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February 4, 2011


“Nuclear is on tax subsidized life support in Canada: somebody needs to pull the plug and let nature run its course. Nuclear has had its turn, and we're still paying for it. It's time to get back to programs that work: that have fully disclosed costs with no hidden subsidies, and that are reasonable, that can be built in a reasonable time, maintained with finite costs that will end, and that don't continue to cost us money after they've been decommissioned. We need much more conservation, and much more renewable energy.” 

– Derek Satnik, Mindscape Innovations

Stop Darlington!

Ontario is planning to spend $35 billion to build new reactors at the Darlington nuclear station just east of Toronto. This plan drains funding from affordable green energy and creates radioactive waste, emissions and increased risk of accidents. Let’s make Ontario 100% renewable! Investing in a diverse mix of conservation and efficiency combined with wind, solar, and hydro electric generation allows lets us avoid the long-term danger and expense of risky nuclear. Excellent resources here:

And if you’re on facebook:

FREE Stop Darlington Postcards to give to your friends!

Stop a $35 Billion Nuclear Handout: No More Blank Cheques for Ontario Power Generation and its Darlington Nuclear Station.  They contain postcards addressed to Premier McGuinty and the Leader of the Opposition Tim Hudak. Order FREE copies here.  Give them to your friends, neighbours, local coffee shops, etc. Help get the word out that there are lower cost and safer ways to meet all our electricity needs without investing tens of billions of $$ in nuclear energy. 

Email McGuinty Now!

You can also send a letter to Premier Dalton McGuinty right now urging him to end the blank cheques for Ontario's nuclear industry. Click here.

How ON residents delivered a major upset to GE-Hitachi Canada's nuclear operations

David versus Goliath has recently been retold as a story of environmental justice: a small group of Trent students and Peterborough residents defeated the General Electric-Hitachi Corporation of Canada (GE) at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) tribunal over Low Enriched Uranium.

The Origin of Nuclear Power

A series of articles on Canada’s uranium mining industry, written by Swedish journalists interested in where the uranium that powers their nuclear plants comes from.

A few good reasons why we should abandon nuclear energy for good

The top 10 reasons why your electricity bill has gone up:

1. You are using more. More TVs, more computers and it was very hot in August and September.
2. Prices have been held artificially low since 1991.
3. Any new generation costs more.
4. All new gas fired generators get paid whether they run or not.
5. The air is cleaner because coal is being phased out.
6. Asthma rates among children are down, and health costs are down as a result.
7. Nuclear cost overruns continue.
8. Catching up on overdue investment in transmission.
9. Lack of effective conservation programs keeps bills high.
10. Mike Harris made local electric distribution companies send money to municipal governments.

And let's not forget the HST hit! (ok, ok, so that's 11)

Caldicott: Study Port Hope residents for radioactivity

Ottawa seeks new sources for medical isotopes

Higher hydro costs are inevitable; Blame the aging infrastructure and cost of new power plants, not the Green Energy Act

20 more years of radioactive Russian roulette

Environmental coalition defends its intervention

New estimates put Pakistan's nuclear arsenal at more than 100

Pakistan's nuclear arsenal now totals more than 100 deployed weapons, a doubling of its stockpile over the past several years in one of the world's most unstable regions, according to estimates by nongovernment analysts. The Pakistanis have significantly accelerated production of uranium and plutonium for bombs and developed new weapons to deliver them. After years of approximate weapons parity, experts said, Pakistan has now edged ahead of India, its nuclear-armed rival.

End fossil fuel tax breaks!

Efficiency could cut world energy use over 70 per cent

Alberta Still Wears Pollution Blinders

Yet another study finds oil sands environmental monitoring isn't remotely up to the job. By Andrew Nikiforuk.

Sun shines on solar panel firm

As renewable energy firms race to meet domestic content quotas, Celestica plans to create 300 jobs at a new Don Mills solar panel facility… This is the second major solar panel facility to be announced in recent months. Last summer, Canadian Solar Inc. started building a panel manufacturing plant in Guelph, Ont., that will employ 500.

Solar panels will turn rooftops into power plants

A Toronto company with roots in Germany will oversee the installation of the first major solar installation in urban Ottawa under the province's feed-in tariff program. The eight sets of rooftop panels will supply a maximum of 2.7 megawatts (2.7 million watts) on a hot summer day -- enough to supply nearly 1,000 homes.

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