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February 22, 2011


Radiation leaks reported at nuke power research center in S.Korea

Remember the radioisotope crisis? The root cause of that whole fiasco was AECL couldn't get two new radioisotope producing reactors to operate within safety standards. South Korean media reports that an AECL reactor of the same design experienced an accident yesterday leading to a radiation leak and an evacuation of the facility. Now remember Harper firing the nuclear safety watchdog for imposing safety standards?  - SPSensil 

Greenpeace activists in Spain drop a banner on a nuclear reactor!

Spain is a world leader in green energy because Spanish activists keep pushing to shut down dirty power, like the Confrentes nuclear station.

Twenty Greenpeace activists entered the Confrentes nuclear station. Six climbed the cooling tower and painted the message "Nuclear Danger." Another group of activists deployed a banner with the slogan, "Confrentes: close now." This peaceful protest showed the total lack of security Confrentes.

1 minute video:

NDP Urges Panel to Nix Costly and Unnecessary New Nuclear Plant at Darlington 

NDP Energy and Environment critic Peter Tabuns today urged the Federal Environmental Assessment Agency to reject a proposal for a new nuclear plant at Darlington. “Ontarians need relief from rising hydro rates – not another nuclear boondoggle,” said Tabuns, who noted that the average Ontario family of four pays over $500 a year paying debt retirement charges from past nuclear cost overruns.

“The McGuinty government has yet to justify the need for an expensive new nuclear plant,” said Tabuns. “They refuse to even consider more affordable options such as improving energy efficiency, lower cost renewable power, using natural gas for both heat and power, and increasing water power imports from Quebec.”

The McGuinty government has refused to confirm the cost of a new Darlington nuclear plant, but reports suggest that Atomic Energy of Canada Limited’s 2009 bid, which was rejected by the government, came in at $26-billion, making nuclear power almost twice as costly as wind power or hydro imports from Quebec.

15 facts that Citizens need to know regarding the transport of Radioactive Steam Generators through the Great Lakes to Sweden for “Recycling”

Not through our backyard; A plan to ship worn-out nuclear generators from Canada to Sweden through British waters has many local officials in Scotland fuming

It's been approved for a Great Lakes crossing by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, but a radioactive shipload of decommissioned steam generators from Ontario's Bruce Power plant is now headed for a rough ride overseas. A coalition of British municipalities is urging the U.K. government to prevent the atomic cargo from passing close to Ireland and Scotland.

Fight for a World Without Coal

The writer and philosopher Wendell Berry, armed with little more than a copy of William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” and his conscience, has been camped out for three days with a handful of other activists in the governor’s outer office in Frankfort, Ky. Berry, who is 76 and the author of a number of important books including the “Unsettling of America” and “Life Is a Miracle,” has been sleeping on the floor of Gov. Steve Beshear’s reception area since Friday night with 13 others to protest the continued blasting of mountaintops in eastern Kentucky and the poisoning of watersheds, soil and air by coal companies. “Massive destruction is taking place and this is permanent destruction,” Berry said. “When you destroy a mountain, when you destroy a watershed, when you open the earth so as to permit the escape of trace minerals, acids and other harmful substances into the watershed it permanently affects people’s water supply downstream.”

Coal's Hidden Costs Top $345 Billion In U.S: Study

The United States' reliance on coal to generate almost half of its electricity, costs the economy about $345 billion a year in hidden expenses not borne by miners or utilities, including health problems in mining communities and pollution around power plants, a study found.

Those costs would effectively triple the price of electricity produced by coal-fired plants, which are prevalent in part due to the their low cost of operation, the study led by a Harvard University researcher found.

"This is not borne by the coal industry, this is borne by us, in our taxes," said Paul Epstein, a Harvard Medical School instructor and the associate director of its Center for Health and the Global Environment, the study's lead author.

"The public cost is far greater than the cost of the coal itself. The impacts of this industry go way beyond just lighting our lights."

