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Dec. 5, 2011 – Please pass this onto a friend!

Nuclear Power Goes Rogue - This spring, Germany permanently shut down eight of its reactors and pledged to shutter the rest by 2022. Shortly thereafter, the Italians voted overwhelmingly to keep their country nonnuclear. Switzerland and Spain followed suit, banning the construction of any new reactors. Then Japan’s prime minister killed his country’s plans to expand its reactor fleet, pledging to reduce Japan’s reliance on nuclear power dramatically. Taiwan’s president did the same. Now Mexico is sidelining construction of 10 reactors in favor of developing natural-gas-fired plants, and Belgium is toying with phasing its nuclear plants out, perhaps as early as 2015. Even the most pro-nuclear of states have experienced post-Fukushima reactions that have jilted their plans.

Opposition to Nuclear Energy Grows: Global Poll

More Radioactive Water Leaks From Japanese Nuclear Plant – New York Times, Dec. 5 - The newspaper says the water may have contained up to one million times as much radioactive strontium as the maximum safe level set by the government, and about 300 times as much radioactive cesium. Both are readily absorbed by living tissue and can greatly increase the risk of developing cancer.

Fukushima fallout: time to quit nuclear power altogether - Experience in northern Japan illustrates that even incremental investment in nuclear power threatens human civilization. The Fukushima disaster should once and for all drive global society away from nuclear power, and toward renewable energy. – by Lester Brown and Yul Choi

Fukushima plant operator abandons new plant construction

Fukushima Daiichi: My trip inside Japan's Dead Zone - 2 min. video

Japan at less than 20% nuclear capacity - If all local authorities refuse restarts, there will be no nuclear reactors operating in Japan by April 2012. Only 10 of Japan's 58 reactors are currently running.

Nuclear Genocide in Canada – 2009 e-book, free - Few Canadians know how many communities and environments have been contaminated forever by the nuclear industry. Even fewer know the number of radiation-induced illnesses and premature deaths the Canadian Government has knowingly caused through its actions and inactions.

Nuclear Reaction: Accusations of cancerous fallout divide a small Ontario town, Port Hope

Brazilian project shows true power of solar technology

Obama announces $4 billion investment in energy upgrades to public and private buildings – this will create tens of thousands of jobs and save billions $$

Ontario Shutting Down Two More Coal Units – 10 down, 9 to go!

Ontario taxpayers shell out almost $1B to keep Nanticoke ready

Radioactive tour of Port Hope with concerned locals
Tues. Dec. 6, morning/lunch - If you just want to see first-hand and learn more about what the people of Port Hope, ON have been dealing with for decades, please join us!  Let me know if you’re in and I’ll send you more deets.

Our climate needs you. And so do we. A pitch from the Ontario Clean Air Alliance.


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