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April 8, 2010


Help Us Shut Down Coal and Nukes!

Volunteer Orientation

Ontario Clean Air Alliance - with Jack Gibbons, Chair, and Angela Bischoff, Outreach

Learn about our campaigns to shut down all Ontario’s coal plants by the G-20 (June, 2010), and prevent any more nuclear bail-outs. Find out how you can help get Ontario onto a 100% green energy path.

Tues. April 13, 6 – 7:30 p.m.

519 Church St. Community Centre, Toronto (Church and Wellesley)

All welcome. Snacks galore.

For more info and to rsvp:, 416 926 1907 x 246

The Ontario Clean Air Alliance invites you to a book launch and seminar on the new book:

Atomic Accomplice: How Canada Deals in Deadly Deceit

With author Paul McKay

Thursday April 15th, 6:30 – 8 p.m.

Hot Shot Gallery, 181 Augusta Ave. (just north of Dundas in Kensington Market)

Free, all welcome.

A new book by award-winning journalist Paul McKay exposes Canada’s continuing role in abetting atomic arms proliferation world-wide.

“While most world leaders are seeking an exit strategy from the atomic arms race, Canada is underwriting an encore,” says McKay. “It is still selling essentially unsafeguardable reactors, increasing global flows of uranium, and even undermining the Non-Proliferation Treaty by courting countries like India which flaunt non-proliferation efforts.”

By continuing to bankroll reactor and uranium exports, Canada is courting calamity – increasing the potential for atomic proliferation, and diverting precious support for safer, more sensible and sustainable energy alternatives.

For more info:,

Read Paul’s latest piece entitled Nuclear Power: the Proliferation Problem, published online at:

Nuclear Waste Across Canada: Yellowcake Trail Pt 4

Nuclear waste is the Achilles’ heel of the nuclear industry. The wastes created along the yellowcake trail, be it from mining, processing, refining, or use, are a legacy for hundreds of thousands of years. Every single nuclear facility in the world is a waste site, whether it is operating or not.

Note: Parts 1, 2 and 3 are also posted on the website of this magazine. The Watershed Sentinel is celebrating 20 years of reporting environmental news  – Support independent media and take advantage of their special subscription offer:

You Are Now Paying for the Next 3 Mile Island

The nuclear industry wants us all to pay hundreds of billions for the joy of living downwind from still more 3 Mile Islands for which they intend to assume no liability.

Fueled with more than $600 million public relations slush money, they demand a risk-free "renaissance" financed by you and yours.  AS IF!

Green energy push in Ontario with $8 billion in contracts for renewable sources

A green energy push in Ontario will see $8 billion awarded to dozens of companies in a major shift toward renewable sources that environmental groups said will see the province exceed its own targets.

If the government wants to keep attracting investment it will need to make more space by backing off their current commitment to nuclear energy, Stensil said.

The projects announced Thursday will generate enough energy to power 600,000 homes, and are part of a larger initiative to shut down the province's coal plants by 2014.

Second radioactive material found at Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant

Vermont health officials said they have detected a second type of radioactive material in soil near the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant. This comes days after Vermont Yankee officials said they had stopped tritium leaks in monitoring wells at the plant that led to the state Senate rejecting a proposal to let the plant keep running beyond 2012. Levels of cesium-137 (Cs-137) were between three and 12 times higher than would be expected.

A Quarter of U.S. Nuclear Plants Are Leaking a Radioactive Material Linked to Cancer

At least 27 of America's 104 aging atomic reactors are known to be leaking radioactive tritium, which is linked to cancer if inhaled or ingested through the throat or skin.

Coal is Clean – huh?

Wow – check out this brilliant spoof coal site:

Canada government rejects idea of building new isotope reactor

The federal government on Wednesday announced it will not build a medical-isotope reactor to replace the Chalk River, Ont., facility that has been shut down since last spring.

Human Chain (re)Action

There is a huge anti-nuclear protest planned in Germany for April 24. Close to 100 organizations - churches, unions, youth and nature clubs, opposition parties and renewable energy organizations are rallying their members to form a human chain 120 km long from Brunsbuettel reactor through Hamburg to the infamous Kruemmel reactor and the Gorleben storage site. Special trains are bringing in protesters from all over the country, to oppose the extension of operating licences. In southern Germany protesters will circle the oldest reactors, Biblis A&B, to demand closing them immediately.