Accounting for all the ancillary costs associated with burning coal would add about 18 cents per kilowatt hour to the cost of electricity from coal-fired plants, shifting it from one of the cheapest sources of electricity to one of the most expensive.

Ontario election sows green energy uncertainty

The outcome of an autumn election in Ontario could stunt a budding renewable energy industry in the Canadian province just as it is becoming one of the world's hot investment destinations. If the opposition Progressive Conservatives win power on October 6, the party has promised to scrap generous rates for renewable energy producers just two years after their launch by the Liberal government. That could threaten a program that has lured billions of dollars in investment and created thousands of jobs.

CELA Decries Off-Shore Wind Moratorium

Offshore wind 'flip-flop' draws ire; Companies say Ontario's decision to 'massacre' offshore industry will hurt renewable energy investment in the province

Ontario’s decision to put the brakes on all offshore wind power is drawing criticism from businesses behind several major wind projects in the province.

Executives in the renewable sector say the province's dramatic reversal, which effectively killed offshore plans, is highly damaging to Ontario's reputation as a leader in renewable energy. It also risks denting investment in an industry that was on the upswing as a result of the province’s green-energy policies.

Province rules out Offshore Wind in Ontario

Last Friday, February 11th, the Province of Ontario announced it will not allow any new offshore wind developments in Ontario. This kills any future plans by Toronto Hydro to install wind turbines in Lake Ontario and provide Torontonians with clean, green power. It also creates a major gap in Toronto Hydro's long term renewable power plan that won't easily be filled by other renewable technologies.  

The attack against wind power, citing health and environmental concerns, in Ontario has been relentless, effective and dishonest (see here).  By incorrectly using health and environmental concerns to justify stopping offshore wind, Premier McGuinty's Government has also threatened the future of "on-shore" wind power by giving unjustified ammunition to wind opponents (see here.)

We need your help to stop this vocal minority of wind opponents. 
Contact  your MPP today (find their contact info here) and tell them you support wind power, including offshore wind in Lake Ontario. Let them also know you support wind power because nuclear and coal generation kills people and harms the environment. In contrast, no credible evidence shows offshore wind power, when properly sited, harms people or the environment. 

-- Toronto Environmental Alliance

The energy [r]evolution has begun

Global Solar Power Growth Doubled In 2010

Solar panel prices have halved since 2007.

The fortunes of the solar market contrasted with wind, which last year shrank for the first time in two decades as a result of a difficult market for project finance as well as uncertain regulatory support.

Security Without Nuclear Deterrence: A World Without Nuclear Weapons

Lecture by Commander Robert Green

Friday, March 4 at 7:30 - 9:30 p.m.
Room B 142, Earth Sciences Centre, 5 Bancroft Avenue and 33 Willcocks Street, Toronto

Public event, no charge

Commander Robert Green served for twenty years in the British Royal Navy from 1962 to 1982. As a bombardier-navigator, he flew in Buccaneer nuclear strike aircraft and anti-submarine nuclear strike aircraft and anti-submarine helicopters. On promotion to Commander in 1978, he worked in the Ministry of Defence before his final appointment as Staff Officer (Intelligence) to the Commander-in-Chief Fleet during the Falklands War.

Commander Green chaired the UK affiliate of the World Court Project (1991-2004), an international citizen campaign which led to the International Court of Justice judgment in 1996 that the threat or use of nuclear weapons would generally be illegal. From 1998-2002 he was chair of the Strategic Planning Committee of the Middle Powers Initiative.

Now Co-Director with his wife, Dr Kate Dewes ONZM, of the Disarmament & Security Centre in New Zealand, he is the author of The Naked Nuclear Emperor: Debunking Nuclear Deterrence, and Fast Track to Zero Nuclear Weapons: The Middle Powers Initiative. His latest book, published in 2010, is called Security Without Nuclear Deterrence.

The event is organized by Science for Peace:, 416-978-3606

greenprofit - Sustainable Solutions for Increasing your Bottom Line

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Conflict Zones, Human Rights and Health Care

Mar. 25/26, Ottawa, ON

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