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December 10, 2010


“There’s no way around it: fossil fuels or not, keeping the rich supplied with the same amount of energy they use now implies resource takeovers with deep colonialist and anti-democratic implications.”   - Larry Lohmann

The Politics of Power

The Grits’ green energy revolution unplugged

Faced with a public backlash over rising energy costs, and an attack on feed-in tariffs and renewables like wind and solar, the province is in recharge mode, releasing its green-print for a clean energy future last month. The good thing: they’re doing away with dirty coal. The bad thing: the plan calls for an expensive, long-term reliance on nukes.

As long as we continue to commit half the power grid to nuclear energy, green alternatives will remain marginal in the supply mix. The burning question: can Ontario meet its electricity needs without nukes?  The answer is yes, absolutely, says Angela Bischoff, nuclear campaigner for the Ontario Clean Air Alliance. The first step is to reduce demand.

Canada wins a 6th Fossil of the Day at the 2010 UN Climate Negotiations in Cancun

The Canadian government has been awarded yet another Fossil of the Day award (its 6th of the conference) for its classification of one of the central elements of the UNFCCC – historic responsibility– as a ‘sidecar’ issue. Developed countries must take responsibility for their historically higher emissions and in turn act first and do more to reduce their greenhouse gas pollution.


Find it all here: 2010 UN Climate Negotiations in Cancun

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Nuclear power is better because we save on lighting bills, right?

Wrong! Nuclear power is much more expensive than conservation, hydro, wind and biomass which together could replace all existing nuclear. Your electricity rates are going up because of nuclear investments going back decades, and now they want to throw away more tens-of-billions. Tell them NO!

Click here to send an email to Premier McGuinty. 

Congratulate him on speeding up the coal phase-out, but please also tell him that you don’t want Ontario to spend $83 billion or more on risky nuclear.  Tell him that we can keep our lights on at a lower cost with a combination of energy conservation and efficiency, water power from Quebec and small-scale, high-efficiency combined heat and power plants.

Ship happens?

Plan to transport radioactive materials on Great Lakes creates ripples of protest

Great Lakes Mayors Sound Alarm Over Radioactive Shipment


S.O.S: Nukes on our water

Bruce power’s plan to ship radioactive parts threatens to turn our great lakes into a poison passage


Bruce shipment put off

Bruce Power will wait until spring to move 16 used steam generators, considered to be low-level nuclear waste, if it gets permission to ship them to Sweden, company spokesman John Peevers said Tuesday.

WikiLeaks releases embassy cables showing nuclear build-up threat in Middle East

The latest major release of classified U.S. diplomatic cables by the whistleblower site, WikiLeaks underscores the argument we have been making; that the desire for nuclear power development in the Middle East is a covert strategy to develop – or to appear capable of developing – nuclear weapons.

Saskatchewan Uranium, Fallujah's Children

Report on birth defects and cancers in Iraq points to Canadian uranium

The largest single source of uranium for the US military is Saskatchewan. In fact, Saskatchewan produces more uranium than any other region or country in the world.

Not only was the US using Saskatchewan uranium for DU munitions during its occupation of Iraq, but as late as 1990 Canada was itself processing DU which was then being sent to a US weapons manufacturer. A section of the 1970 Treaty in the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) prohibits the sale of Canadian uranium for use in weaponry. 

Valuing the greenhouse gas emissions from nuclear power: A critical survey

This article screens 103 lifecycle studies of greenhouse gas-equivalent emissions for nuclear power Plants. It concludes that the lifetime GHG emissions of a nuclear reactor is 66 g CO2e/kWh, due to reliance on existing fossil-fuel infrastructure for plant construction, decommissioning, and fuel processing along with the energy intensity of uranium mining and enrichment. Thus, nuclear energy is in no way ‘‘carbon free’’ or ‘‘emissions free,’’ even though it is much better (from purely a carbon-equivalent emissions standpoint) than coal, oil, and natural gas electricity generators, but worse than renewable and small scale distributed generators

Canadian Parliament adopts resolution supporting a Nuclear Weapons Convention

The Canadian House of Commons gave unanimous consent this afternoon to a motion submitted by the Bill Siksay MP, Chair of the Canadian Section of Parliamentarians for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament (PNND), endorsing the United Nations Secretary-Generals Five-Point-Plan for nuclear disarmament and calling on the Government of Canada to engage in negotiations for a nuclear weapons convention as proposed by the UN Secretary-General.

Offshore wind would boost Ontario economy

Ontario could create new industries, reinvigorate old ones, and generate thousands of new jobs over the next 15 years by building a vibrant offshore wind market around the Great Lakes, according to a report prepared by the Conference Board of Canada.

PM allows unelected Senate to kill climate bill in unprecedented vote


Send a letter to MPs and the Prime Minister to respect democracy and heed the will of Canadians:


Send a protest email to members of the Senate here:

Opponents speak out on GE plan in Peterborough


No Nuclear Production in Peterborough - Petition

This petition constitutes a request for more active community consultation regarding General Electric Peterborough's application to assemble low enriched uranium in fuel bundle fabrication.

Investing in green energy will pay dividends, wind energy group says

While it’s true the price of electricity in Ontario is rising, the increase is the product of several factors; the application of the HST to electricity purchases and the need for investments in new electricity supply and infrastructure to ensure a reliable and environmentally sustainable electricity system in Ontario. The recent price hikes in Ontario have nothing to do with new wind energy generation under the Green Energy Act as none of these projects are scheduled for operation until next year.

Nukes got you down? Do something!

Join us at an OCAA Outreach meeting to learn more about our campaigns, and opportunities for you to plug in.

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