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"Now is the time to double down on renewable energy" President Obama

The World

Nuclear sending shock waves through Wall Street This is nothing less than the rapid-fire downsizing of nuclear power in the United States, according to Cooper, and the tough times are only going to get worse. Recent nuclear developments nationwide have sent shock waves through the industry and Wall Street.

EDF agrees on future exit from US nuclear venture French utility EDF, the world's biggest operator of nuclear plants, is pulling out of nuclear energy in the United States, bowing to the realities of a market that has been transformed by cheap shale gas, wind and solar

Japan nuclear body says radioactive water at Fukushima an 'emergency' Highly radioactive water seeping into the ocean from Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is creating an "emergency" that the operator is struggling to contain. Hear more of this in a 5 min. CTV video interview with Canada's Dr. Gordon Edwards.

Fukushima clean-up turns toxic for Japan's Tepco Two and a half years after the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl, the operator of Japan's wrecked Fukushima plant faces a daunting array of unknowns. Why the plant intermittently emits steam; how groundwater seeps into its basement; whether fixes to the cooling system will hold; how nearby groundwater is contaminated by radioactive matter; how toxic water ends up in the sea and how to contain water that could overwhelm the facility's storage tanks

Kevin Kamps on the Fukushima Emergency 7 minute video

When a Wave of Protest Swamped a Nuclear Fuel Project This was the second time this year that a civilian nuclear project in China was canceled due to public opposition
Nuclear Reactors Can’t Handle Global Warming An overheated world now threatens the ability of nuclear reactors to operate at all.
The Legacy of the Nuclear Weapons Test Ban Treaty The threats to health posed by fallout from bomb tests half a century ago are the same threats from the same radioactive fallout from nuclear reactors today. Bomb tests were banned, health improved, and few would consider resuming such tests. With 116 million Americans living within 50 miles of a nuclear reactor, history can repeat itself. Like the Test Ban Treaty, closing reactors can prove to be an act to improve health in America and worldwide.

Renewables and Conservation

Debunking the Renewables “Disinformation Campaign Disinformation hurts the industry and retards its—and our nation’s—progress. As Germany has shown, investing in renewables can grow economies and create jobs while cutting greenhouse gas emissions
Energy Retrofit Program for your Home unanimously passes This retrofit program is a groundbreaking project that will explore the benefits of using Local Improvement Charge (LIC) financing to fund homeowners’ energy and water retrofits. It will, at no cost to the City, have powerful economic and environmental benefits across Toronto.

Community Power Powers Up! Thirty-one Ontario community power co-operatives are celebrating recent contract offers awarded to them for renewable energy generation projects. 
Albertans File Few Complaints About Wind Power While some people raised concerns during the preliminary permitting and construction phases of the projects, few of those concerns translate into complaints once the turbines are operating.

Wind Turbines Store Energy for Less Breezy Days A battery storage system that allows wind turbine operators to save excess electricity — either because they are producing more electricity than the grid needs at a given moment, or because they’ll get a better price for it later.


Take Action!

Wanted: Your Input on Ontario's Energy Future The Ministry of Energy is consulting with the public and other stakeholders about their long-term energy plan. You’re invited to provide a formal submission, and/or attend a public open house.  Let them know that you favour conservation, hydro imports from Quebec, and green energy over high cost, dangerous nuclear new- and re-build projects. Speak out now before we get stuck with another 6 decades of nuclear waste, danger and debt. Good background materials here.

Please send Ontario Minister Chiarelli a quick note here thanking him for moving forward with a commitment to putting conservation and efficiency first.

Conservation, Not Fracked Gas into the GTA If you think greater efficiency beats more pipelines hands down, send a message to Premier Wynne,  Energy Minister Chiarelli and Environment Minister Bradley. Tell them you prefer conservation over fracked gas from the U.S.

Help stop dangerous LIQUID high-level radioactive waste transports from Canada!
Phase-out Pickering Nuclear Station and save $850 million per year
Tell the Premier that we must avoid another electricity expenditure fiasco – don’t waste our hard-earned money rebuilding this aging and outdated facility!

Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is seeking approval to build a nuclear waste dump 1 km from the shores of Lake Huron. This dump puts at risk the fresh water of the GREAT LAKES, relied upon by 40 million people in two countries. Tell Minister Kent and the Canadian federal government to stand up for the protection of the Great Lakes. Sign the petition

If you think the work of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance is super exceptional – we're behind ON's coal phase-out after all, and now we're taking on the nuclear industry in Ontario – please vote for us in NOW's Best of Toronto here. And Angela (that’s me!) has been nominated as best enviro. Vote here. Thank you!



Ontario Energy Drinks Wed. Aug. 21, 5:30 p.m. onward, 156 Front Street West, Toronto. OCAA discount code OED2013-OCAA 

Webinar: FIT 3.0: Revamping the Procurement Process - Rebuilding Confidence in Ontario's Energy Market. Thurs. Aug. 15, 10 am - noon (EDT)

Peace Leadership Summer Camps in Ontario, BC and Nova Scotia for young women ages 15 - 35. Late August. Cost is on a sliding scale of $100 to $200, subsidies available.

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