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Dec. 5, 2012 –   Please pass this onto a friend!

“Sure, you can say nuclear power is somewhat less carbon-intensive than burning fossil fuels for energy; beating your children to death with a club will prevent them from getting hit by a car. Ravaging the Earth by one irreparable means is not a sensible way to prevent it from being destroyed by another. There are alternatives. We should choose them and use them.” – Rebecca Solnit

The World

Hopes of Home Fade Among Japan’s 159,000 Displaced since Fukushima
Nuclear power key issue in Japan elections
France begins 'energy transition' debate Nuclear power-dependent France this week will launch a six-month national debate on the government's proposals for an "energy transition" toward renewables. It’s time for a similar discussion in Canada.
French Reactor Cost Rises Dramatically--Calls into Question the Future of Nuclear Wind Energy is Now Cheaper in France than New Nuclear
Jobs deal with uranium companies has worrisome strings attached, northerners say
A Mountain of Waste 70 years high – Chicago conference Watch some of the presentations here. According to Gundersen, the five problems with nuclear power in are:

  1. Secrecy controlled by the nuclear priesthood;
  2. Financial subsidies that could have been spent elsewhere;
  3. Waste heat discharged into rivers; 
  4. Decay heat that continues even after a nuclear plant shuts down;
  5. And, finally, high-level waste that must be sequestered for a quarter of a million years.


OPG credit outlook “negative” S & P downrates OPG because of Darlington rebuild risks. Maybe we should have a public review of the project?

NDP demands answers on extra $35 million handed to private nuclear company

Watch the CNSC hearings to rebuild 4 Darlington nuclear reactors on live webcast – Dec. 3-6
Proposed Darlington overhaul fails to plan for Chernobyl-scale disaster
Darlington threatens communities across the Great Lakes
Brennain Lloyd talks about nuclear waste issues in Canada 8 min. video

Good new Canadian sites to check out:
- Nuclear Ontario - a mock site of the new nuke industry site that is being heavily promoted these days.
- Nuclear Waste Watch - a  network of organizations concerned about high level radioactive waste and nuclear power in Canada.

Renewables and Conservation

While Germany Is Headed for 80% Renewable Energy, We're Getting Left in the Dust
Ontario opinion poll shows solid support for green energy, strong opposition to WTO ruling

Take Action!

Send a letter to NDP Leader Andrea Horwath asking her to oppose the Darlington rebuild. We need her to take leadership on this!
Looking for a Champion at Queen’s Park! Premier McGuinty and Tim Hudak have been very clear that they plan to spend tens of billions on new nuclear projects.  Meanwhile, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath has sat on the fence on this issue. If you’d like to encourage the NDP to take political leadership on this issue, and clearly position themselves against all new nuclear projects in the province, please order copies of our new leaflet, $35 billion to rebuild the Darlington nuclear station vs. $16 billion for 2.3 million home energy retrofits - Which will Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath choose?  And if you’re up for helping blitz door-to-door between the Beaches and High Park, let me know. Thanks!
Send a letter to Energy Minister Chris Bentley asking for better emergency planning at Darlington


Free Webinar: Centralized vs. Decentralized Energy: Lessons from Germany  Dec. 6, 10 a.m. EST.  What lessons can Ontario and North America learn from the decentralized energy transition occurring in Germany? ☢ GE-Hitachi Nuclear Facility – public meeting Sat. Dec. 8, 2 p.m., 1140 Bloor Street West, Toronto
An opportunity to voice your concerns and get answers to your questions about the uranium facility on Lansdowne.
Toronto Leaflet Blitzes: Sun. Dec. 9, 2 p.m. Beaches, Wed. Dec. 12, 10 a.m. High Park. Let me know if you’re game and I’ll send you more deets. Thanks.  
Carbon Rush  Wed. Dec. 12, 7 p.m., The Original Princess, Waterloo. This documentary champions the voices of those most impacted by Western economic schemes designed to put band-aids on climate change while destroying communities and lives.

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