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July 4, 2011


- Human history is full of madness, full of catastrophes. Imagine if we had nuclear reactors when we fought wars in the past. If you try to consider all the events that might happen over the years, you start to ask, ‘What are the benefits of such an effort, especially when you have opportunities to get electricity in many other ways? – John Perlin

- We do not have the technology to deal with such massive levels of radiation, not now, not anytime soon. The core melts require massive cooling that will send vast quantities of radioactive water into the global ocean food chain, local water tables, surrounding soil areas, food crops, and the global atmosphere for a long time, and a much longer time still to come, for present and future generations. - Tony Pereira   

- Nuclear power is uniquely unforgiving. It's the only energy source where mishap or malice can kill so many people so far away.  - Amory Lovins

- The nuclear power crisis at Japan’s Fukushima power plant has served as a dreadful reminder that events thought unlikely can and do happen. It has taken a tragedy of great proportions to prompt some leaders to act to avoid similar calamities at nuclear reactors elsewhere in the world. But it must not take another Hiroshima or Nagasaki – or an even greater disaster – before they finally wake up and recognize the urgent necessity of nuclear disarmament. – Desmond Tutu

- A high-risk technology cannot be used over the long term against the will of citizens who know they're being lied to. The German nuclear phase-out is a triumph of a grassroots movement that bloomed into a major movement of the government. – German newspaper

SNC takes charge of Canada’s nuclear future

After 60 years of operation and $21-billion invested, Ottawa is unloading Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.’s Candu business for a mere $15-million and future royalties.

AECL’s fortunes have been battered by the virtual drying up of international sales amid stiff competition with global industry giants, and by soaring cost overruns at key projects. This year’s explosion at Japan’s Fukushima plant has also cast a pall over the global nuclear industry.


Ottawa basically paying SNC to take AECL

Radiation in Our Food

The ocean around large areas of Japan has been contaminated by toxic radioactive agents including cesium, iodine, plutonium and strontium. These radioactive agents are accumulating in sea life. Fish, shellfish and sea vegetables are absorbing this radiation, while airborne radioactive particles have contaminated land-based crops in Japan, including spinach and tea grown 200 miles south of the damaged nuclear plants. Meanwhile, on U.S. soil, radiation began to show up in samples of milk tested in California, just one month after the plants were damaged. Radiation tests conducted since the nuclear disaster in Japan have detected radioactive iodine and cesium in milk and vegetables produced in California. According to tests conducted by scientists at the UC Berkeley Department of Nuclear Engineering, milk from grass fed cows in Sonoma County was contaminated with cesium 137 and cesium 134. Milk sold in Arizona, Arkansas, Hawaii, Vermont and Washington has also tested positive for radiation since the accident. Additionally, drinking water tested in some U.S. municipalities also shows radioactive contamination. Is the fallout from Fukushima Daichi falling on us? Yes, it is.


Fukushima children test positive for internal radiation exposure

Traces of caesium-134 and 137 isotopes found in urine tests on 10 children in city near stricken nuclear power pant


Second Japan Nuke... More Dangerous Than Fukushima?

10 minute video interview with Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear


British government's plan to play down Fukushima

Internal emails seen by Guardian show PR campaign was launched to protect UK nuclear plans after tsunami in Japan


Fukushima spin was Orwellian

Emails detailing how the UK government played down Fukushima show just how cozy it is with the nuclear industry


Email Japan to say NO to restarting suspended nukes

32 of all 54 reactors in Japan are presently suspended, 11 because of the earthquake and the others for maintenance. Southern Japan hosts one of the oldest nuclear power plants. Genkai power plants has four reactors, two of which have been suspended for a regular checkup. Now the host town, the power company and the ministry of economy are pushing to get them started again. People are protesting in front of the power company, of the prefectural government, and on streets.  In solidarity, please send an email to the government of Saga prefecture, even just to say you are concerned, because if an accident occurs, it'll affect the entire world. The email address is

For more on this see:

Amory Lovins on Nuclear

Nuclear power has died of an incurable attack of market forces and is way beyond any hope of revival, because the competitors are several fold cheaper and are getting rapidly more so. The competitors I mean are not other central power stations (coal or gas-fired, or big hydro); rather, they’re micropower and efficiency—the big market winners, already bigger than nuclear power worldwide in both capacity and output.

French opinion shifts

A poll published earlier this month showed that three quarters of those interviewed wanted to exit nuclear energy, against 22 percent who back the nuclear expansion programme, a stark contrast with pre-Fukushima polls.


French nuclear power plant explosion heightens safety fears

Blast at EDF's Tricastin power station in Drôme comes days after nuclear authorities found 32 safety concerns at plant

Fort Calhoun, U.S. Nuclear Plant Main Building Underwater, 10 Mile Mandatory Evacuation Area

3 minute news report:


Fukushima Spews, Los Alamos Burns, Vermont Rages and We’ve Almost Lost Nebraska

The stream of reactor disasters spewing from this dying industry is certain to escalate.  The toll rises with each leak at Fukushima, every flame at Los Alamos, each legal brief at Vermont Yankee, every foot of Nebraska floodwater.

The Unraveling of Nuclear Energy

The Nuclear Debate – Monbiot vs. Greenpeace

Join a panel of experts in a topical debate on whether we can meet emissions reductions without the use of nuclear power.

Thur. July 7, live webcast at 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. EDT

Ending Nuclear Evil - By Desmond Tutu

We must not tolerate a system of nuclear apartheid, in which it is considered legitimate for some states to possess nuclear arms but patently unacceptable for others to seek to acquire them. Such a double standard is no basis for peace and security in the world.


The Anti-Nuclear (Weapons) Mountain Is Being Scaled=

By Douglas Roche

Mike Harris Latest Senior PC to join Ontario's Clean Energy Economy

Price Increase: Culprit is nuclear energy – not renewables

Solar panel manufacturing plant opens in Scarborough

Get your anti-nuclear poster!

Steam Powered Theatre is pleased to announce the premiere of:


at the 2011 Toronto Fringe Festival - July 7-17

It is May 21, 1946, at the Los Alamos Research Facility, less than a year after the atomic bomb levels Hiroshima. Canadian Physicist, Louis Slotin, is training his replacement. During the testing of a 'demon-core', the highly reactive centre of a nuclear bomb, the plutonium goes critical and Louis is exposed to a lethal dose of radiation poisoning. Oh, and his replacement is sleeping with his wife.

For details, dates, location:

Say NO to Nuclear Cost Overruns

Send a letter now to Premier Dalton McGuinty and Conservative Leader Tim Hudak and ask them for assurances that SNC Lavalin – or any other nuclear provider – not be allowed to pass its cost overruns onto taxpayers and ratepayers. It’s your money – make your voice heard now before new nuclear contracts are signed.


Let’s Stop Burning Coal Now

Send a letter now to Environment Minister John Wilkinson and provincial party leaders calling for a ban on coal-fired electricity exports.


Sign the Petition Calling for a Moratorium on New Nuclear Projects in ON


And order FREE anti-nuclear and anti-coal leaflets

They contain postcards to politicians. Courtesy of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance.

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