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August 6, 2011

"We speak for the children of the next 7,000 generations. As long as there's one margin of error, it's unacceptable." - Debby Morin in opposition to nuke waste storage in Saskatchewan

Japan’s Fukushima catastrophe brings big radiation spikes to B.C.

“There have been massive radiation spikes in Canada because of Fukushima,” said Gordon Edwards, president of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility. “The authorities don’t want people to have an understanding of this. The government of Canada tends to pooh-pooh the dangers of nuclear power because it is a promoter of nuclear energy and uranium sales.”


Japan experiences Black Rain: Fukushima's radiation contamination spreads globally

11 minute video analysis:


Fukushima...what you haven't been hearing and why

7 min. video:


For ongoing updates and analysis on Fukushima, see: and

Ah yes, privatization and accident liability - the nuclear lobby's nightmare.

Nuke plant price prohibitive

"Two things have happened in the past six months which have not made the price of nuclear any cheaper. One was Fukushima and the other was the federal government selling AECL," a government source said. "The price of renewables keeps dropping," the source said.

Areva profits fall as Fukushima freezes nuclear spend

Recurring operating profit down 70 pct, orders cancelled

Making Green Choices Affordable: Retrofit plan will save households money and energy

New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath says a New Democrat government will hit the pause button on expensive nuclear plans and invest savings in household retrofits that reduce electricity consumption.


NDP vows to wean Ontario off nuclear power

An NDP government would make retrofitting homes a priority over refurbishing nuclear reactors

Don't tolerate the electricity shell-game

Beware the Sneaky Nuclear Tax

Ontario Liberals entrench 1,800 renewable power projects


Gov. Jerry Brown pledges to 'crush' opposition to clean energy

Brown said his office will "act to overcome the opposition," helping projects overcome permitting and environmental challenges.


Green jobs at risk, MDs warn

Doctor group and CAW back Green Energy Act

The Post-Fukushima Arms Race?

Reduced worldwide demand for nuclear plants is pushing nuclear firms into riskier nuclear markets in the Middle East and Asia, with potentially drastic security consequences. As past experience with India, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, and Syria demonstrates, such projects are also bomb starter kits.

Why the UK must choose renewables over nuclear: an answer to Monbiot

There are four main reasons why co-existence between nuclear and renewables has become a foolish pipedream.

Northern protesters begin 820-km walk

Fourteen residents of northern Saskatchewan have now begun an 820-kilometre walk from Pinehouse Lake to Regina to protest nuclear waste storage in Saskatchewan.


Stand up for entire province


Saskatchewan: 800 km Walk Heats Up Nuclear Waste Controversy


Express your solidarity with the walkers by emailing (and cc.

How Germany plans to succeed in a nuclear free, low-carbon economy

First, energy efficiency

Second, carbon free energy in all sectors

Third, strategic focus on the long-term goals


Germany’s nuclear endgame: the lessons

The historic decision by Germany’s government to end the country’s nuclear-energy programme is owed to the enduring vitality of the anti-nuclear movement. Paul Hockenos maps the implications for the rest of the world.

Sellafield MOX plant to close

The manufacture of mixed oxide (MOX) nuclear fuel at Sellafield is to stop "at the earliest practical opportunity" to reduce the financial risks to British taxpayers from events in Japan.

Darlington Declaration: I Choose Green Energy

Please lend your voice to those who support a green energy future. Please endorse the Darlington Declaration and share with your friends.

New Study Links Mountaintop Removal To 60,000 Additional Cancer Cases


Why Does Massey Energy Get Away With Murder While Environmentalists Are Sent to Prison?

They violated the Clean Water Act over 4,500 times in a six year time period and are responsible for the deadliest coal mining accident in over 40 years.


Historic Tree-Sit on Coal River Mountain Enters 10th Day


The Last Mountain is a new and FANTASTIC doc film about coal, and mountain top removal in Appalacia. Ontario buys coal from Central Appalacia, and that likely means mountain top removal. If we don’t get more green energy, then we get more coal and nuclear. That’s our choice.
This film needs to get out into communities across ON and Canada; pre-Ontario-election would be best. Do you have a good repertory theatre in your community that might screen this? I can hook you up with the distributors. They charge $150 per screening. CAPE has offered to help pay this fee.
Let me know how I can help facilitate this.

Upcoming screenings of The Last Mountain:

Gimli, MB: July 24 @ 4 pm
Ottawa, ON: Aug 19 - 22
Saskatoon: Aug 26 - Sept 1
Toronto: Sept 6 & 7

Surplus power costs Ontarians $35M

Paying suppliers to produce less electricity would save money for the system as a whole, report says

Renewing renewable energy

Currently, more than 50 per cent of German wind turbines are owned by local communities, cooperatives and individuals. Contrast this with Ontario, where the vast majority of wind and other renewable energy projects are corporately developed… Ontario should stay committed to renewable energy. But it needs to do more to encourage community-based projects where the risks and rewards are shared locally.


Map of New Green Energy Projects in Ontario

Stop the Pipeline! Sit-in at the Whitehouse

From August 20th – September 3rd we’re planning a peaceful protest in Washington DC to defuse the largest carbon bomb in North America. With people power and time-tested tactics of civil disobedience – join thousands of people from across the continent in a wave of sustained sit-ins. Together we’ll amplify our voices and escalate the movement and stop the Keystone XL pipeline to the Canadian tar sands

Why the Best Way to Save Water Is to Use Less Energy (and Vise Versa)

Power and water are more interconnected than you might think, and that has serious consequences for a changing world.

The Toronto Hiroshima Day Coalition presents the 66th Commemoration of the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Faith and Abolition: No Nuclear Weapons, No Nuclear Power

Sat. August 6th , 6:30 p.m.

Church of the Holy Trinity (10 Trinity Square, behind the Eaton Centre), Toronto

This year’s interfaith commemoration will address the nuclear disaster continuing to unfold in Fukushima, Japan, connecting our growing concern about nuclear power and its relationship to nuclear weapons proliferation.

Speakers include Metta Spencer (editor, Peace Magazine), Archbishop Michael Peers (Anglican Church), Rev. Dr. Seiichi Ariga (United Church), and Angela Bischoff from the Ontario Clean Air Alliance.

For more information: Anton Wagner,  

Say NO to Nuclear Cost Overruns

Send a letter now to Premier Dalton McGuinty and Conservative Leader Tim Hudak and ask them for assurances that SNC Lavalin – or any other nuclear provider – not be allowed to pass its cost overruns onto taxpayers and ratepayers. It’s your money – make your voice heard now before new nuclear contracts are signed.


Let’s Stop Burning Coal Now

Send a letter now to Environment Minister John Wilkinson and provincial party leaders calling for a ban on coal-fired electricity exports.


Sign the Petition Calling for a Moratorium on New Nuclear Projects in ON


Order FREE anti-nuclear and anti-coal leaflets

They contain postcards to politicians. Courtesy of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance.


OCAA’s Provincial Election Questionnaire is In


Thank you for helping get the word out!

Thank you for helping get the word out!

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Ontario Clean Air Alliance
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