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If you think the work of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance is super exceptional – we're behind ON's coal phase-out after all, and now we're taking on the nuclear industry in Ontario – please vote for us in NOW's Best of Toronto here. And Angela (that’s me!) has been nominated as best enviro. Vote here. Thank you!

The World

Nuclear Reactor Down with Leak During Serious California Heat Wave Reactor Not Available When Needed — becomes “Intermittent and Not Predictable”
Doctors' Critique of Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission’s Cancer Study Click on the link on CAPE’s page
Canadian nuclear agency gets application for approval of high-level radwaste container designed to transport high-level radioactive liquid waste over public roads and bridges - something that has never been done before anywhere in North America.
Chernobyl 'liquidators' try to storm parliament to protest planned cuts to health and social benefits received for the sacrifices they made to clean up the Chernobyl radioactive mess



Nuclear Waste Burial Proposed for Shore of Lake Huron, Hearing Announced, Register by July 5 A federal panel is holding a public hearing September 16th in Kincardine, Ontario to bury radioactive wastes on the shore of Lake Huron. All potential participants must apply by July 5th on-line or by email. More information is available at or by emailing Watch the webinar on how to participate here (June 27th).
Ontario gets two nuclear-energy options Westinghouse and Candu Energy Inc. submitted proposals for a contract that would top $10-billion to build 2 new reactors at Darlington. Critics question whether the new reactors will ever be needed. “The reality is that electricity demand in Ontario is falling,” said Mark Winfield, an environmental studies professor at York University. He said nuclear represents yesterday’s technology – a large, centralized generation source that requires long lead times and lots of upfront capital.
Make proposed nuclear bids public NDP Energy critic Peter Tabuns urged the Liberal government to make public the full costs of two bids to build new nuclear reactors, including information about whether taxpayers will be on the hook for cost overruns.  

Pickering Nuclear Station Should Be Closed, says Greenpeace On May 30, Greenpeace's nuclear campaigner Shawn-Patrick Stensil asked the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) to close the aging Pickering nuclear station. Stensil highlighted how Ontario Power Generation's (OPG) own risk studies show that Pickering exceeds safety standards and should be shut down. The Commission is expected to make a decision by the end of August on whether Pickering can continue operating.
Winsdor Star endorses hydro imports from Quebec “None of the three (parties) will talk about an affordable and abundant alternative to wind, solar, nuclear and fossil energy. It's hydroelectric power, and we could easily augment what we currently produce by tapping into Quebec's vast supply. Vermont, New England, New York and Cornwall all get hydroelectric power from the province right next door to us. It's cheaper and healthier, and we can lock in a price to pay for only what we need.”

Renewables and Conservation

Members of the European Parliament voted for an 80% cut in energy used by buildings, a move that will require a massive ramping up of the EU’s renovation targets. 
Renewables to surpass gas and nuclear by 2016 in the global power mix Power generation from hydro, wind, solar and other renewable sources worldwide will exceed that from gas and be twice that from nuclear by 2016, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said today

Empowering consumers with Ontario’s Green Button: Over 50% of Ontarians now with access If your smartphone or smart thermostat notified you when your energy usage exceeded the neighbourhood average, would you reduce your consumption?

Take the Quiz: What You Don't Know About Solar Power Or do you?
In major policy shift, government lets Ontario Power Generation bid for large renewable projects


Take Action!

Help stop dangerous LIQUID high-level radioactive waste transports from Canada!

Phase-out Pickering Nuclear Station and save $850 million per year Tell the Premier that we must avoid another electricity expenditure fiasco – don’t waste our hard-earned money rebuilding this aging and outdated facility! Click here

Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is seeking approval to build a nuclear waste dump 1 km from the shores of Lake Huron. This dump puts at risk the fresh water of the GREAT LAKES, relied upon by 40 million people in two countries. Tell Minister Kent and the Canadian federal government to stand up for the protection of the Great Lakes. Sign the petition


Nuclear Waste Burial Plan – Pre-Hearing Workshop Thur. July 4, 7 p.m. Metro Hall Rm #302, Toronto
Active Hope - How to face the nuclear and climate mess we're in without going crazy Workshop Mon. July 8, Toronto
Ontario Energy Drinks – your monthly sustainable energy mixer. Tues. July 16, 5:30 p.m. onward, College and Bay Streets, Toronto

What the WTO’s Domestic Content Ruling Means for Ontario’s Renewable Energy Sector Webinar Thursday, July 18, 9:30am - 11:30am (EDT)

Kew Beach Eco-Leadership Camp A fun and educational day camp for children age 9-13. Late August. Toronto.  

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