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April 6, 2011


For the best updates on Japan’s nuclear crisis see

After last year’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and now the Fukushima Daiichi ‘‘gempatsu shinsai,’’ people must realize that business as usual is not an option. To claim that nuclear energy has a future represents a colossal failure of our collective imagination—a failure to imagine the risks involved and a failure to imagine how we could do things differently. If future generations are to say that there was a silver lining to the cloud of the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, it will be because human beings now looked beyond their recent history and chose to build a society that was not subject to catastrophic risks of human making. - Philip White, Tokyo-based Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center

Germany Abandons Nuclear Power

Germany will shut down all its nuclear power stations by 2020, according to the government’s Secretary of State for the Environment and Nuclear Safety.

Sign the Petition Calling for a Moratorium on New Nuclear Projects in ON

New poll finds nuclear power is very unpopular with Canadians

In April 2011, Abacus Data released polling results describing Canadians’ opinions about nuclear power. The results directly contradict industry statements that nuclear power is popular. Some of the highlights:

(Thanks to Lake Ontario Waterkeeper for the summary)

Radiation from Japan reactor detected in B.C. seaweed, rainwater

But don’t worry - no risk to humans 


Fukushima Fallout Reaches U.S.A.

Trace levels of radiation found in rainwater from California to Massachusetts


San Francisco Rainwater: Radiation 181 Times Above US Drinking Water Standard

Radiation Exposure Debate Rages Inside

Plan to Radically Hike Post-Accident Radiation in Food & Water Sparks Hot Dissent

Darlington Nuclear Hearing  

The federal hearing on the proposal by Ontario Power Generation to build up to four new reactors of yet-to-be-specified design is scheduled to run through April 8. They are open to the public - come one, come all!

You can watch the proceedings LIVE webcast online, or call in and listen live, or attend in person.

Find out more here, including the schedule, transcripts, audio and video recordings:

Access the live Webcast here:  (use explorer, not firefox)

Toll-free dial-in telephone numbers for English audio here: 613-960-7527 or 1-877-413-4815. The identification number is 5760957.

Law association argues nuclear approval process flawed

Catch these brilliant videos from the Darlington hearings last week:

Greenpeace’s Shawn-Patrick asks the review Panel to reject Ontario’s request to build new reactors at Darlington:

Dr. Helen Caldicott's discusses the potential health effects of building new reactors at Darlington:

Theresa McClenaghan, Executive Director of the Canadian Environmental Law Association discusses the risks of accidents from new reactors at Darlington.

Northwatch’s Brennain Lloyd talks the threats of radioactive waste on Northern communities:

Beyond Nuclear’s Kevin Kamps discusses the hazards of long-term hazards of radioactive waste production.

Proposed Darlington Nuclear plant enviro damage not addressed, critics say

Nuclear issue dormant in election campaign

Port Hope's nuclear past pits economic interests against health

Deconstructing Nuclear Experts

3.5-magnitude quake near Ontario nuclear facility

A Debate on the Future of Nuclear Energy Between Anti-Coal Advocate George Monbiot and Anti-Nuclear Activist Dr. Helen Caldicott

Helen Caldicott gives George Monbiot, newest fan of nuclear power, a lesson in radio-biology that he sorely lacked.

27 min. video

Atomic Snowflakes

Only two (of 65) U.S. nuclear sites are in compliance with federal fire regulations.

'No safe levels' of radiation in Japan

Experts warn that any detectable level of radiation is "too much".

Fukushima 50 'expect to die'

The so-called Fukushima 50, the group of around 300 technicians, soldiers and firemen who work in shifts of 50, have been exposed repeatedly to dangerously high radioactive levels as they attempt to avert a nuclear disaster.

Fukushima Forces Europe to Rethink Nuclear Energy

Sign the petition from concerned Japanese citizens, who would appreciate an international show of support.

Energy conservation is win-win-win

It’s unconscionable that the OEB would put the interests of Alberta gas producers ahead of Ontario’s consumers and businesses. 

Please click here to send a letter to Ontario’s Energy Minister Brad Duguid asking him to direct the OEB to increase the gas utilities’ energy efficiency budgets by $89 million as per the recommendation of the Board’s own professional staff, thereby saving consumers like you and me and Ontario’s businesses $870 million.

For more info read these Toronto Star articles:

Order FREE anti-nuclear and anti-coal leaflets here:

They contain postcards to politicians.

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