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August 4, 2010

Solartopia, he says, "is the wonderful, positive way of approaching the problem" of a polluted planet. "Don't just say `don't, don't, don't.' Say `DO! DO! DO!'"  

"Wind power, solar power," Pete says. "This is the most exciting time in the world to be living.... There has never been such an exciting time."

-- Pete Seeger, American folk musician

Ontario: quarrels over green energy value

Now, prominent fiscal conservatives are complaining that recent green energy contracts are poised to ignite steep power price hikes, and are an affront to market pricing principles. This belies a deep disdain for the actual facts, and a woeful lack of fiscal literacy.

In fact, the most enduring value of the landmark feed-in-tariff (FIT) model Ontario has adopted is that it will finally impel the province toward realistic (ie accurate) pricing, ignite electricity sector innovation which has been stultified for decades, and replace a command-and-control edifice which acted against both the economic and ecological interests of the province.

New report disputes the economic case for nuclear power in Saskatchewan


Feds to pay extra refit costs

In letter to prime minister, Premier Shawn Graham says he's pleased province won't be on hook for unforeseen costs

Note: Great, taxpayers across the country will be paying for New Brunswick’s ill-thought-out foray into nuclear refurbishment. – a

Nuke plan to ship waste on our lakesThe Ontario government has a responsibility to protect our drinking water

by Andrea Horwath, NDP Leader, Ontario

Chernobyl zone shows decline in biodiversity

The largest wildlife census of its kind conducted in Chernobyl has revealed that mammals are declining in the exclusion zone surrounding the nuclear power plant.

Floating Chernobyls

Russia has embarked on a scheme to building floating nuclear power plants to be moored  off its coasts—especially off northern and eastern Russia—and sold to nations around the world.

U.S. Wary of South Korea’s Plan to Reuse Nuclear Fuel

Overshadowed by the continuing tension over North Korea’s nuclear program, another nuclear dispute is emerging on the Korean Peninsula — this one between the United States and South Korea. South Korea, which has no oil reserves, derives 40 percent of its electricity from nuclear reactors and is running out of space to store the highly radioactive spent nuclear fuel.

Background:  Every nuclear reactor fueled with uranium produces plutonium as a byproduct, and "all plutonium is good plutonium" when it comes to making atomic bombs or more sophisticated nuclear weapons. (See

The process of extracting plutonium from irradiated nuclear fuel is called "reprocessing".  (Nuclear proponents now refer to it as "recycling", but in fact less than one percent of the irradiated fuel is plutonium, and the high level radioactive waste left behind remains an unsolved problem.  The term "recycling"  is therefore quite misleading.)  

Once extracted, plutonium can be used to make atomic bombs at all levels of technical sophistication.  Plutonium can also be used to fabricate fuel for nuclear reactors, but if that fuel is stolen the plutonium can be easily recovered as a nuclear-weapons-usable material by any well-equipped criminal or terrorist organization.

Any country that has stockpiles of separated plutonium can quickly put together an arsenal of atomic bombs or more sophisticated nuclear weapons with little chance of detectionand little time for diplomacy or sanctions to work.

-- Gordon Edwards

Nuclear Power: Dirty, Dangerous and Expensive

In this 45 min. program, Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear explodes the myths now being promulgated by those promoting nuclear power. He tells of the insoluble problems of nuclear waste, how nuclear power plants routinely emit radioactive poisons, how catastrophic accidents can happen, how nuclear power plants are pre-deployed weapons of mass destruction for terrorists, and the enormously high costs of nuclear power. He exposes the falsehood that the French nuclear program has been a success and that nuclear power does not contribute to global warming.

View it here:

Study: Solar power is cheaper than nuclear

The Holy Grail of the solar industry — reaching grid parity — may no longer be a distant dream. Solar may have already reached that point, at least when compared to nuclear power, according to a new study by two researchers at Duke University.

It’s no secret that the cost of producing photovoltaic cells (PV) has been dropping for years. A PV system today costs just 50 percent of what it did in 1998. Breakthroughs in technology and manufacturing combined with an increase in demand and production have caused the price of solar power to decline steadily. At the same time, estimated costs for building new nuclear power plants have ballooned.

Nuclear Energy Loses Cost Advantage

New York Times – Solar photovoltaic systems have long been painted as a clean way to generate electricity, but expensive compared with other alternatives to oil, like nuclear power. No longer. In a “historic crossover,” the costs of solar photovoltaic systems have declined to the point where they are lower than the rising projected costs of new nuclear plants

It's a cloudy day for solar investors

Landowners feel blindsided after OPA wants to cut 80.2 cents a kilowatt hour first proposed


Green firms see red over Ontario rule changes for power producers

Province accused of creating instability by cutting rate for input to electricity grid

A dark ideology is driving those who deny climate change

People who claim that climate science is a conspiracy or the work of charlatans are talking rubbish

Climate Change Summit 2010

Aug. 13 – 15, at Hart House, U of T

Three days of climate science and solutions -- no sugar coating.

