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August 12, 2011


"I deeply regret believing in the security myth of nuclear power." -  Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan at the Hiroshima Day commemorations

“Sure, you can say nuclear power is somewhat less carbon-intensive than burning fossil fuels for energy; beating your children to death with a club will prevent them from getting hit by a car. Ravaging the Earth by one irreparable means is not a sensible way to prevent it from being destroyed by another. There are alternatives. We should choose them and use them.” – Rebecca Solnit

Censorship and safety: Health Canada and the nuclear information blackout

Japan marks Hiroshima anniversary

PM calls for reduced reliance on nuclear power


Atomic Cover-Up: The Hidden Story Behind the U.S. Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

30 minute audio interview and transcript


Metta Spencer’s Hiroshima Day Speech, 2011

Japan Held Nuclear Data, Leaving Evacuees in Peril


Over 1,550 tons of highly radioactive sludge found in 5 prefectures (Japan)


Engineer dismantles facade of Japan's nuclear industry


Citizen group wants radiation tests done in Canada following Fukushima nuclear disaster

The World Would be Better Off Without Nuclear Power

Tom Burke participates on The Economist’s online live debate on Nuclear power. He addresses issues of weapons proliferation, climate change, and cost.

A future that's not nuclear

Happenings in Japan have led many to contemplate if we as a species should continue with our nuclear experimentations.

NUCLEAR ROULETTE – The Case Against a Nuclear Renaissance – now online

Released June 2011, now available for free to download! NUCLEAR ROULETTE compiles all the reasons why nuclear power must be abandoned as a viable energy choice. It also offers a keen look at alternative energy scenarios, combined with effective conservation strategies, which will guarantee a livable future. Hard copies of the report are available for $16, plus $3 for shipping and handling. Order here, or get a copy from me,

12 minute video on Uranium Mining

Why George Monbiot is completely wrong on nuclear power

Another reason why nukes are no answer to climate change… - a

River temperature forces nuclear plant to 50 percent power

On Wednesday, the utility had to bring a third reactor at Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant down to 50 percent power to avoid environmental sanctions because the water in the Tennessee River — where the plant's cooling water is discharged — already was at 90 degrees. 

Ontario Doesn’t Need Coal Generated Electricity, so Why Shouldn’t it be Phased Out Now Instead of Waiting until 2014?

A 48 minute audio interview with Ontario Clean Air Alliance’s Chair Jack Gibbons

Biogas Tours and Workshops

Learn how you can use your farm outputs to generate electricity, earn a profit, and benefit the environment. Ontario's biogas association, the APAO, invites you to tour a working biogas operation on a farm near you. For a complete listing of tours and workshops taking place starting August 16, visit

CNSC 101: An Information Session for Stakeholders

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) will hold a one-day information session in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), on September 23, 2011.

CNSC 101 provides an overview of the CNSC’s history, structure, mandate, and three core processes: management of the regulatory framework, licensing and certification, and compliance. This is the agenda.

To register, please send us your name, address, phone number and, if applicable, organization, to:

In Ontario, gloomy skies for solar power

The industry, he asserted, has been “sucker-punched.”

OSEA FIT Webinar Series:

Discussing the Future of the Feed-in Tariff program and solar power development in Ontario

Thur. Sept. 15, 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.

More info:

Stop Maxim Coal

Canada’s Environment Minister Peter Kent is about to announce new rules for coal power that will require any new plant to drastically cut its pollution. But the coal industry is trying to cheat, and build a massive coal power plant just before the new rules take effect. Send a message to Minister Kent now to demand Maxim Power play by the rules.


Ontario’s NDP wants to phase-out coal now!

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath promised today that an NDP Government will put Ontario’s dirty coal-fired power plants on standby reserve and only operate them if they are absolutely needed to keep the lights on. Bravo!

Please email Andrea Horwath and thank her for her strong commitment to phasing out our dirty coal plants now. Please also email Premier Dalton McGuinty and Conservative Leader Tim Hudak and urge them to follow her lead.

SolarShare – Community Solar Bonds

A new opportunity to invest in Ontario was announced today with the province-wide release of SolarShare Community Solar Bonds, $1000 bonds that earn a 5% annual return over a 5 year term. Developed by TREC Renewable Energy Co-operative, the SolarShare Co-operative is now offering bonds that are invested in a portfolio of solar electric power projects located across the province, projects that are already constructed, producing power and generating stable long-term revenues under 20-year Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) contracts.


Woman Rallies German Community to Take Over Power Grid, Fight Nuclear and Coal Energy

Ursula Sladek spent 25 years campaigning for green energy in her town, fuelled by a desire to protect her family. She helped her community buy a power grid and started a green energy cooperative movement. 2 decades later, her green energy cooperative boasts more than 110 thousand customers. She was awarded the 2011 Goldman Environmental Prize.

6 min. audio interview:

Clean Energy Ontario

Great factsheets here on the Green Energy Act, the Feed In Tariff, green energy and more

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