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August 9, 2012 – Please pass this onto a friend!


By-elections have been called for K-W and Vaughan. Help us get the word out that it’s time to make nuclear cost overruns a thing of the past! No more special deals. Please sign this petition calling on the Ontario legislature to end the practice of passing on nuclear cost overruns to ratepayers and taxpayers. And help us distribute this leaflet in K-W. Contact Angela to get involved.


The World

Proof enough: Thyroid abnormalities in children after Fukushima

Nuclear Waste:  US halts nuclear licensing decisions amid storage debate The Nuclear Regulatory Commission today voted unanimously to wait before approving licenses for new nuclear plants or renewing the licenses of existing facilities until the dilemma of how to store hot, radioactive waste at sites across the country is resolved. The court's decision was hailed as a major victory for environmental groups.

Prosecutors to investigate criminal charges over Fukushima disaster

Peace activists close nuclear facility, cause historic security breach

 Occupy Nukes Challenges Nuclear Power on A-Bomb Anniversary What is the point in common between Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Fukushima? U.S. military bases and nuke plants by GE all over the world symbolize neocolonialism and can easily erase people’s lives and cultures. Therefore we must say no to the nuke industry and abolish the authority of imperial social structures.



Why are we paying N.Y. to take our electricity?  Simply put, Ontario has found itself for good reasons (increased efficiency) and bad (overinvestment in nuclear power) sitting on a large and inflexible power surplus. By Jack Gibbons, Ontario Clean Air Alliance

Close coal plants now, report advises “They’re huge money losers and we don’t need them any longer to keep our lights on,” said Jack Gibbons, chairperson of the alliance. “It makes sense to shut them down now to protect public health and to help lower electricity rates,” Gibbons said.

Burying Nuclear Waste at the Bruce: OPG's Proposed Deep Geological Repository This new web site has been created by a network of citizens groups who are concerned about nuclear waste. Ontario Power Generation is proposing to bury 200,000 cubic metres of low and intermediate level radioactive wastes deep underground in caverns carved out of limestone on the shore of Lake Huron. A public review is underway, and hearings are expected to begin in 2013.

Waterkeeper comments on the Draft Environmental Assessment Screening Report – Refurbishment and Continued Operation of the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station

Ontario’s Electricity Surplus: An Opportunity to Reduce Costs Our new report explains how a) subsidies for dirty coal plants ($367 million/year) and b) the badly aging Pickering Nuclear Station – are driving up the province’s electricity costs. 

Electricity Consumer Protection Pledge: Frequently Asked Questions


Renewables and Conservation

Medical experts favour wind energy over dangerous, toxic fossil fuels and nuclear Any form of energy production inevitably has some negative impact on the planet. Wind turbines are not perfect. They generate some sound and their appearance is not pleasing to everyone. But coal-fired generating stations, nuclear power plants and the tarsands all contribute to serious illness. We’re comparing a minor annoyance from the sound of blowing wind to the severity of cancer, asthma and brain damage. Our energy choices do impact our health and renewables like wind are our safest bet.


Act Now!

Release the true, complete, unsubsidized costs of Nuclear Power Generation Sign the petition.

Stop Making Nuclear Waste Sign the petition.

Please send a message to Energy Minister Chris Bentley (and cc me) asking him to protect taxpayers and electricity consumers by flipping the switch off superfluous coal-fired electric generation and mothballing Pickering.  It’s time for the province to finally end its expensive and dangerous coal and nuclear bear hugs and embrace safer and cheaper alternatives instead. For more info.

Order our new leaflet calling on the ON gov’t to halt their massive nuclear expansion plans – they’re free and contain postcards to Energy Minister Bentley asking him to favour lower-cost, safer and greener options. Distribute them to your friends and neighbours.



Hiroshima-Nagasaki Day 2012 – For a Nuclear Weapons-Free World Thur. Aug. 9, 6:15 – 9 p.m., Church of the Holy Trinity (behind Eaton’s Centre), Toronto. Speakers, prayers, performances. 

Commemorating Hiroshima-Nagasaki – Never Again Thur. Aug. 9, noon, Hamilton City Hall, Council Chambers

By-election Blitz – K-W Call-out – Sat. Aug. 11, noon. Meet at Seven Shores Urban Market & Café, 10 Regina Street North, Waterloo

Dumpstock – Sat. Aug. 18. Spend a day in beautiful Saugeen Shores, listen to great music, and learn about the NWMO DGR Process (the plan to bury Canada’s nuclear waste below Lake Huron).

Sustainable Energy Options (Green Energy Introduction) Aug 25, Kortright Centre, Woodbridge, ON. The course will help home or cottage owners decide what technologies make sense for them, and provide participants with an understanding of technologies in the renewable energy sector.


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