With Bill McKibbon, Andrew Weaver, Elizabeth May and more

Presented by U of T Greens and Toronto-Danforth Federal Green Party. It is a non-partisan event open to everyone.

For more info and to register:

Countdown to Zero

In Toronto it’s playing at the Cumberland Theatre (near Bloor and Bay)

Documentary probes a new generation of nuclear dangers

Dr. Strangelove isn’t dead, he’s just moved to a city near you, says “Countdown to Zero,” a film that means to put a new generation of anti-nuclear campaigners back on the peace path their grandparents pioneered as Cold War protesters.

Disarmament for Some - Co-opting the Anti-Nuclear Movement

Countdown to Zero is one component of a larger and coherent foundation campaign to stoke up public fears about nuclear weapons for the purpose of extending a near-monopoly on nuclear weapons, and legitimating a more aggressive foreign policy aimed at regime change in Iran and elsewhere. The consensus behind those who funded and produced the film has little to do with disarmament, and a lot to do with stabilizing the American empire.

The Ninth of August

On the 9th of August, 1945, an all-Christian B-29 bomber crew took off from Tinian Island in the South Pacific, with the blessings of its Catholic and Protestant chaplains. In the plane’s hold was the second of the only two nuclear bombs to ever be used against human targets in wartime. The primary target, Kokura, Japan, was clouded over, so the plane, named Bock’s Car, headed for the secondary target, Nagasaki.

Every summer, to call the Christian community to repent and to return to the truth that violence is not the way of Christ, Father McCarthy leads a fast from solid foods for 40 days, breaking it on August 9. It is suggested that fellow peacemakers remember all the victims of past August Ninths in their prayers on the upcoming 60th anniversary commemoration. It is hoped that conscientious Christians consider a day-long fast in remembrance of the hundreds of millions of war dead, the hundreds of millions of physically and psychologically traumatized survivors of war violence, and the billions of spiritually dead victims, both soldier-perpetrators and their civilian victims, innocents who continue to suffer from the starvation, homelessness, poverty, sickness and hopelessness that follows every war.

Message for Hiroshima Day 2010

We must choose: nuclear weapons or a human future.  The choice should not be difficult.  Humanity should shout out with a single voice that we choose a world free of the overarching nuclear threat, a world free of nuclear weapons.

Annual Hiroshima Day Peace Commemoration & Reflecting Light Lantern Ceremony

65 Years -Time to Retire the Bomb!

August 6, 2010 marks 65 years since the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Join the Hiroshima Day Coalition in Toronto to commemorate it.

Friday, August 6th

5:30 PM – Origami Paper Crane & Lantern Making

6:30 PM – Peace Commemorations Begin

8:45 PM – Reflective Light Lantern Ceremony

Toronto Peace Garden, Nathan Phillips Square, 100 Queen Street West (corner Queen and Bay)

Performances include: 3-time Juno Nominated Artist, Tom Barlow, The Raging Grannies, young violinist Evelyn Liu, 40 member SGI Youth Choir, Flautist Scott Kusano, Yakuodo Japanese Drummers

Keynotes include: Joe Ohori, Hiroshima atomic bombing survivor, Hon. Bob Rae, Liberal Party Foreign Affairs Critic, Murray Thomson, Pearson Peace Medal recipient, Dr. Adele Buckley, Pugwash Canada on Arctic Nuclear Weapons Free-Zone, High School Student Sophie Feltes on abolishing nuclear weapons, University Global Zero students on importance of civil participation, With MC Phyllis Creighton, Veterans Against Nuclear Arms and Science for Peace

PLUS:  Hiroshima, Nagasaki Exhibit & Survivors Artwork

August 4 to 6th, Toronto City Hall, Rotunda. Daily.

All events are free and open to the public:

Pete Seeger Speaks and Sings for Solartopia!

At age 91, Pete is American folk activism's truest bard. It's no accident that Pete's new CD is Tomorrow's Children and that his new music video is for Solartopia!  a holistic, socially just, post-corporate vision of a green-powered Earth.

Solartopia, he says, "is the wonderful, positive way of approaching the problem" of a polluted planet. "Don't just say `don't, don't, don't.' Say `DO! DO! DO!'"  

"Wind power, solar power," Pete says. "This is the most exciting time in the world to be living.... There has never been such an exciting time."

Watch Pete’s 4 minute video Solartopia here:

Read the article here:

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