster.

Canadian Nuclear Association survey

Decline in support for nuclear

Supporters of nuclear are rich men

As Obama Quietly Pushes for a Nuclear Weapons Renaissance, Wildfire Threatens Los Alamos Nuclear Lab

In New Mexico, an out-of-control wildfire that began Sunday has already burned nearly 80 square miles and is a mile or less from Los Alamos National Laboratory, home to a nuclear weapons plutonium facility.

Note: We think the fires have recede, thank goodness.-a

Nukes at Risk as Floods and Fires From Extreme Weather Make Us Vulnerable

Extreme weather may be no match for our aging nuclear fleet and that's bad news millions of Americans who live nearby.

How will Germany replace nuclear by 2022?

“The German government has been very emphatic on trying to reduce energy consumption, so energy efficiency is going to be very important, and to expand the development to renewable technologies, specifically wind and solar. So the anticipation is that nuclear will gradually phase out and that renewables will take up a larger and larger share of the power generation.”

4 min. news video report:


Renowned German wind-power expert brings message to Guelph

AECL sale a small step toward 'just society'

Managing nuclear spent fuel: Policy lessons from a 10-country study

Reprocessing spent fuel does not eliminate the need for a geological repository -- or ease the challenge of identifying suitable sites.

More Bad News For Embattled Nuclear Power Industry: Reactor Proponents Are Batting 0-6 in State Legislatures in 2011

Grits raise the green ante - The Liberals announce another 25 wind and solar projects

Coal Lobby Warns Wind Farms May Blow Earth Off Orbit

The Onion (humour)

Panelists debate whether the U.S. is doing enough to heed the warnings of coal industry scientists who say turbines could blow the Earth right into the sun.

3 minute video:,20876/

Solar Photovoltaics Gaining Momentum and Poised to Challenge Fossil Fuels, Say IEEE Solar Experts


Fossil Fuels Receive 12X More Subsidies Than Renewables


Report Reveals America Now Receives More Power From Renewable Sources Than Nuclear

Geological Survey of Canada quotes "enormous geothermal energy resources" in Canada in new report on the "Geothermal Energy Resource Potential of Canada"

New report shows clean energy not responsible for rising energy bills

Ontario has had a surge in renewable power generation over the last several years, which has resulted in numerous benefits for the province, including thousands of green jobs, and cleaner air and water. However, this green energy expansion has met with some resistance, and many people are claiming that it is just too expensive. A new study released by the Pembina Institute called Behind the Switch: pricing Ontario electricity options shows that this simply isn't the case. 

The report concludes that maintaining the renewable energy portfolio will likely only result in an increase of $4/month on Ontario electricity bills 10 years down the road. This seems to be a very minor investment for a very large dividend: moving away from dirty coal and nuclear towards a greener future.

Read Behind the Switch: pricing Ontario electricity options

Read the Star article: Don't blame green power: energy bills rising anyway, study says

Ottawa Citizen: Bills increasing due to upgrading system, not green energy subsidies, report finds

Pembina's Tim Weis talks about the findings

When it comes to health, wind power blows away the alternative – by David Suzuki


Wind-power backers say criticism keeps many quiet

Ripley-area farmer and wind energy supporter Jutta Splettstoesser noted an Ipsos Reid poll conducted last July that surveyed 1,361 adults across Ontario and indicated 89% of those surveyed support wind energy in their region of the province.


Doctor a reluctant expert on wind turbines and health

To the alternative energy industry, Colby's conclusions buttressed claims that wind turbines are a benign presence. But to the industry's foes, he has become a lightning rod, opening him to attacks on his research and his integrity.

First Nation solar farm a first

The first, 100%-owned First Nation solar farm in Ontario is already to gear up and produce power once given the final Hydro One go ahead, says Alderville First Nation Chief Jim Bob Marsden. The large project includes about 24,000 solar panels on ground-mounted posts, although there may be a pilot project of moveable panels with project partner, SilFab, an Ontario manufacturer of solar panels, Marsden said.


Solar firm to lay off two shifts; Slow Ont. gov't approvals, Hudak blamed

Steam Powered Theatre is pleased to announce the premiere of:


at the 2011 Toronto Fringe Festival - July 7-17

It is May 21, 1946, at the Los Alamos Research Facility, less than a year after the atomic bomb levels Hiroshima. Canadian Physicist, Louis Slotin, is training his replacement. During the testing of a 'demon-core', the highly reactive centre of a nuclear bomb, the plutonium goes critical and Louis is exposed to a lethal dose of radiation poisoning. Oh, and his replacement is sleeping with his wife.

For details, dates, location:

The Global Clean Energy Jobs Race – Ontario’s Opportunity

Wed. July 13, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

MaRS Discovery District, Atrium, 101 College, Toronto

Join John Podesta in a discussion about how Ontario and other jurisdictions should be positioning themselves in the global race towards clean energy. Mr. Podesta is President and CEO of the Centre for American Progress and Chief of Staff to US President Clinton, and has served on the US National Security Council and also as co-chair of President Obama’s transition.

Sponsored by Environmental Defence, WWF, BlueGreen Canada, and MaRS

The End Of Oil: Double feature screening of Petropolis and The End Of Suburbia

Thur. July 14

6 p.m. – pre-film live music concert with musicians Glen Alan, Mark Cassidy, Jessica Speziale and No Nonsense A Cappella

7 p.m. - Two Award-winning documentaries, The End Of Suburbia (54 min.) and Petropolis(43 min.)

at Rainbow Cinemas Market Square (80 Front Street East), Toronto

Toronto filmmaker Gregory Greene (Director of The End Of Suburbia) will be in attendance for a post screening Q&A.
Co-hosted by The Toronto Dollar and Transition Toronto.  Presented by MINT Film Festival:

Series of 8 original note cards and artwork on the climate theme

All-purpose cards, blank inside. Original drawings illustrate some ways to deal with climate change such as solar, wind and planting trees.

Printed on FSC paper from responsible sources

Cost for 8 cards/envelopes: $10 (plus shipping)

Produced by Shirley Farlinger and The Climate Change Card Company. Drawings by Don Morrison.

To order contact

Say NO to Nuclear Cost Overruns

Send a letter now to Premier Dalton McGuinty and Conservative Leader Tim Hudak and ask them for assurances that SNC Lavalin – or any other nuclear provider – not be allowed to pass its cost overruns onto taxpayers and ratepayers. It’s your money – make your voice heard now before new nuclear contracts are signed.


Let’s Stop Burning Coal Now

Send a letter now to Environment Minister John Wilkinson and provincial party leaders calling for a ban on coal-fired electricity exports.


Sign the Petition Calling for a Moratorium on New Nuclear Projects in ON


And order FREE anti-nuclear and anti-coal leaflets

They contain postcards to politicians. Courtesy of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance.


Thank you for helping get the word out!

Thank you for helping get the word out!

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