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Getting Ontarians moving while saving them money We’re #7 in popularity – help us get to #1! The Ontario Government is looking for ways to stretch its budget while investing in long overdue infrastructure improvements, like expanded transit and safe bridges. Here’s the idea we have submitted: Refocus our electricity system away from high-cost nuclear and toward low-cost water power imports from Quebec. Please give it the thumbs up here. Thank you!

The World

Indigenous Canadians Are Fighting the Uranium Mining Industry First Nations taking on the uranium industry in Saskatchewan, second largest exporter of uranium in the world.

Residents of Fukushima’s Litate Village file petition for nuclear damage compensation to restore home village The petitioners have stood up to demand that TEPCO apologize to them, provide them with sufficient compensation, and return to them the clean and safe environment of their home village. 

Big, Expensive Power Plants Undermine a Clean Energy Future Nuclear energy is expensive and a poor fit for a 21st century grid

False solution: Nuclear power is not 'low carbon' While there is no scientific consensus, the balance of evidence shows higher than recommended carbon levels

Why the nuclear industry targets renewables instead of gas Even if renewables make up only a small amount of generation, they represent a shift to a more decentralized energy system, less reliant on big baseload coal or nuclear power plants. Critics point out that the nuclear industry was built on government subsidies and continues to be heavily subsidized.

The Nuclear “Renaissance” is Over
Meet the Renewable Energy Revolution. A decentralized electricity world is where things are headed, and it’s a place nuclear power just isn’t going. We are starting the revolution without it.



Four environmental groups appeal work on Darlington nuclear plant Four environmental groups have appealed a federal court ruling in November which declined to order a more extensive environmental review of Ontario Power Generation’s plans to overhaul four Darlington nuclear reactors.

Is nuclear refurbishment Ontario’s best option? A renewables and energy storage combo could do the job and shouldn’t be ignored, a Navius Research analysis argues.

Illinois speaks out against Ontarian Great Lakes shoreline radioactive waste dump proposal

NWMO pushes plan to bury nuclear waste near Lake Huron
ABC news video and transcript about the plans to store nuclear waste on the shore of Lake Huron, Kincardine ON


Renewables and Conservation

Asia powers into the forefront of solar revolution China has now overtaken the European Union as the largest new market for solar power, as solar PV becomes one of the world's fastest growing industries - and one that's sure to keep on getting cheaper.

Fukushima, Japan Accelerating Deployment of Solar to Create Self-Reliant Communities Driven by a strong desire to become energy independent and revitalize their local economy, the people of Fukushima are expected to continue deploying more solar projects than any other prefectures in Japan.

Renewable Power Costs Plummet: Now Cheaper than Fossil Fuels Worldwide
 “Any remaining perceptions that renewable power generation technologies are expensive or uncompetitive are at best outdated, and at worst a dangerous fallacy.”

Expert energy council to advise policy-makers on 100% renewables The group’s firm focus is the replacement or avoidance of the world’s incumbent centralised fossil-fuel and nuclear-energy systems with a combination of energy efficiency and decentralized renewable energy systems.

Huge wind farm will help not harm rare birds, says Supreme Court

Burlington, VT Becomes First North American City to Run Entirely on Renewable Electricity
The city also uses less electricity than it did in 1989.

How rooftop solar can prevent the apocalypse An electric grid based on distributed generation is an electric grid that is essentially invulnerable to attack, whether through EMP, cyberwar or some other form of assault.

Grid Security and Distributed Generation We need change the way the grid works. This can be done by shifting from a centralized to a distributed grid architecture in which power generation is dispersed along the grid.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Ontario’s New Natural Gas Conservation Framework


Take Action!

Can you spare a few hours to help me leaflet blitz Premier Wynne's riding (Don Valley West, just north of downtown Toronto) with this leaflet? Email me and I’ll fill you in. Thanks.

Stop the Radioactive Road Trip AECL plans to truck highly radioactive waste from Chalk River, ON to South Carolina. It will be the most dangerous cargo shipment ever attempted in the history of Canada. Tell them no with this automated letter.
Time for Ontario to come clean on Bruce Nuclear costs
This massive proposed deal would be $60 - $111 billion, the largest private sector contract ever signed by the Gov’t of ON. We demand public oversight of this deal. Order free copies of our new leaflet today to distribute to your neighbours, family and friends.

Please send a letter to Premier Wynne here calling for a transparent review of any proposed Bruce deal, especially in light of a potential conflict of interest.

Ontario Energy Board Grinches out on energy conservation Please contact Energy Minister Chiarelli here and ask him to direct the OEB to make conservation a real priority.

Please send Premier Wynne a message urging her to make a deal with Quebec instead of wasting billions of dollars on high-risk nuclear projects.  It is the right thing to do for both provinces.

Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump Please sign the petition to oppose OPG’s plans to bury their nuclear waste on the shore of Lake Huron. And urge your elected officials to pass a resolution to oppose the nuclear dump on the Great Lake Huron. There are already 142 jurisdictions, including the City of Chicago – representing over 18 million people – that have done so! See the list here.



This Nuclear Age Free weekly public lectures on public health in a nuclear age. Wednesdays, 4 – 6 p.m., Jan. 7 – April 1, University of Toronto

Nuclear Risk: Calculating the Incredible – Webinar Wed. Feb. 18, 12 noon

Emergency Planning in the Nuclear Age – Webinar Wed. Feb. 25, 2 p.m.

Symposium: The Dynamics of Possible Nuclear Extinction l Feb. 28 - March 1, The New York Academy of Medicine, NYC

World Uranium Symposium April 14 – 16, Quebec City


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