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If you think the work of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance is super exceptional – we're behind ON's coal phase-out after all, and now we're taking on the nuclear industry in Ontario – please vote for us in NOW's Best of Toronto here. And Angela (that’s me!) has been nominated as best enviro. Vote here. Thank you!

“There is only one end-use application of uranium that absolutely requires uranium - and that is nuclear weapons. There are many ways of producing electricity without uranium, and medical isotopes can also be manufactured by alternative methods that do not require uranium. But without uranium, there would be no nuclear weapons of any description whatsoever.” Dr. Gordon Edwards

The World

Nuclear power plant cancels radioactive shipping plans through the Great Lakes Plans to move 16 radioactive steam generators from Bruce Nuclear station on Lake Huron to Sweden for "recycling" into the waste metals stream was met with strong opposition and subsequently cancelled.

Japan plant radioactive water into sea likely
A Japanese utility said Monday its crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is likely leaking contaminated water into sea, acknowledging for the first time a problem long suspected by experts. Tokyo Electric Power Co., which operates the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant, also came under fire Monday for not disclosing earlier that the number of plant workers with thyroid radiation exposures exceeding threshold levels for increased cancer risks was 10 times what it said released earlier.

Nuclear experts slam Fukushima nuclear plant operators over not admitting toxic water releases Foreign nuclear experts have blasted the operator of Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, with one saying its lack of transparency over toxic water leaks showed "you don't know what you're doing".

The U.S. Nuclear Power Industry's Dim Future  U.S. nuclear industry optimism has given way to despair. Four reactors have closed so far in 2013—a record for the industry. Because of the shale energy boom, natural gas prices crashed, followed by coal. Electricity demand fell during the recession and has yet to regain its 2007 peak. Bolstered by billions of dollars in green energy subsidies in the 2009 stimulus package, renewables, especially wind, have come on faster than many anticipated. Cap and trade never happened. And Japan’s Fukushima disaster in 2011 reminded the world just how dangerous nuclear power can be.

What debate? Canada is ready for a clean-energy future Canadian poll respondents identified as a “top” or “high” priority “improving energy efficiency” (80 per cent), “creating more jobs in clean energy” (73 per cent), “reducing Canada’s carbon pollution to slow down climate change” (67 per cent), and “reducing our reliance on fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal” (61 per cent).



Wanted: Your input on Ontario’s energy future Consultations on the future direction of the province’s Long Term Energy Plan are now underway. There will be public open houses around the province throughout August. You can also just make comments on what you believe the province’s energy priorities should be through a simple response form .

Reality check Ontario energy planners have a long history of over-estimating electricity demand and under-estimating nuclear project costs.  It’s a recipe that has left Ontario with a $20 billion energy system debt and a glut of baseload power.  Here view the gap between planner’s projections and real-world results.

Energy plan must shrink nuclear and grow renewables Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment say that the coal phase-out is a huge step forward but it is not enough. It must be coupled with a reduction in natural gas and nuclear generation along with a far more ambitious roll-out of renewables.


Renewables and Conservation

Ontario's backward step on renewable energy The feed-in tariff was working, renewable energy projects were being built, jobs were being created and climate change was being addressed.

Take the Eco-City Community Challenge Did you know Canada wastes more energy than almost every other country in the world? Saving energy can be as simple as using a lid on your pot while cooking—reducing your energy consumption by up to 14%. Did you know that 85 to 90% of energy used to wash clothes goes to heating water?

Portugal Hits 70% Renewable for 3 months straight. In fact, there are 45 countries in the 60% plus club

Say Yes to Wind Turbines on Leslie Street, Toronto Nine 2.3 MW turbines proposed for the Leslie Spit


Take Action!

Reviewing Ontario's Long Term Energy Plan - Speak up now! The Ministry of Energy is consulting with the public and other stakeholders about their long-term energy plan. You’re invited to provide a formal submission, and/or attend a public open house.  Let them know that you favour conservation, hydro imports from Quebec, and green energy over high cost, dangerous nuclear new- and re-build projects. Speak out now before we get stuck with another 6 decades of nuclear waste, danger and debt.

Please send Ontario Minister Chiarelli a quick note here thanking him for moving forward with a commitment to putting conservation and efficiency first.

Conservation, Not Fracked Gas into the GTA If you think greater efficiency beats more pipelines hands down, send a message to Premier Wynne,  Energy Minister Chiarelli and Environment Minister Bradley. Tell them you prefer conservation over fracked gas from the U.S.

Help stop dangerous LIQUID high-level radioactive waste transports from Canada!
Phase-out Pickering Nuclear Station and save $850 million per year Tell the Premier that we must avoid another electricity expenditure fiasco – don’t waste our hard-earned money rebuilding this aging and outdated facility! Click here

Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is seeking approval to build a nuclear waste dump 1 km from the shores of Lake Huron. This dump puts at risk the fresh water of the GREAT LAKES, relied upon by 40 million people in two countries. Tell Minister Kent and the Canadian federal government to stand up for the protection of the Great Lakes. Sign the petition



Ontario Long-term Energy Plan open houses Toronto July 30 & 31, Thunder Bay Aug. 7, Sudbury Aug. 17, Barrie Aug. 15, Ottawa Aug. 21
Green Energy Alternatives to the Tarsands With Keith Stewart, of Greenpeace. Wed. July 31, 7 p.m. Friends House, Toronto. Find out more here and here.

Demand a Nuclear Weapons Free World Hiroshima-Nagasaki Commemoration Tuesday, August 6, 6:45 pm, Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto – Public ceremony with speakers and musicians. Also Poster display: August 6 - 9, Toronto City Hall

Peace Leadership Summer Camps in Ontario, BC and Nova Scotia for young women ages 15 - 35. Late August. Cost is on a sliding scale of $100 to $200, subsidies available.

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