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December 20, 2010

 ‘There is, as yet, no proven technical solution for the long-term management of radioactive wastes, and in the meantime we are storing up large quantities of high level spent fuel and intermediate-level radioactive waste in interim stores at each reactor site’. - Prof Andrew Blowers, a member of the first Government Committee on Radioactive Waste Management

Our new pamphlets have arrived: Stop a $35 Billion Nuclear Handout: No More Blank Cheques for Ontario Power Generation and its Darlington Nuclear Station. They contain postcards addressed to Premier McGuinty and the Leader of the Opposition Tim Hudak. Order FREE copies here.  Give them to your friends, neighbours, local coffee shops, etc. Help get the word out that there are lower cost and safer ways to meet all our electricity needs without investing tens of billions of $$ in nuclear energy. 

ACTION ALERT! – Public Hearing for new nuclear reactors at Darlington

The Ontario Government plans to build up to four new nuclear reactors at the site of the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station near Oshawa.
A joint panel appointed over a year ago to conduct an environmental review of the proposal announced on December 14th that the public hearing will begin March 21st, 2011
The panel has declared that anyone wanting to speak at the hearing or provide written comments (or both) must register their intention to do so by January 13th.

That's right! You must register by January 13th -- 67 days in advance of the March 21st hearing start!

You can register on-line and the Hearing Panel secretariat will then contact you with "details" such as the hearing location and exact
schedule (the hearing will be held in Durham Region) - the link is

Alternatively, you can contact the Secretariat at 1-866-582-1884 or by email at  and provide them with your contact information, an indication if you want to make an oral presentation to the panel or provide a written submission, and describe your area of interest in the proposal.

Don't delay! Do it today!

For more details about the hearing or information about the proposal to build up to four new nuclear reactors at Darlington please visit the following sites:

Nuclear refit a huge task

OPG chief says industry learned from mistakes, vows overhaul will be safe, on time, on budget

Feds' plans to sell AECL melting down amid weak interest in Candu technology 

The Harper government's plans to sell the troubled Candu unit of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., appear at risk of unravelling, with one of the two official bidders said to be wavering in its commitment to take on the challenge of marketing new Candu reactors.

One nuclear-industry expert said it's not surprising SNC would be getting cold feet, given the delays and massive cost overruns often associated with building new reactors.

An 11th-hour bid for Candu reactor unit

The offer put together by Canadian entrepreneur Andrew Day is the only bid thus far focused solely on building and marketing new Candu reactors. The other two bidders, SNC Lavalin and Bruce Power, are believed to be primarily interested in AECL's refurbishment and engineering-services lines of business, which generate a steady stream of revenue through contracts to offer technical support and extend the life of reactors across Canada. Whatever the case, the winning bid is unlikely to be very impressive in dollar terms, industry sources say. The government is more interested in getting the troubled Crown corporation off its books than generating a major windfall from the sale.

Since 2006-7, the federal government has plowed $1.74 billion in public funding into AECL. Last year, the Candu division lost $331 million, even after receiving $124 million in parliamentary appropriations.

Have your say Ontarians

Ask Tim Hudak to tell Ontario Power Generation that a Hudak Government will not allow it to pass its cost overruns associated with its proposed Darlington Re-Build Project on to Ontario’s electricity consumers and taxpayers.  Scroll down to the Environment section, and then scroll down to the Yourself section where you can expand with a few sentences. Thanks.

The government isn’t telling us the true cost of nuclear waste disposal

The Ecologist - UK plans for ten new nuclear power plants will create £80 billion worth of radioactive waste that we still have no secure way of disposing

Nuclear power plant to be mothballed

Even though it will shut down in nine years, the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant — including its reactor and tons of radioactive waste — will remain part of the Lacey landscape for perhaps decades to come. Plants can take up to 60 years to decommission, he noted.

Into Eternity

This jaw-dropping documentary tackles a subject almost beyond comprehension – radioactive nuclear waste

Madsen's film is about Onkalo, a colossal underground tomb being built in Finland, 500 metres below the earth – supposedly impervious to any event on the surface and far away from any possible earthquake danger: its purpose is to house thousands of tonnes of radioactive nuclear waste.

The point is that, to be safe, this gigantic bunker has to last 100,000 years. Are we humans capable of even conceiving this, let alone actually guaranteeing it? Our own history spans a few paltry millennia. We have, of course, created nothing that has lasted anything like this length of time. And yet Onkalo has to do it – there is no question about this. Finland is building something that must outlast every institution humans have ever conceived.

This is nothing less than post-human architecture we are talking about. Why isn't every government, every philosopher, every theologian, everywhere in the world discussing Onkalo and its implications? I don't know, but they should see this film.

Recklessness with Nuclear Waste

Hanford remains one of the most contaminated zones in the western Hemisphere.

Stand up for Solar

Stand Up For Solar is a new advocacy effort to showcase public and industry support for solar energy in Ontario and Canada. Our website portal provides one location for interested individuals to show their support for solar energy and the need for continued government support that helps to make Ontario and Canada a positive environment for investment in solar energy production. Send an email to your MPP here, and learn more about solar energy.

ecoENERGY shutdown is killing Ontario jobs

“Home energy efficiency retrofits is a billion dollar industry in Ontario and we’re about to lose it,” warned Clifford Maynes, Executive Director of Green Communities Canada.
Government incentives for home energy efficiency investments are slated to end in March 2011, and so far neither Ottawa nor Queen’s Park have announced plans to keep the industry alive beyond the expiry of current programs. “Energy efficiency is the most effective way to create green jobs and business opportunities. Increasing energy productivity should be the cornerstone of Ontario’s green economy,” Maynes said.

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