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Are We Prepared for a Catastrophic Solar Storm? Within weeks, backup generators at nuclear power plants would have run down, and the electric pumps that supply water to cooling ponds, where radioactive spent fuel rods are stored, would shut off. Multiple meltdowns would ensue.

What's More Dangerous Than Fukushima? From Chernobyl to Three Mile Island to Fukushima, we've seen time and time again the dangers that nuclear power presents. So why would anyone want to build new or rebuild old nuclear reactors? Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear discusses. 9 min. video

Rise in wildfires may resurrect Chernobyl's radiation Radioactive clouds may once again spread over Europe, as rising fires release radiation locked up in the upper layers of soil in the dense forests near Chernobyl in Ukraine and Belarus

RCMP charges SNC-Lavalin with bribery, fraud This is the same company that hopes to rebuild Darlington. Time to bail.

When it comes to coal, Alberta should follow Ontario’s lead In many ways, Alberta has even more options for replacing coal than Ontario: excellent wind and solar resources, plentiful natural gas supplies that don’t have to be shipped across the country and even untapped geothermal power. There is a bright coal-free future waiting for this province.

Liquid Nuclear Waste on N. America’s Highways?
A plan is in the works to move over 23,000 liters of HEUNL from the Chalk River Site in Eastern Ontario to the Savannah River Site in South Carolina, another temporary holding site. This has never been done before. Here's why it’s a very bad idea, and what the safer alternatives are.

Is There Any Hope Left For Nuclear Energy?
Can nuclear help avoid the worst effects of climate change? Only if they double capacity in the coming decades, which is highly unlikely given their expense, time-lag, age and unpopularity.

Inside Fukushima: ABC tours crippled power plant as Japan prepares to restart nuclear industry 7 min. news video about Fukushima. 120,000 residents still displaced due to radioactive contamination. 1800 stress-related deaths attributed to the displacement. Radioactive water being released into the Pacific.

A Troubling Spike - Infant Deaths in Alaska: a Fukushima Effect?



We'll see SNC Lavalin Nuclear in court In March 2011, the Ontario Clean Air Alliance (OCAA) filed a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to obtain details of the contract for the re-building of four reactors at the Darlington Nuclear Station on Lake Ontario. The companies refused. The case will be heard before the Superior Court on Monday. Please join us to show your support for greater transparency.

ON Climate change public consultation Contribute to ON's new strategy for fighting climate change. Share your feedback online or attend an event. Tell them rebuilding Darlington and Bruce nuclear stations are a bad climate choice, especially given that we have lower cost and lower emission options like water power from QC and conservation.

Burying Nuclear Waste in Ontario This is a video playlist of a public event held on Feb. 7, 2014, Toronto. Speakers included Lorraine Rekmans, Brennain Lloyd, Chris Peabody and Angela Bischoff.


Renewables and Conservation

A Cheaper Way to Save What would you rather do, spend billions of dollars to build a new nuclear power plant and deal with its radioactive waste for thousands of years or install double pane or triple pane windows and extra insulation in order to save money and power during your lifetime? 22 minute video with Arnie Gunderson and Energy and Efficiency Conservation Expert Elizabeth Chant

U.K. Approves World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm, Farthest Ever From The Coast

Wind Farm Syndrome Is the Fake Illness That Science Can't Kill


Take Action!

Our Ontario budget proposal to take a pass on rebuilding the Darlington Nuclear Plant in favour of importing lower-cost water power from Quebec has gotten lots of attention from those that love the idea, and those that are challenged by it. This orchestrated campaign to deep six our idea just shows how the nuclear industry really can't compete with our highly sensible proposal. Don't let them get away with it! Give our idea a thumbs up right now.
Leaflet dropping Premier Wynne’s Riding Can you spare a few hours to help me leaflet blitz Premier Wynne's riding (Don Valley West, just north of downtown Toronto) with this leaflet? Email me and I’ll fill you in. Thanks. Alternatively, order leaflets to blitz your own neighbourhood.
Time for Ontario to come clean on Bruce Nuclear costs This massive proposed deal would be $60 - $111 billion, the largest private sector contract ever signed by the Gov’t of ON. We demand public oversight of this deal. Order free copies of our new leaflet today to distribute to your neighbours, family and friends.
Please send a letter to Premier Wynne here calling for a transparent review of any proposed Bruce deal, especially in light of a potential conflict of interest.
Ontario Energy Board Grinches out on energy conservation  Please contact Energy Minister Chiarelli here and ask him to direct the OEB to make conservation a real priority.

Call for a Public Review of the Costs of Bruce B Nuclear Station A Green Party of ON petition 

Please send a letter to the Premier right now urging her to strike a deal with Quebec. Water power imports from Quebec can replace the Darlington nuclear rebuild at a fraction of the cost.

Stop plans to build small nuclear reactors in Saskatchewan to power oil extraction from the Alberta Tar Sands Please sign the petition.

Petition: Do not approve the re-opening of nuclear power plants The people in Fukui prefecture, Japan are campaigning against the governor’s policy to restart its nuclear power plants.

Cancel the Darlington Nuclear Re-build Project
Please sign this Green Party of Ontario petition

Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump Please sign the petition to oppose OPG’s plans to bury their nuclear waste on the shore of Lake Huron. And urge your elected officials to pass a resolution to oppose the nuclear dump on the Great Lake Huron. There are already 142 jurisdictions, including the City of Chicago – representing over 18 million people – that have done so! See the list here.



This Nuclear Age Free weekly public lectures on public health in a nuclear age. Wednesdays, 4 – 6 p.m., Jan. 7 – April 1, University of Toronto

Symposium: The Dynamics of Possible Nuclear Extinction l
Feb. 28 - March 1, The New York Academy of Medicine, NYC. Symposium will be livestreamed.   
We'll see SNC Lavalin Nuclear in court 
Mon. March 2, 10 a.m. (come at any time during the day), Osgoode Hall, 130 Queen St. West (NE corner of Queen/University), in Courtroom # 3 (on 2ndfloor), entrance off Queen St., Toronto

3.11 Surviving Japan Wednesday March 11, Anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe. Worldwide Online Film Debut with Q and A.

World Uranium Symposium April 14 – 16, Quebec City


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