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April 9, 2014 –  Please pass this onto a friend!

“The proliferation risk of plutonium in spent fuel has been understood by the nuclear industry and key government departments since the outset of the nuclear industry in Canada, as evidenced by the decades of effort by these two sectors, in cooperation with the IAEA, to protect spent fuel around the world from diversion to a covert nuclear weapons program.”  - Jeremy Whitlock, Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.

The World

Gambling with People’s Lives – The Perfect Crime? By Dr. Gordon Edwards, CCNR. It is well known that embryos, babies and children are much more sensitive to the damaging effects of ionizing radiation than adults are. In fact women are also more sensitive to radiation damage than men of the same age, sometimes by up to a factor of two. And cancer is not the only harmful biomedical effect of protracted exposure to low-level radiation.

Japan allows people, 20 kms from site, to return to Fukushima disaster 'hot zone' The 2011 crisis forced more than 160,000 people from towns near the Fukushima plant to evacuate. Around a third of them are still living in temporary housing scattered over Fukushima prefecture, their lives on hold as they wait for Japan to complete decontamination work.

Fukushima: The Story of a Nuclear Disaster New book explains Fukushima in tragic detail, highlighting need for a major industry overhaul. Whether in Japan, Europe, or North America, the nuclear industry seems to have too much invested in the status quo to consider a dramatic overhaul of the way it runs itself. It has thrived on vague "guidelines" and fuzzy goals like "reasonable protection."

The Nuclear Omnicide Omni = all; Cide = act of killing. Fighting global weirding with atomic power is like trying to cure a fever with a lethal dose of X-ray.On a warmed, poisoned planet, the synergistic impact of each new radioactive hit is multiplied. All doses are overdoses.

Under Revised Quake Estimates, Dozens of Nuclear Reactors Face Costly Safety Analyses Owners of at least two dozen nuclear reactors across the United States have told the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that they cannot show that their reactors would withstand the most severe earthquake that revised estimates say they might face.

Climate Change in the Nuclear Age Fukushima is beating war drums! A book of poetry and prose by Chaitanya Kalevar, Toronto.



Ontarians strongly support making a deal with Quebec A poll found that 80% of Ontarians
would prefer to import water power from Quebec rather than re-build the Darlington Nuclear Station.

Ontario sends conservation to the back of the bus – again Despite promising to put “Conservation First” the Wynne Government’s new conservation plan once again treats low-cost efficiency improvements as an afterthought.

Sunshine list: Energy execs among Ontario’s highest paid public sector employees Tom Mitchell, president and CEO of Ontario Power Generation, was the top earner at $1.71 million last year. Next on the list was chief nuclear officer, Wayne Robbins, who took in $920,713. They were among 11 OPG executives who earned more than half a million dollars last year. There were 11,538 employees from OPG, Hydro One and their subsidiaries on the 2013 list, each earning at least $100,000.

Nuclear waste panel wants more answers A panel considering a nuclear waste site near Kincardine wants more information following an accident at a site in New Mexico.


Renewables and Conservation

Goldman Sachs sees a solar future for the U.S.–and that has nuclear utilities running scared.

Climate change: 4 countries that are fighting the trend
Germany, Denmark, Brazil and China are all aggressively investing in green energy

Home Energy Loan Program Toronto is now piloting a $10 million low interest financing program for your home energy improvements. Loans for home energy retrofits are repaid on the property tax bill.

Energy conservation is best value for our dollar Homeowners could save an average of $1,000 per year if programs were in place to cut energy waste

Windmills are things of beauty by David Sukuki. "Our perception of beauty is shaped by our values and beliefs. Some people think wind turbines are ugly. I think smokestacks, smog, acid rain, coal-fired power plants and climate change are ugly. I think windmills are beautiful. They harness the wind's power to supply us with heat and light. They provide local jobs. They help clean air and reduce climate change."

Invest in Community power in Ottawa The Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative is fast approaching their target of $1,250,000 to invest in two community solar projects in the city. If you’re in Ottawa, you can still get in on the green investment.


Take Action!

Ontario sends conservation to the back of the bus – again Tell Premier Wynne it’s time to take the brakes off of conservation. Please click here to send a letter to the Premier and tell her that you want Ontario’s municipal utilities (e.g., PowerStream, Toronto Hydro) to be allowed to pursue all of the cost-effective energy conservation and efficiency measures that can reduce your electricity bills.

Stop the Pickering 5-year Extension Find out more here, and write a submission to the CNSC saying no to the extension. We can’t afford a Fukushima on Lake Ontario

Tell Stephen Harper: Nuclear Polluters Must Pay A Greenpeace Canada petition to amend the Nuclear Liability Act. For more info on nuclear liability in Canada, click here. And read transcripts from Parliament here.

Stop OPG's 30% price increase With a few clicks you can let all the ON Party Leaders know that you oppose OPG’s 30% nuclear price increase and that you favour lower-cost and greener options to meeting our electricity needs. Learn more here, sign here, order free leaflets here.

Quebec imports can save us $1 billion per year As our new pamphlet explains, importing clean hydro power from Quebec is a much cheaper way to meet our electricity needs than re-building the Darlington Nuclear Plant. Order free copies today to distribute to your neighbours, family and friends.

Premier Kathleen Wynne : Close the Pickering Nuclear Station Please sign the petition.

Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump Please sign the petition to oppose OPG’s plans to bury their nuclear waste on the shore of Lake Huron



All-Energy 2014 A multi-stream world class conference, and a free-to-attend busy trade show showcasing the complete range of renewable and sustainable technologies. April 9-10, Exhibition Place, Toronto.

Global Day of Action Against Military Spending Mon. April 14, 7 p.m., OISE Auditorium, 252 Bloor Street W. Toronto with Richard Sanders, Founder of the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade and Bruce Gagnon, Coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

Energy Efficiency Matters Forum
Mon. May 5, Intercontinental Hotel, 225 Front St. W, Toronto

Solar Ontario 2014 Conference and Trade Show May 7-8, Ottawa Convention Centre


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