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February 1, 2013 – Please pass this onto a friend!

“Nuclear power and geoengineering are not solutions to the ecological crisis; they are a doubling down on exactly the kind of short-term hubristic thinking that got us into this mess.” – Naomi Klein
“... there is a linear dose-response relationship between exposure to ionizing radiation and the development of solid cancers in humans. It is unlikely that there is a threshold below which cancers are not induced.”National Academy of Science, BEIR VII report, 2006

The World

Dismantling Nuclear Structures Provides Jobs and Business Opportunities A case for the immediate decommissioning of the shutdown Quebec Gentilly reactors, by Dr. Gordon Edwards

Pure brilliance by Jeremy Rifkin on why the nuclear industry to going dowwwwwwnnnnn. 6 min. video.

Reject Nuclear Power - Here’s Why

Nuclear Fuel Waste in Canada The history

Record high radiation level found in fish  A FISH contaminated with radiation levels more than 2500 times the legal limit has been caught near Japan's crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant
Mark Jacobson on nuclear power's high carbon footprint 2 min. video
Uranium Mining Proposal Abandoned in Virginia "This is a resounding — a resounding — victory," said Cale Jaffe of the Southern Environmental Law Center. He credited broad opposition to the proposal, which was pitched by the mining company as a job creator in a hard-hit section of the state.


New Regional Coalition is Formed to Oppose the Burial of Radioactive Waste on Lake Huron

GE-Hitachi's Uranium Secret - Emissions 45 second Public Service Announcement – a great laugh, mind boggling.

Renewables and Conservation

Germany’s Green Revolution Fantastic 9 min. video which describes how Germany is phasing out nuclear power by 2022, and fossil fuels and by 2050, and how they’re benefitting from it. Very inspiring.
Down to the Wire Which would you pick for downtown Toronto: a 1/4 billion $ transformer station to bring in more nuclear OR lower cost conservation and green energy?

Take Action!

Stop the plan to release radioactive metal into recycled products and landfills Sign the petition. Say no to radioactive waste being dumped into our consumer products. What madness.
Take Action: Radioactive Baby Toys? The Department of Energy plans to allow radioactive metal from nuclear weapons facilities to contaminate "recycling." This metal would be mixed with clean metals to be turned into products ranging from zippers to baby toys. Send a letter here.

Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump Ontario Power Generation is planning to bury radioactive nuclear waste beside Lake Huron. Learn why this is a bad idea and sign the petition
What Toronto Really Needs Click here to send a quick email to the City of Toronto Councillors on the Toronto Hydro board: we need a modern, efficient electricity system for a modern city, not a plan from the 1950s! Thank you!

Send a letter to NDP Leader Andrea Horwath asking her to oppose the Darlington rebuild. We need her to take leadership on this!
Sign the Petition asking the CNSC to review GE-Hitachi’s operating license at the uranium processing facility in Toronto. Please print it out (landscape) and get your friends/neighbours to sign on. 


Never Idle: Day of Action Against GE Uranium Processing Plant west end Toronto Sun. Feb. 3, 11:30 a.m. round dance and neighbourhood march, Lansdowne north of Dupont
Nuclear Waste: Top Ten Things to Know with Brennain Lloyd, Northwatch. Tues. Feb. 5, noon and Fri. Feb. 8, 2 pm. An introduction and overview of nuclear waste issues in Canada: where the waste comes from, why it is a problem, what the nuclear industry is proposing, and key issues related to the transport and burial of highly radioactive nuclear waste.

Plugging into the Power of Green with Angela Bischoff, Ontario Clean Air Alliance. Wed. Feb. 6 in the Anglican Church Parish Hall, Lion’s Head, sponsored by Bruce Peninsula Environment Group
Understanding Your Electricity Bill: An Archaeology of Policy Failure, with Russ Houldin. Wed. Feb. 6, 4:10 p.m. Room BA 1190, Bahen Centre, 40 St. George Street (N. of College), U of Toronto. All welcome, free.
The Wind Rush Thur. Feb. 7, 9 p.m. on CBC-TV and Sat. Feb. 9 at 11 pm ET on CBC News Network – a CBC TV documentary on the battleground for the pro and anti wind forces in southern Ontario
Deep Trouble: Nuclear Waste Burial in the Great Lakes Basin, with Brennain Lloyd of North Watch. Sat. Feb. 9, 2 p.m. at the Regional Equine and Agricultural Centre of Huron, located in Clinton. Sponsored by Huron District of the Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario and the NFU
Fukushima 2 Years Later: Global Symposium to address mounting Medical and Ecological Consequences March 11-12, The New York Academy of Medicine, New York City

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