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Dec. 13, 2012 – Please pass this onto a friend!

"Using a nuclear reactor to boil water is "like cutting butter with a chain saw." – the late Barry Commoner
“30 bombs worth of plutonium made every year per 1000 MW reactor.  That is the core of the problem – making plutonium just to boil water. Also the problems are irreversible.  Don’t like wind, you can recycle the steel.  Don’t like nuclear, well too bad.” - Arjun Makhijani, Ph.D., President, Institute for Energy and Environmental Research

The World

The End of a nuclear France? Enel pulls out from French EPR nuclear project Last 24 hours have ‘killed’ French nuclear – analyst

Climate Silence, Nuclear Silence and Solar Silence: An Unholy Trinity
Extremes of weather are reducing its reliability and rendering it more dangerous in five interrelated ways:

Jordan Shelves 5 Nuclear projects and Adopts Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariffs

Mark Jacobson speaks against nuclear power
2 min. video
You are Stupid At least that's what nuclear power producers think. 2 min. video


KangarooThe Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission held hearings last week in Courtice, Ontario to review the Darlington project to rebuild 4 reactors, extending their lives for another 30 years.

 "A Kangaroo Court is a mock court in which the principles of law and justice are disregarded or perverted. We cannot allow Darlington to follow through.” The Kangaroo, Concerned Citizen

Will the new Ontario Premier review the Darlington Overhaul? Blog by Greenpeace's Shawn-Patrick Stensil

How safe is Darlington? CNSC panel hears from anti-nuclear groups concerned about the risk of a large accident
Waterkeeper’s presentation to the CNSC, Darlington Refurbishment hearing Darlington kills fish – lots of them – and it doesn’t have to. Darlington is one of the largest nuclear power plants in North America. The plant has an outdated open cycle, or “once-through” cooling water system. It’s the most destructive cooling technology option available. It kills fish and it wastes water. There is no need for all this waste. They could save up to 95% of fish and use a fraction of the water.
Sierra Club of Canada’s submission opposed the expansion and refurbishment of 4 nuclear reactors at Darlington due to compromised structures, tritium spills, radiation dosages to the public, accidents, transboundary impacts and more. 

Pat McNamara’s Darlington Intervention  Ontario has done little to prepare for an accident of this magnitude. Nor is it capable of doing so. Patsy Thompson and the CNSC are considering a ten km. impact area for an accident at a reactor. Have they seen no coverage of Fukushima?
ON Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner’s Deputation
Archive of the GE-Hitachi meeting held in Toronto, Dec. 8, 2012. The very feisty crowd did not accept the smarmy PR assurances offered by the uranium processing plant's communications and CNSC staff.  


Renewables and Conservation

Less is more when it comes to power lines for Guelph

Decentralized Energy: Lessons from Germany
OSEA Webinar Archive – listen to it here

Wind power set to compete on cost

Chicago skyscrapers and municipal buildings go green, aim to slash energy costs by 20%


Take Action!

Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump Sign the Petition
Support Residents of Pinehouse SK fighting the "Collaboration" Agreement with uranium giants Cameco and Areva, essentially a gag order.
Send a letter to NDP Leader Andrea Horwath asking her to oppose the Darlington rebuild. We need her to take leadership on this!
Looking for a Champion at Queen’s Park! Premier McGuinty and Tim Hudak have been very clear that they plan to spend tens of billions on new nuclear projects.  Meanwhile, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath has sat on the fence on this issue. If you’d like to encourage the NDP to take political leadership on this issue, and clearly position themselves against all new nuclear projects in the province, please order copies of our new leaflet, $35 billion to rebuild the Darlington nuclear station vs. $16 billion for 2.3 million home energy retrofits - Which will Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath choose?  And if you’re up for helping blitz door-to-door between the Beaches and High Park, let me know. Thanks!
Send a letter to Energy Minister Chris Bentley asking for better emergency planning at Darlington


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