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August 17, 2015

There’s a by-election in Simcoe-North, Ontario. OCAA is doing an all-candidates questionnaire. We’ll let you know the responses soon. In the meantime:

  1. Click this link to see our by-election billboard on display in Orillia;
  2. Click this link to hear our radio ad;
  3. Click this link see our by-election pamphlet: Help Ontario make the smart choice; and
  4. Click this link to read our report: Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan: A One Year Review.

And if you live in the riding, please a) let me know, and b) ask your candidates what they think of water power imports from QC to replace the Darlington nuclear rebuild project. Thanks!

The World

How comic books helped fuel Japan's love for the atom Characters such as Astro Boy extolled benefits of nuclear energy, exacerbating the shock when disaster struck in 2011. A report by Al Jazeera. 

Concerns about evacuations in nuclear emergencies continue unabated When the Fukushima disaster occurred, no effective plan existed for the mass evacuation of local residents in Japan. This is because the possibility of a severe nuclear accident had been ruled out.

Japan restarts first nuclear power plant since Fukushima
amidst massive opposition. A total of 25 plants have applied to be restarted, but all are facing legal challenges from concerned locals.

Fukushima operator's mounting legal woes to fuel nuclear opposition Four and a half years after the Fukushima disaster, and as Japan tentatively restarts nuclear power elsewhere, the legal challenges are mounting for the crippled plant's operator.

The real nuclear danger isn't Iran or North Korea The most dangerous nuclear nations are the U.S. and Russia, the ones with nearly all of the weapons. Instead of retiring them and saving trillions, the nuclear nations are raiding their treasuries to build an entire new generation of the deadliest weapons ever invented.

Pope calls for global nuclear ban on anniversary of Nagasaki Pope Francis calls for “humanity to repudiate war for ever and to ban nuclear weapons and all weapons of mass destruction".

The Man Who Saved the World TVO documentary about the Russian man who saved the world from nuclear disaster. You can watch it here until Sept. 4th.

Canada’s role in the bombing of Hiroshima In my last No Nukes News I reported that the uranium used to bomb Hiroshima came from Saskatchewan. But several people wrote to correct me, and this article confirms that the uranium came from Great Bear Lake in Canada’s NWTs and was then refined in Port Hope, Ontario.



US Residents and Legislators fight Canadian nuke waste site on Lake Huron

US Senator announces bill opposing proposed ON Lake Huron nuclear dump

Hundreds protest Canadian nuclear waste site
“The Great Lakes are our God-given gift and it is our responsibility to protect them for generations to come,” Thomas said. “Why take a chance at ruining that?"


Renewables and Conservation

Is Peak Electricity Price Coming? Cost-effective, grid-connected solar-plus-battery systems are coming soon for many customers in many places, seriously challenging traditional utility business models but insulating customers from rising retail electricity prices along the way. By Rocky Mountain Institute

Norway pumps up ‘green battery’ plan for Europe
Norway is hoping to become the "green battery of Europe" by using its hydropower plants to provide instant extra electricity when production from wind and solar power sources in other countries fluctuate. Quebec could play this role for Ontario.

Why Germany’s decision to phase out nuclear power is smart economics The German experience shows that renewable energies may contribute major shares of the electricity supply – without jeopardising energy security in a highly industrialised economy.

Myth Busting-wind turbines and birds

The Big Reason Why America Is Turning to Renewable Energy: Employment

How Cheap Can Solar Get? Very Cheap Indeed


Take Action!

New Leaflet Free! Informative! Order many to distribute to your friends and neighbours. They describe in full color Ontario's energy options: 10 rebuilt nuclear reactors vs. water power from Quebec. We have a choice.

Join the fight against the Darlington rebuild Early November, the CNSC is holding hearings on the rebuilding of 4 Darlington reactors. Greenpeace is organizing to support public participation. Get involved.

Ontario: Import safe and low-cost water power from Quebec rather than rebuild 4 nuclear reactors at Darlington Please sign our petition

Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq – don’t let OPG dump nuclear waste on the shore of Lake Huron Please sign the petition

Don’t Nuke the Climate Please sign the petition in support of a nuclear-free, carbon-free energy system and to prevent nuclear power from being considered as a climate solution when the world's governments meet at the COP 21 conference in Paris in Dec. 2015.

Stop Radioactive Contamination of the Pacific Ocean from the Fukushima nuclear power plant site Please sign the petition. It is unacceptable that radioactive contamination is continuing in our oceans.

Nuclear Waste Repository Decision Delayed Residents now have until Sept. 1 to offer their input into Ontario Power Generation’s proposed nuclear waste repository on the shore of Lake Huron. You can comment here.

Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump Please sign the petition to oppose OPG’s plans to bury their nuclear waste on the shore of Lake Huron. And urge your elected officials to pass a resolution to oppose the nuclear dump on the Great Lake Huron. There are already 168 jurisdictions representing over 21 million people that have done so. Find out more here.

In the 2015 NOW Reader’s Choice poll, I’ve been nominated in the Best Activist Category, and OCAA has been nominated in the Best Enviro Group category. Please vote!



Camera Atomica July 8 – Nov. 15, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto. Exhibition traces photographic legacy of “the bomb” and nuclear energy. See 8 of the photos here. Free on Wed. nights.

Sacred Water Walk June 23, Matane QC to Aug. 20, Madeline Island, WI. In honour of the sacred waters and against oil pipelines, nuclear waste and power, and train derailments.
Ride for Renewables Sun. Sept. 13. Together we'll ride from Pickering to Darlington to show our opposition to rebuilding the four aging nuclear reactors at Darlington. We'll call for our money to be invested instead in renewable energy.
Green Energy Doors Open Sat. Oct. 3, Various sites around Ontario

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