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February 12, 2013 – Please pass this onto a friend!

“Every dollar invested in nuclear expansion will worsen climate change by buying less solution per dollar. The reason is simple: you can’t spend the same dollar on two different things at the same time… New nuclear power costs far more than its distributed competitors, so it buys far less coal displacement than the competing investments it stymies.” - Amory Lovins

The World

Liquid bomb-grade uranium to be shipped secretly from Chalk River to U.S. The “high priority” mission marks the first time authorities have attempted to truck highly-enriched uranium (HEU) in a liquid solution, prompting nuclear safety advocacy groups on both sides of the border to sound the alarm. Please write to the Canadian Minister of Natural Resources, the Honourable Joe Oliver, asking him to ensure that a full Environmental Assessment is conducted under Canadian Law, with an independent panel and public hearings. E-mail him at Please cc. so we can keep monitoring this situation. Background info here.

Radioactive Cattle Found Near Fukushima

Sellafield nuclear clean-up cost reaches £67.5 bn with no sign of when the cost will stop rising

Major nuclear accident would cost France $580 billion
A major disaster damaging one of France's 58 nuclear reactors and contaminating the environment with radioactive material would displace an estimated 100,000 people, destroy crops and create massive power outages. Let’s get a similar study done in Ontario!

We don't need nuclear power to meet climate goals and keep the lights on It would be a folly to think that there is no hope of tackling climate change without nuclear power

North Korea stages nuclear test in defiance of bans



Protesters stop train on CP Rail tracks over Lansdowne Ave. uranium plant Here’s a great 3 min. video of the action. And a fantastic youth-oriented piece in VICE: Idle No More is About the Environment Too

No Nuke Dump Hits GTA


Renewables and Conservation

Wind and solar power firms say they’ll suffer a $100 million loss if power market rules are changed Nuclear gets guaranteed access to the grid while renewables are penalized

German Village Produces 321% More Energy Than It Needs! Ok, those Germans are just showing off now. Not only has the nation announced plans to shut down all of its nuclear power plants and started the construction of 2,800 miles of transmission lines for its new renewable energy initiative, but now the village of Wildpoldsried is producing 321% more energy than it needs! The small agricultural village in the state of Bavaria is generating an impressive $5.7 million in annual revenue from renewable energy.
Global wind energy capacity grows 19 per cent in 2012 The growth of wind energy development in Ontario and Quebec continues to have strong public support. A 69 % majority of Ontarians agreed “Ontario should be a leader in wind and solar energy production”, compared to only 20 % that disagreed.
Cost Of Not Using Renewable Energy at $9 Billion Per Day In an unprecedented study, the World Future Council conservatively estimates that the future usage loss resulting from current oil, gas and coal consumption is between $US 3.2 and 3.4 trillion per year.
The Real Cost of NIMBYism The amount of revenue and jobs that have been lost or delayed due to public opposition and protest to renewable energy projects is astounding.
Percentage of energy that is wasted in the US every year: 56%  That's right, the U.S. wastes more energy than it uses. Most of this wastage has to do with how we generate energy in the first place. Most power plants are inherently inefficient.

Take Action!

Tell Premier Wynne that Ontario's energy plans need a rapid rethink! You can send a letter here.
The NDP are asking voters for their input. Please send them a message here encouraging them to take leadership in opposition to new nuclear spending. There are many cheaper, cleaner and greener options to meeting all our electricity needs, yet Andrea remains silent on the Darlington rebuild. Ask her to speak up.
Will the zipper on your new pants be radioactive? Sign the petition Stop the US Dept. of Energy plans to dump 14,000 tons of radioactive scrap metals into the manufacturing of consumer products. There is no safe level of radiation. Keep nuclear waste out of my home and workplace!

Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump Ontario Power Generation is planning to bury radioactive nuclear waste beside Lake Huron. Learn why this is a bad idea and sign the petition

What Toronto Really Needs Click here to send a quick email to the City of Toronto Councillors on the Toronto Hydro board: we need a modern, efficient electricity system for a modern city, not a plan from the 1950s! Thank you!  ☢ Sign the Petition asking the CNSC to review GE-Hitachi’s operating license at the uranium processing facility in Toronto. Please print it out (landscape) and get your friends/neighbours to sign on. 


Concerns About Fukushima and Clandestine Nuclear Activities - with Shawn-Patrick Stensil, Greenpeace Thur. Feb. 14, 3 – 5 p.m. University College, U of Toronto, King’s College Circle Rm. 044

Safe by What Standard? How nuclear facilities are regulated in Canada This webinar provides an overview of how nuclear facilities are regulated in Canada, and includes information about how nuclear-related risks are calculated, what standards and regulations are based on,  how the rules for protecting the public and environment from radiation are developed, and how security risks are regulated. Presenter: Theresa McClenaghan, Canadian Environmental Law Association. Fri. Feb. 15, 2 pm

Burying Trouble: Deep Geological Repositories for Nuclear Waste  Many countries, including Canada, are considering burying highly radioactive nuclear waste deep underground. This webinar will describe some of the common elements of these proposals, briefly describe several countries' proposals, and identify some of the outstanding technical challenges. Presenter: Brennain Lloyd, Northwatch. Tues. Feb. 19, noon and Fri. Feb. 22, 2 pm

SWITCH: Discover the Future of Energy Documentary Screening and Panel Discussion, Tues. Feb. 19, 6:15 - 9:30 p.m., Ryerson University, Toronto
Fukushima 2 Years Later: Global Symposium to address mounting Medical and Ecological Consequences March 11-12, The New York Academy of Medicine, New York City

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