If you can read German:

The Woman Who Knew Too Much: Alice Stewart and the Secrets of Radiation

By Gayle Greene. The University of Michigan Press. 1999. 321pp.

This thorough biography of one of the world’s leading epidemiologists is a valuable addition to our understanding of radiation and therefore of the hazards of nuclear energy. “The slow leakage of nuclear waste could do more harm to the human gene pool than all the bombs that have been set off”, says Stewart.

For the health of you, your children and grandchildren, add this book to your reading list.

Fires Reported at Three Nuclear Power Plants

Three US nuclear power plants have reported fires in recent days. Two of the fires occurred at plants owned by Progress Energy in the Carolinas. The third occurred near Cleveland, Ohio at a plant owned by FirstEnergy. Two firefighters were injured in the Ohio blaze. The fires come at a time when the Obama administration is pushing for the construction of the nation’s first new nuclear power plants since the early 1980s.

The Insidious Nature of Nuclear Power

The abatement of global warming should never depend on the proliferation of nuclear power. True green energy technology should never carry with it the risk of Armageddon, let alone dangerous radioactive contamination.

While analyzing the nuclear paradigm, three separate types of risk become immanent: the contingent relationship of the nuclear fuel cycle and nuclear weapons, nuclear accidents, spills, leaks, contamination, meltdowns and system failures, and the safe disposal of nuclear waste.

Dirty Energy Sector Wages a State-by-State War on Solar and Wind Technology

The CEOs of big energy corporations, who rely on coal, gas and nuclear plants to create the bulk of their energy, nod alongside the administration. But on the local level, they appear willing to block these developing (renewable) industries through a combination of lobbying and monopoly. Two recent stories illustrate how traditional energy companies are keeping wind and solar energy companies from gaining a local foothold.

No Hot Cargo – Radio Documentary

There was a formal diplomatic ceremony last week, in a community hall in Saint John, New Brunswick. The Ambassador of Argentina addressed the crowd of local and provincial dignitaries. He then took a gold medal with a red ribbon and pinned it on the chest of longshoreman, Pat Riley. The Ambassador was awarding the Order of May, the highest honour the government of Argentina can bestow on a foreign citizen, and one rarely given out.

This was the first time a Canadian ever received it. And he received it on behalf OF all the dock workers, trade unionists, church members, environmentalists and activists who came together to make a bit of history 31 years ago.

In 1979, a brutal military regime ruled over Argentina, torturing and killing tens of thousands of its opponents. Thousands more were languishing in jails as political prisoners. To protest against the Argentine dictatorship, and to seek the release of political prisoners, the longshoremen of Saint John refused to load a cargo of heavy water bound for a Candu reactor in Buenos Aires.

The protest brought together some unique forces - the courage of dock workers, the strategic savvy of Canadian activists, the vulnerabilities of a billion-dollar nuclear industry, and a new minority Conservative government in Ottawa. And it made a difference - in lives saved, and lives changed

Bob Carty's documentary is called, No Hot Cargo. 

Listen online:

Nuclear proliferation – the hypocrisy of the western nuclear powers

By Dave Martin, Greenpeace Blog

The problem is that the international system to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, as enshrined in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), and administered by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), promotes nuclear power. It is a task that is condemned to failure by its inherent contradiction. Nuclear reactors produce plutonium that can be used to make bombs, and nuclear power provides effective cover for uranium enrichment (the other means of manufacturing nuclear bombs)

And so the world drifts towards increasing numbers of nuclear armed states, as well as the possibility of nuclear-armed, sub-national organizations.

The great news is that by shifting investment away from nuclear power, the G8 countries could afford to invest in a green energy future.

Institute for Energy Research Admits It Was Behind Anti-Wind Study

Danish journalists have confirmed that The Institute for Energy Research commissioned and paid for the anti-wind energy study released last year by a Danish think tank that claimed Denmark exaggerates the amount of wind energy it produces (it doesn’t), questioned whether wind energy reduces carbon emissions (it does), and asserted that the U.S. should choose coal over wind because it’s cheaper (it’s not when you count the true costs of coal).