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February 27, 2017


Nuclear ‘Elephants in the Room’ Pickering has lots of elephants no one is talking about, like tritium, waste, safety, age, size, danger and alternatives.

The World

Anishinabek stand with Iroquois Caucus condemning radioactive shipping The transport of 23,000 litres of highly radioactive liquid waste from Chalk River, Ontario across the international border to the Savannah River Site, South Carolina, could pose substantial threats to the environment and human health. Here's more. And Sarnia's mayor worries nuclear waste could travel through city

Years after Fukushima meltdown, Saskatchewan still suffering Saskatoon-based Cameco, the world’s largest publicly traded uranium miner, recently announced more than 620 layoffs, significant quarterly losses, and a contract dispute with TEPCO to the tune of $1.3 billion.

Did Cameco (Saskatoon-based uranium mining company) engineer the largest tax dodge in Canadian history?
The federal government is accusing the $2.8-billion company of operating a massive tax dodging scheme for years – and potentially depriving state coffers of as much $2.1-billion in cash. Cameco goes on trial in Toronto this Sept. If the company is found guilty, it would constitute the largest tax avoidance case in Canadian history.

How Toshiba Lost $6 Billion A botched nuclear bet pushed the company to near financial ruin. This could take down Toshiba, and it certainly means the end of new nuclear construction in the U.S.

The Murky Future of Nuclear Power in the US The reasons Toshiba was forced to take a $6 billion loss and pull Westinghouse, its American nuclear power subsidiary, out of the construction business, are many: Demand for electricity has slowed. Natural-gas prices have tumbled. Alternative-energy sources like wind and solar have come into their own. And concern for greater safety, and the need to contain costs, have risen.

For 40 Years, Nuclear Poisoning Has Ravaged Lives In This Jharkhand Village Video and article chronicling evidence of radiation poisoning in one small Indian village from uranium mining.

Latest speculation on Lepreau II 'beating a dead horse' Point Lepreau, New Brunswick is Canada's only working nuclear power station outside Ontario. "In Ontario, the dependence on those (nuclear) has driven their rates through the roof."

A link between cancer rates and nuclear plants The latest official statistics raise a red flag: among children and young adults, who are more vulnerable to radiation, cancer rates are rising — especially cancers of the thyroid, which is most sensitive to radiation.

Fairewinds Energy Education’s Videos Arnie Gunderson, co-founder of Fairewinds, is a nuclear whistle-blower. View him and his team in these 200+ videos. This 2-minute video shows why nuclear power can’t solve the climate crisis. And this 6-minute video addresses “nuclear embrittlement”, a serious problem with aging nuclear reactors like Pickering.



Government reviews application to raise electricity costs Great 2 min. piece by CTV news on OPG's request for 69% increase in 5 yrs for Darlington rebuild

The real cause of rising electricity rates in Ontario is nuclear

Nuclear safety group overreacted to having 'elephants in the room'
Calling Durham police to public meeting total overkill

Cdn poll shows little support for nuclear waste dump near Lake Huron Even the US Congress has weighed in in opposition to the proposal.


Renewables and Conservation

Hydro-Quebec - Leading the Energy Transition Eric Martel, President and CEO of Hydro Quebec, tells a Toronto audience that he's got plenty of renewable, low-cost water power to sell to Ontario

Wind and solar power are disrupting electricity systems
But that’s no reason for governments to stop supporting them


Take Action!

Deep Geologic Repository (DGR) Nuke Waste Burial Project — Public Comment Invited The federal Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) is again taking public comments till March 6. Please urge CEAA that the Great Lakes be protected by stopping OPG's environmental injustice dead in its tracks. Water Is Life.

Sign our petition to close the old and dangerous Pickering Nuclear Station when its license expires in 2018 rather than extend its life 'till 2028 which is OPG's hope. And then send the petition to all your friends.

Can you spare a few hours to leaflet blitz your neighbourhood mailboxes? Help us make the closure of the Pickering nuclear station a public issue. Contact:

Stop The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump Sign the petition calling on Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna to reject OPG's nuclear waste dump on the shore of Lake Huron.

Order your free KI (anti-thyroid-cancer) pills here if you live within 50 km of an ON nuclear facility that includes all of Toronto and beyond. Download your anti-thyroid cancer posters here to post in your office, school, or local cafe



Nuclear Waste On-line is a series of on-line presentations about nuclear waste in Canada Webinars are held Tuesdays Feb. 7, 14, 21 and 28 at noon, EST. Free. 

Power to Change – the Energy Rebellion Film screening  Wed. March 6, 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. Mayfair Theatre, 1074 Bank St., Ottawa. The film shows the conflict over Germany's energy revolution, which began as a grassroots movement and is being advanced through decentralized, regional players

Meet me on the Beach – to Call for the Closure of the Pickering Nuclear Station Sat. March 11, 2 p.m., Pickering Public Beach (south end of Liverpool Rd).  To Commemorate the 6th Ann. of the Fukushima nuclear meltdown of 3 reactors, join us on the Beach to call for the closure of the 6-reactor Pickering Nuclear Station in 2018 when its licence expires. Bring your banners, kids and friends. We’ll bring speakers, music and cameras. With your help, we’ll record YOUR voices telling our Members of Provincial Parliament that we want Pickering closed in 2018 when its current licence expires – before we have our own Fukushima catastrophe in the middle of our community. RSVP and questions:

Federal Environmental & Regulatory Review: Integration or Disconnection? Mon. March 13, 12:30 - 2:30 p.m. Online


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